Review: Duo Color Face Blush (3CE)

3CE Duo Color Blush Kbeauty Review

I bought this product with my own money from the official store. However, this post also contains affiliate links as an alternative shopping recommendation. These go towards supporting Oh My Stellar and future content.

As well all know, and something that I personally admit all the time, I am absolute trash for 3CE products. Every time they release something new, I am crazy obsessed with wanting to try it out and – out of so many Korean brands – they make some of my top favourite colour cosmetics! They’re always very pigmented with a great, quality formula and their packaging design is totally my style. It’s very simple but trendy, without being cheap looking.

Out of all of their products, I am a massive fan of their blushers in particular. I love how they blend on my skin as well as the buildable pigmentation, so after trying out one of the Duo Color Face Blushes a while ago, I took advantage of Sephora’s VIP sale (which gave us up to 60% off on select items depending on how much we spent) and grabbed an addition two of the duos.

I did check online and, aside from the official Stylenanda website where they have all of their products (and where they sometimes do free international shipping), I don’t have a lot of websites that sell these duo blushes. Instead, you can check out StyleKorean if you want to check out their recent Mood Recipe blushes or BeautyTap if you want to see their original blushes – both of which are absolutely A+!

Now, let’s get into my review!

3CE Duo Color Blush Kbeauty Review

These blushes come in a total of five shades (generally more pink, orange or red) and I have three – Creme De Violette (a pink and purple combination), Make Me Blush (a red and pink combination) and Peach Crush (an orange and peach combination that was the first one I ever picked up).

The product is designed so that you can combine the two colours to create a unique look or, and I prefer to do this, apply with a straight stroke for an almost contoured cheek look. It’s super pretty and interesting, while also being really easy to apply! Below I have put in a diagram from the Stylenanda website with face charts of four different ways you can use the duo colours.

3CE Duo Face Blush

In addition, their formulas are really soft and pigmented so they create the perfect flush with minimal effort, but you can also build up the colour if you want a more dramatic look. All of them have been really flattering on my skin tone and (unlike the reds) I don’t have trouble with control or over application. The product is also really fine and so it doesn’t look powdery on your skin at all. It can look very natural.

The packaging of the blushes is the same as their single eyeshadows (which come in comparatively large pans – which are a perfect blusher size) and, while it is decent quality, it also isn’t super unique. However, I think that it looks trendy and simple, so I like it! I also like that the shape of the cases are quite flat, so the blushes are easy to stack up or against each other. It’s perfect if you’re like me and end up collecting a lot of these blushes and eyeshadows.

3CE Duo Color Blush Kbeauty Review


3CE Duo Color Blush Kbeauty Review

And above is a swatch of them separately! I find that the colours aren’t that unique (although still pretty) if you combine them so I much prefer to apply them separately – since I am a creature of looking as extra as possible. I used the Peach Crush shade most often, mostly because I think that it is the most suitable colour for me. However, since I’ve been getting more into pink and red blushes lately, the other two are also slowly pushing peach out.

In the end, I think it really comes down to your own preferences and what suits you. The formula for all three of them are really great and they’re consistent across the range, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to check these out. In fact, I’m such a huge fan of 3CE blushes that I would recommend checking any of them out!

And… here’s the verdict!


A duo colour face blush with a soft and pigmented formula


  • Simple and trendy packaging
  • Stackable
  • Good amount of product/pan size
  • Interesting pairings of colours
  • Easy to use and blend
  • Highly pigmented and soft
  • Versatile application possibilities


  • Harder to find online


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • FORMULA | 5/5
  • COLOUR RANGE | 4/5



Absolutely! I’ve already written about this up top but, basically, 3CE makes some of my favourite blushes and I think that I will be forever wanting to try more and more of their new releases. The brand is one of the best Korean brands when it comes to colour make up (like blushes and eye shadows, though I will still say that Peripera is the best with lips) and is definitely worth checking out.


I bought this in Seoul and at Sephora Australia – alternatively, you can also shop it on the official Stylenanda website; just wait for them to do free shipping if you’re outside of Korea. Otherwise, you can also check out StyleKorean for the new Mood Recipe blushes and BeautyTap for the originals. You can also use my code – ohmystellar15 – for 15% off!

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