Here’s another review for a product that BB Cosmetic sent me! This time, I’ll be looking at VDL’s Expert Blending Shade which is, essentially, a liquid shader. I’ve been a little obsessed with trying different contour and highlight products lately, so I was quite exactly when they sent me this. I have used MISSHA’s shading product in the past but didn’t like that the tube was so small. I’ll likely be looking for a large tube of that when I am in Korea next.

As for this one, it is the first product that I’m using from VDL so I have quite high expectations for it. The box is quite simple and plain, so it’s nothing amazing, but I liked the glass bottle. It’s very sturdy with a thick base and gives a luxurious feel.

The bottle actually comes with a metal pump but the reason that there is no photo of that is that I was stupidly thinking it was a twist open bottle and have been using it like that until one day when I accidentally pulled instead of twist. So – note to everyone – it’s a pump. The pump is easy to control and won’t make you disperse too much product.

BB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare VDL Expert ShaderBB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare VDL Expert Shader BB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare VDL Expert Shader

These two photos are the shader on my hand without a BB cream base. I noticed that this product only comes in one colour, which is definitely an issue. I feel like the colour is too orange for me and a cooler brown tone is better for me to use as a contour – especially if it is liquid.

The overall formula is easy to blend in and spread, though being liquid and not quite deep enough in colour, I think that this is better to contour your face than your nose. I had difficulty creating in any sharper contour lines with this product as it was too light. When I tried to blend it in to the sides of my nose, it would often be too heavy (too orange) or would spread over my entire face. I’m not sure if this is a reflection of my skill or the formula.

BB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare VDL Expert Shader


A blendable liquid shader


  • Sturdy glass bottle that looks professional and high quality
  • Easy to use metal pump applicator
  • Blendable formula and sheer finish


  • Only comes in one colour
  • Light formulas that makes it harder to apply


Honestly, I don’t think I would repurchase this purely because the colour doesn’t suit my skin at all. I also have trouble getting the look that I want with this product as, when I go to blend, I find that the product smears and spreads too much and I end up simply looking like I put on a lot of bronzer.

This product would be better suited to those who are more used to using liquid formulas and have a lighter skin tone.


This was sent to me from BB Cosmetic, and you can click the below banner to check out their store! Once again, you can use my code for 8% off: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

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I feel like this is a bit of a short review so I’m very sorry about it. I was simply not blown away by this product and don’t feel like I will use it very often due to the limited shade availability – meaning that the one colour wasn’t my colour. I won’t be writing off VDL yet though and will likely be looking to try more products from them in the future.

Please remember that I am reviewing a product, not the service. BB Cosmetic has amazing service which you can read about here.

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