For this review, I’m writing about a lip colour that has seriously been rocking my world lately. I’m a big lover of deep berry colours and I find myself reaching for them repeatedly – regardless of what formula it is, or if I’m attempting to buy something new. Aside from how it matches my skin tone really well, I also love how a good berry tone can be really deep and matches well with gold and copper eye make up. Overall, it’s really my go to sort of look. I’ve been reaching for this product a lot since I first got it; the colour completely wowed me and I knew that I would be attached to it regardless.

I recieved this product from BB Cosmetic to review and it was sort of a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t actually expecting to get this – but they seemed to almost read my mind and sent me the exact shade that I would be fawning over. This one of the Air Tint Lip Cube from Son & Park. This brand is headed by two Korean celebrity make up artists Son Daek Shik and Park Tae Yun (hence the brand name) and their beauty water is crazy raved about and is basically a kbeauty cult product.

Although I haven’t tried anything from Son & Park before (nope, not even the beauty water), I do have high expectations for their products! BB Cosmetic sent me a couple of their things to test out and I’ll be reviewing this one first up. Ready? Let’s go.

Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic

So first off, I love the packaging of this. It has a very unique pot-like stout design which is really cute and it stacks well. I guess that this is why it’s called a ‘cube’. It reminds me a little bit of the Rire Lip Powders in that they tried to do a more unique packaging style, only this one is really successful. Although it’s short, the shape of it is really easy to stack so it’s good if you’re like me and like to collect the colours. The bottom is moulded in such a way that it would fit exactly with another. I also like the transparency of the material, which makes it easy to see what shade you have.

The Son & Park logo features as the main design; I think it’s really pretty and a smart design, so I think this is a good, bold choice. The matte black finish of the cap is also a small detail that gives the overall look a very modern and elegant look. It really suits the rest of the Son & Park brand.

For this product, I have it in Berry Rose (the 05 shade) which is a purple-red berry tone.

Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic

So the cube is actually quite small – as you can see it in my hand. The plastic is thick and sturdy, which I guess is good, but the amount of product that is actually in here is pretty small. That being said, these Lip Cubes are actually quite affordable and you don’t need to apply too much of it at once, so I think that this is actually alright.

As you can see on the photo below, there doe foot applicator is pretty standard but it’s really short and stubby as well (to fit into this cube design). It isn’t as easy to use as a more standard lip tube but it isn’t actually too difficult, since the square cap gives you a pretty good grip.

This product is formulated in such a way that you can get two finishes – matte or glossy. Basically, this is dependent on how you apply the product and how much of it you too. The colour is very pigmented and is creamy with a slight glossiness. If you dab it onto you lips and blend it out with your fingers, you can get a sheerer colour application which has a matte feel and acts more like a tint. However, if you apply it fully onto your lips, you get a very deep colour intensity with a glossy finish – kind of like the Heimish Dailism Waterdrop Tint.

Swatches below!

Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic Son and Park Color Cube Air Tint Lip 05 Berry Rose BB Cosmetic

So above is a swatch of it with a pretty much full application (I did spread it a little bit since the colour is very deep) and one that is dabbed out. Personally, I love the colour of both and I don’t mind the glossiness of it at all. I usually apply this as a ‘matte’ blended colour, before intensifying it in the inside of my lips for a more gradient effect.

This product can stain the lips like a lip tint, but it does take a few applications to keep that full colour effect. It isn’t ridiculously long lasting like the Peripera Peri’s Inks and I end up reapplying after I eat to keep the colour even and bold. However, it gives you a really comfortable finish that doesn’t accent dry lips and looks vibrant and pretty. It’s easy to touch up and reapply too and doesn’t have a very or caking feeling on the lips – which is always great.

I did a quick search of this online and saw that some people have varying opinions to mine – with some finding that it really accents dry lips and that you must exfoliate before use, or others who feel that the staining is poor. It’s strange that my experience with this is almost opposite (I like the gradual, buildable stain and it hydrated my lips nicely) so I wonder if there has been a change/development in the formula?

Anyway, here’s the verdict!


A vibrant lip colour that can apply sheer, matte or glossy and bold.


  • Elegant packaging design
  • Stackable and pretty functional
  • Affordable
  • A little goes a long way
  • Beautiful colour
  • Can apply in multiple ways (matte or glossy)
  • Easy to reapply and doesn’t cake
  • Hydrates lips
  • Buildable stain


  • The applicator is a bit short
  • Average lasting power
  • Small cube


It’s not subtle that I really love this product, and it’s not just because of the colour. I love the formula and the versatility I get out of it, which means that I’m easily able to get different looks (and feels) from the one product. The downsides of this product actually don’t bother me at all, so I don’t really consider them. I’m definitely looking to get more colours from their range, especially to see if I can get the same sort of pretty finish with the lighter colours – as light, opaque shades are often more difficult.

Overall, it’s my first experience with Son & Park and all I can say is – not bad, honey. Not bad at all.


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