Everything that I have tried from Heimish so far has totally blown me away, so I’m pretty happy to finish off this series of reviews with two of their serum rogue lipsticks. Though their products aren’t cheap, they are far from expensive (and are actually pretty affordable), have excellent pigmentation and very pretty packaging – which is often a deal breaker for me.

Heimish as a brand has a modern and chic style, focusing on make up styles that are simple and easy to use for all. The attention is on the wearer (you), instead of the actual product. Their ‘No More Normal’ mantra is about makes you stand out – not them. In this sense, I think that Heimish has a very unique approach to make up and it definitely reflects in their range.

The following lipsticks were sent to me for review by StyleKorean. From memory, not many stores are stocking Heimish yet (as they are not a roadshop brand) so definitely check them out if you’re interested in any of this. You can also check out my previous review of their eyeshadow palette and waterdrop tint.

Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue

So the colours that I chose to test is Morning Calm (which, according to online swatches, is a natural brownish coral) and Lunch Break (a pretty pink colour that is somewhere between being a dusty rose or a little bit vibrant). From the photos, they both seemed like really natural, every day colours – unfortunately, I had some trouble finding other online swatches, so I just went by what was on the website.

The box packaging is pretty simple with an elegant, but very girly, design. Overall, I like it but haven’t have much to say about it. The tube, however, is pretty interesting (see image below). It’s made of metal, or at least plated with it, and has a very slick and rounded look. It actually reminds me of the MAC lip bullets, but thinner and more modern. It’s easy to carry around but, unlike their lip tint, will absolutely roll around.

The opening is magnetic, which I love. It makes it harder to accidentally open in your bag as it actually needs to be pulled apart. I feel like the quality of the close is pretty good – strong magnet but not excessively slow. Overall, it has a really sleek and modern aesthetic. I love it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to present this either! I think people my age would really appreciate Heimish’s packaging, though it might not be cute enough for younger people.

Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue

These are the bullets! They have a very basic shape, without the usual rounded edges of a lipstick, but I had expected that. I actually find the traditional lipstick shape easier to apply, but this isn’t too bad. The formula is very highly pigmented and super soft – as soon as you swipe it over your lips a few times, you will notice that lipstick ‘melt’ a little. I recommend working fast and don’t overapply or use too thick a layer; it will look patchy and not very pretty. A lip brush is best for cleaning up the edges a bit.

The formula is really moisturising and hydrating on the lips. Although the pigmentation is dense and formula creamy (which often, ironically, accentuates dry lips for lighter colours), it looked great even thought my lips were pretty dry here.  The formula includes: “Pure sunflower seed oil extract, Brazil Nut Oil extract, Rose of china oil extract, [and] pure vitamin rose hip oil extract,” so it makes sense that the product is so comfortable on the lips.

I feel like the colours still came out a bit different to the online swatches – like the water drop tint – and actually looked lighter than I had expected. This is definitely Heimish’s weakness, in my opinion, so I hope that they work towards having better image accuracy for their next release since their products are a really great quality!

Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Serum Rogue

And that’s how it looks on my lips! Because the formula was really soft and melted on my lips, I had trouble doing a gradient lip like they showed on the website. In all honesty, I thought that the actual shade was too soft for me to do a proper gradient lip anyway – depending on lighting, it can look like the above image or a little darker, but definitely not the exact same as the image.

All in all, I was really impressed with the formula of this product. It feels like butter and applies comfortably; it doesn’t stain much (as it’s a lipstick) but has decent longevity – though it probably won’t survive lunch, since it’s quite soft. I just wish that the colour samples were more accurate.

Here’s the verdict:


A soft, butter like lip stick with high pigmentation


  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Sleek and modern design
  • High pigmentation
  • Fits well on the lips and is comfortable
  • Super hydrating
  • Spreadable (for touch ups with a brush)
  • Contains vegetable oils etc for moisture


  • Colour differs from the official swatch (slightly)
  • Lipstick ‘melts’, which can make it messy
  • Rolls off table as it’s round
  • Bullet shape isn’t the easiest to apply neatly
  • Won’t survive lunch


I actually liked the Water Drop Tint more, to be honest, but even then I’m really happy with this product. If I repurchase, I think I’ll be looking for darker and more vibrant colours though. These are nice, but maybe a bit too soft for my usual look. I would definitely recommend these though and I want to continue testing more Heimish products! Love them so far!


The Heimish Dailism Serum Rogue is currently on sale at StyleKorean for USD$13.45 – 10% off the full price of USD$14.95. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go straight to the product page (for Lunch Break – click if you are after Morning Calm):

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