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To be honest, I had sincerely thought that this post was already made! Only, I just realised that the photos were sitting in my drafts and I’ve been testing these products and thinking up the review before even doing the haul post. Aren’t I silly? Anyway, today is just one of those days – it’s rainy here in Sydney, work is rather slow and not very much is happening. As a pick me up, I figured that it would be best to do this post and look at all these lovely things that KollectionK had sent me to review! Most of these are actually things that I chose myself so I’ll talk about why I was interested in them too.

KollectionK Kbeauty Haul Review

If you’re interested in checking out KollectionK, click the link above. Although their prices are a little higher than the other stores I’ve visited, they also have one of the best designed and most user friendly stores that I have seen for kbeauty.

While I was shopping on their site, I liked to go through everything and make a wish list, which I would then go through again. If there are some items on your wishlist that are out of stock, then don’t worry about that either! KollectionK restocks very often and will even send you an email to let you know. Overall, I really love their website and think their service is good too!

Let’s move onto what I recieved!

KollectionK Kbeauty Review

Along with the items that I had selected (and the added Skinfood product that they gave me), they also sent some samples and a cute little thank you card. There weren’t many samples but, since this is a promotional package, I don’t usually expect them. The thank you card was a nice finishing touch though and really makes you feel like they care about their customers.

Now, a brief initial thoughts on what I got:

Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review

PERIPERA – Peri’s Ink Drop BB Cream SPF30 PA++ | Buy it here

I have been wanting to try this for ages, honestly. I’m such a fan of Peri’s Ink lip tints so I was very curious about how their BB cream/ink would hold on. I got the Pure Ivory which is the lightest shade they have – I generally gravitate between 21 and 23 – and it seems to be a pretty good match. I don’t want to give too much away since I’ve already been testing  this for a while though!

On first impression, I thought the packaging was super cute. It’s pretty much the same as their lip tints and I love the character design. However, it is rather small for a BB cream but I’m hoping that that means a little goes a long way – like their lip tints.

Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara KollectionK Kbeauty Review

TONYMOLY – Delight Circle Lens Mascara (Curling) | Buy it here

I’ve actually been testing a lot of different mascaras lately – ever since I learnt how to properly curl my lashes and realised that it is possible to go without liner. Since then, I’ve been looking for a holy grail mascara and I came really close with Too Faced’s Better than Sex. However, after buying the water proof version, I realised that that formula just doesn’t lift and hold curls as well as the original and my ever watering eyes just can’t go without the waterproof function.

I haven’t looked too much into this mascara before picking it but it has a unique wand that I haven’t tried before and the formula is meant to be good for holding (creating?) curls and can give you a ‘circle lens’ effect.

Aritaum Full Cover Concealor Stick KollectionK Kbeauty Review

ARITAUM – Full Cover Stick Concealer | Buy it here

This! This baby! Sophia had actually recommended the pot version of this to me but I thought I would try out the stick (since it is easier to carry around). There is also a brush on the other side which makes it really travel friendly. As someone who is often on-the-go or needing to carry big touch up bags around (not sure why) having this sort of mobility is really useful.

To be honest, I’ve had so much trouble with concealer and have honestly never found one that I liked much. I used to use MAC Studio Sculpt concealer which was alright for small problem areas, but would be too thick for under the eyes. I’m hoping that the Full Cover works better for me! I will likely be comparing it to the Clio Kill Cover concealer (which is a liquid formula).

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

SKINFOOD – Rose Essence Multi-Finish 3-in-1 | Buy it here

Last of all, this is the pretty gift that KollectionK decided to surprise me with in addition to the items I had selected. This is a three in one product which, I assume, means it can be used for multiple purposes – highlighter, blush and eyeshadow. The colours are coral based so somewhere between a pink and orange, so I think they’re going to suit my complexion pretty well!

The packaging is super pretty and I haven’t actually tried any cosmetics from Skinfood before so I’m quite excited to see how this turns out!

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

So here’s the verdict about KollectionK! Remember to also check back for my reviews on all of these individual products.


KollectionK prices are, in my opinion, a little higher than other online stores.They also don’t seem to have free shipping (that I saw) but give you the option of standard or express shipping. Standard shipping was still fairly fast with them and very secure, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg – and shipping to Australia usually does!

The package was very secure and well considered, so for the slightly higher prices that you pay, you definitely get a more professional service.


Communication with KollectionK was very easy for me. The person that I spoke to had very good English and communication skills. He was also very helpful! They have their own support email and, after you place your purchase, the confirmation emails and receipts are very clear so you can rest assured that your order won’t be mixed up. If in the sad occasion it is, I don’t think it would be difficult to get that fixed at all.


I had a really good experience with KollectionK and really enjoyed the ease of use on their website, so I would return in the future!

I would particularly recommend their website to people who are not as comfortable with online shopping as their website is really well laid out, their services very clear and professional. The layout reminds me a lot of professional shopping platforms like Ebay and Amazon with their clean check out system and the effective wishlist notifications. Definitely one of the best I’ve come across!

If you’re interested in checking out more from KollectionK, just click on the below link to go to their store:

KollectionK Kbeauty Haul Review

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