I’m doing another review! I’m probably a bit more excited than I should have been. This is the IOPE air cushion pact that I bought from RoseRoseShop. I’ve been wanting to try this since seeing a friend of mine crazily bulk buy this for her and her sister back when we were living in Seoul. I hadn’t gotten around to it though, mostly because I’m very happy with my MISSHA bb cream and because this is (relatively) pricier than another brands. Since having a rather lacklustre experience with another bb cream cushion, I decided to finally test this one out.

From my friend’s advice, I bought the natural cover version, which is meant to give a medium, buildable coverage that is suitable for achieving a dewy look. The IOPE cushion is rated one of the best and is supposed to be really great for dry skin (as it applies quite moist). The cover version, which may be preferred by those who are more prone to acne or have scarring, is said to have a more matte finish which is what I didn’t like about my previous THEFACESHOP cushion.

IOPE Kbeauty Beauty BB Cushion Cream Compact Review Stella Oh My Stellar RoseRoseShopIOPE Kbeauty Beauty BB Cushion Cream Compact Review Stella Oh My Stellar RoseRoseShop

The overall packaging is quite simple and nothing extraordinary, although I do like the minimalist design. I think that it looks quite elegant and ladylike. I’m also a lover of white but, unfortunately, this isn’t so great when it comes to bb cream cushions. The sponge is a good applicator, designed not to absorb too much product, but also stains very easily (yes, I had to photoshop mine white again for the sake of this photo) and is quite difficult to wash.

Now I understand why so many people recommend just buying new cushions. If I could do so more easily (and cheaply), I would.

IOPE Kbeauty Beauty BB Cushion Cream Compact Review Stella Oh My Stellar RoseRoseShopIOPE Kbeauty Beauty BB Cushion Cream Compact Review Stella Oh My Stellar RoseRoseShop

That’s an example of how it looks on my hand. I’ve photographed it under soft studio lights to give the most realistic view of it. The #21 shade is, as expected, a little lighter than my natural skin tone so it definitely has a brightening effect. It oxides well and the form of the product means that it’s hard to apply too much and to cake yourself. I would consider the coverage at a medium level and buildable.

Although this product was meant to be good for dry skin, I found myself having to use sleeping masks and heavy moisturising creams in order to prepare my skin for it! Although the product applies on with a moisturised, dewy finish, this tends to fade away within an hour or two. The pigmentation will set into your skin and pores, making dry or flaky skin more prominent. Maybe it’s because it’s freezing in Sydney lately, but I have a feeling that I’m one of very few bloggers who think this way.


A dewy finish bb cream air cushion with medium, buildable coverage.


  • Elegant packaging
  • Minimal (if at all) scented
  • Dewy finish
  • Oxides well
  • Buildable coverage
  • Easy to carry around


  • Sponge stains easily and is hard to clean
  • After an hour or two, pigmentation sets into your skin
  • Is not moisturising
  • Can be relatively expensive


Well, I’m not completely appalled by the product and I do like the finish that it gives. I think I would repurchase this, but perhaps save it for slightly warmer weather when my skin isn’t screaming for hydration. Definitely recommend buying more sponges though.


I still use this product on most days and find that I get a more even coverage when I dab into it with a beauty blender (and it’s easier to clean too). Make sure you use a good primer to prep your skin!


You can find these at RoseRoseShop with a range from their Cushion XP to the original Intense Cover, Matte Long Wear, Moisture Lasting or Natural Glow. Prices range from $24.56 – $27.63 on sale.


It seems like I was much too quick to judge the IOPE cushion because I admittedly can’t do without it now! What I found was that my skin was actually in too bad a condition when I was testing this, causing it to flake and give a drier finish. Since fixing my skin and keeping it more hydrated, I’ve found that the IOPE cushion does indeed give you a lovely dewy finish. The colour has also come to suit me more too (perhaps because the winter has made my colour lighten).

My new verdict is that this is a moisturising and hydrating formula with a dewy finish. However, it is still not suited for very dry skin and there is only so much a bb cushion can do (and it could not save that desert condition of mine)

What do you think?

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