This one is going to be a really short post, mostly because I don’t have much to say about this product – I just liked it and wanted to show it off! This is an oil tint that I received from BB Cosmetic quite a while ago to play around with and I’ve been keeping it around for when ever my lips feel a bit dry. This is actually the first product that I’ve tried from Beyond, which I have only heard of from my friend Sophia when we walked past a store in Seoul – they are not tested on animals which, although isn’t something I look into a lot, is still something that I think is great and fully support!

As you can very obviously see, this product was in collaboration with Disney and is Alice in Wonderland themed! I’m not sure what other products they released, but I’m always a fan of anything Disney (my favourite is Peter Pan, but lets get into that another time). From what I can see, BB Cosmetic doesn’t seem to carry anything from this brand anymore but, still, feel free to check out their website because they have a great range of products. Aside from free shipping, you can also get 8% off with my code – which is either at the end of this post or on my side.

Anyway, let’s dive right into the review!

Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Tint BB Cosmetic Review

The oil tint came in a cute playing card design box. To be honest, it’s been a really long time since I watched Alice in Wonderland and – even though I’m a massive Disney fan – I actually didn’t like this cartoon that much as a kid. So I don’t know the characters really well; only that these cards are the guards for the Queen of Hearts? I’ve been watching the Tim Burton movie and Once Upon a Time instead.

The oil tint came in two colours – a white, ‘clear’ one and a orange tint. On the side of the box, the product claims to be dermatologically tested, paraben free, against animal testing and… something about ‘eco beauty lab’? I’m assuming that this has something to do with natural ingredients. I could look more into it but, to be honest, since this is such a simple product, I really don’t see the point in overanalysing ingredients unless you have an allergy to something. Overall though, I have’t experienced any issues with it.

Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Tint BB Cosmetic Review

Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Tint BB Cosmetic Review Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Tint BB Cosmetic Review

I actually really like the packaging of this lip tint and it’s less to do with the paying card design (which is cute still and manages to be very Alice in Wonderland without being too gimmicky) but the material and quality. The tint tube feels very substantial and sturdy, without being over complicated. There is a good ‘lock’ around the top, so there is no issue with mess or spillage. It’s small but the amount of product that you get is generous and you can definitely just carry it around every day like a lip balm.

The applicator is an interesting loop shaped sponge. I had actually expected a doe foot, but I think that this is a lot better because it gives you a larger and flat surface area, which means application is quick and even. You don’t want to be wearing too much of this, so you only ever need a thin layer and you can reapply during the day.

Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Tint BB Cosmetic Review

Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Tint BB Cosmetic Review

The clear one is, of course, very clear, while the orange colour has a slight tint to it. However, the colours in general are really sheer and – on the lips – I can’t see much, if any, difference between them. The finish for the oil tints is, as expected, extremely glossy! However, there is no stickiness as all and the formula feels really light, so this is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t like the feeling of thick gloss. I also layer this on top of lip tints quite often and, although it does affect transferring and wear time (as the oil and gloss will cause the tint to come off), it’s somewhat of an essential on drier days.

Overall, this product isn’t amazing but it does make me feel that oil tint and glosses are an important thing to have in your make up collection. It doesn’t need to be this exact product, but I think people should definitely look into similar things! Since testing this out, I’ve also expanded into using a variety of other oil tints and I’ll likely be trying more in the future.


A light and hydrating oil tint


  • Cute themed packaging
  • Sturdy and mess proof packaging
  • Light formula
  • Easy to reapply
  • Hydrating
  • Can be layered on top of other tints


  • Very sheer to no colour
  • Affects the wear time of base lip product
  • Short wear time and needs to be reapplied often


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • COLOUR | 1/5
  • FINISH | 4/5
  • LONG WEARING | 1/5



An average rating for an average product yes, but I do recommend this product type. I kept this short because I didn’t have much to say about it – it isn’t very unique but it works well for what it is. I think that I’ll have to look more into Beyond products before I can make much of a judgement on them. For now though, I definitely recommend checking out oil tints and consider layering them sometimes! Your lips will thank you for it.


If you’re interested in trying out an oil tint, check out the April Skin Magic Oil Tint which is a bit more pigmented and is a possible alternative to this. Please also head over to BB Cosmetic who were so generous in sending me over a bunch of products to review. They have free shipping, 10% credit back for SNS reviews and, of course, you can use my code for 8% off! I don’t make any money from it, but you do save a bit, which is always nice: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

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