As Kbeauty fans, I think that it’s very (very) easy for us to accidentally neglect all of the other products that are out there for us – even those that are still within the Asian beauty industry! The fact is that the Korean industry is huge, with many low-end, high-end, mainstream and even indie brands that are constantly putting out new products, developing new formulas and just really demanding our attention. However, some people might have noticed that I had paid a little attention recently to Japanese cosmetics and skincare. Admittedly, I don’t have much knowledge or experience in their industry (and could hardly name even ten brands) but I have heard some great things about them!

For this reason, I am so happy that I have been sent some pretty interesting things by Alpha Beauty to review! All of these brands are completely new to be and, while I had heard of their names before, I am definitely going in with zero subjectivity no preconcieved expectations.

I’ll be giving everyone a brief overview of the products that I have received (and have already started testing). If you are interested in Japanese cosmetics or skincare, check out Alpha Beauty!

When I first checked out Alpha Beauty, I was really happy to find that they had an instant customer service chat (and very good service too). I find that most Korean websites have message boards, which are all fine, but is a bit difficult for someone like me who is always on the go (and jumping between three devices). That instant response is the best, really, and I hope more websites implement it in the future.

Alpha Beauty is a Hong Kong based business that focuses mostly on Asian brands (they do have a US brands section but it’s small and is mainly Vaseline), primarily Japanese products. Their ranges vary from Jill Stuart to K-Palette to Daiso. From what I can see, they seem to carry a lot of variety and even limited edition items, though you have to get those quickly!

Alphabeauty Japanese Beauty Review

So moving on to what I received! This is my first time being sponsored by Alpha Beauty so, to be honest, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to try. I just knew that I wanted to test different Japanese brands and products (and most of them I only know through recommendation or one time use). In the end, they sent me over three items and a bunch of samples from different brands too!

The first (pictured above) is the K-Palette Japan 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner in Super Black – because why use normal black when you have super black? I actually really love this liner and I was really keen to try it, if only for the fact that it’s a limited edition Alice in Wonderland design! Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Disney (side note: my favourite is Peter Pan – not Tinkerbell) so when I saw these collaborations, I jumped!

This liner is actually still available on Alpha Beauty (last I checked) so go and check out that Alice wonder!

The second (also above) is a 24K Gold Hydromask by Kiyora Japan. This mask is said to contain real 24K gold as well as five different beauty essences. It’s a hydromask – which I am also obsessed with – so I was really excited to try this as well.

For anyone who is confused about the gold element, 24K refers to the purity of the gold (this basically means it is 100% pure gold) and not the amount of gold that is in it. Perhaps that is common knowledge for people but, to be honest, before learning about that I always thought that 24K referred to the amount of gold and I was a little confused about why (and how) the mask might gold plate my face.

Alphabeauty Japanese Beauty Review

In addition to that, I also received a bunch of other goodies and samples (pictured below)! I didn’t know that they would also be sending these so it was pretty exciting to open – it seems like they might have also taken into consideration the different brands I wanted to try!

First is the Kao Japan Megurism Steam Warming Eye Mask – which I literally had to search up to find out what it is! The one I received is citrus scented (I think) and is said to generate steam to approximately forty degrees celcius, which release tension from work and computer screens.

I think this would be really great to try out after work because, as a designer, I literally spend seven hours a day staring at a computer screen (and the other hours staring at my phone or back on the computer to write this blog). However, I’m really tossing up whether I should try this now or wait for my trip to Korea (going in under two months!) so I can try this on the plane.

Someone decide for me!

Alphabeauty Japanese Beauty Review

Other samples include:

  • Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation
  • Sofina Primavista Moisture Coat Base
  • Sofina Beaute Whitening
  • Sofina Enriched Foam Cleanser
  • 3D Crest Whitestrips (dental whitening)
  • Jill Stuart Eternal Dazzle eau de parfum

So there’s a lot of stuff to look forward to! I may only do Instagram reviews of the samples, but I will definitely be blogging my reviews for the two main products (and maybe the eye mask depending on when I test that out), so look out for heaps of new content!


I don’t have much experience with Japanese products so it is hard for me to judge the prices but I think they’re decently priced! There are some more expensive products from brands like Shiseido and Burberry (yes, Burberry) but that is only to be expected – and even then, they are pretty good.


My package arrived quickly and safely in a padded envelope. All of the samples were also placed in a plastic sleeve (and they even included a net for me to use with the cleanser) so I would say that shipping is also fast, safe and well considered! They also offer free shipping for purchases over $50 – which isn’t hard at all – but otherwise their shipping fees aren’t exorbitant either.


They have live chat so I am already satisfied! The person that I spoke with, Terrence, also has really great English and is very helpful. The live chat seems to be very responsive too!


I really enjoyed communicating with Alpha Beauty and would recommend them (along with my friends at Japan Skin) to people who are looking for Japanese cosmetics and skincare. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on their inventory, especially if more limited edition Disney collaborations pop up!

So far, I have had a really interesting experience testing Japanese beauty products so I hope to work with Alpha Beauty more in the future so broaden my beauty horizons. Why should we limit ourselves to only kbeauty (as great and in abundance as it is) when we could be exposing ourselves to so much more?

Alphabeauty Review Japanese Cosmetics Skincare Banner

Once again, that’s it for tonight everyone! Let me knew your thoughts below (and on Instagram) and please recommend me more Japanese brands and products that you think I should test and review.

Keep your eyes peeled for the individual reviews and, until then, take care!

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