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When I first stepped into the Moonshot store over in Apgujeong, I felt like I had stepped into my wildest dreams. The brand is a sub-brand of YG Entertainment and, similar to their other fashion label and the overall style of the company, they’re all about bold colours, versatility and being trend forward. In a beauty industry that that sometimes be all about blending in and being ‘pretty’, this sort of thinking is really welcome and I always love brands like this!

In the past, I’ve tried out their jelly pots (which are a multi-purpose product that I love) and their lipsticks (which are also super uniquely packaged and well formulated). The other product that I did try in store but hadn’t gotten my hands on yet was the Microfit Cushion, so when I found out that StyleKorean was stocking the brand, I had to try it! It’s been a hard time trying to get Moonshot products online without having to say something exorbitant, so it was really exciting when I saw the brand amongst the new line ups. Hopefully, their range expands and we get to see more and more of it online because Moonshot is one of the few ‘kpop’ created brands that I actually adore.

This product is currently selling in a pack (which includes the cushion and an extra refill) for USD$33.64 on StyleKorean, so pop over there to check it out and read on for my full review!

Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion

As I mentioned, the cushion comes in a pack and the StyleKorean price for it is actually very similar to the Korean RRP, so I think that it’s a fair price! The cushion comes in three shades: 101, 201 and 301 – I am using the 101, which is suitable for people who usually use a shade 21 and light a brighter complexion. For a more natural finish, 201 would be a better match for me, I think. In the end, the colour choice really comes down to your own complexion and preference as it is rather limited.

The cushion comes in a holographic packaging box which looks pretty awesome – it fits in well with the brand (being trendy and a bit futuristic) and I liked how the holographic finish carries over to the case. Although the general shape and concept is quite basic, as the box is similar to a standard box and the cushion doesn’t have any unique design, there’s still a sort of elegance to its simplicity. It looks like a upper end fashion trend (similar to 3CE), suitable for a teen to young adult audience.

The quality of the plastic is good and feels sturdy with a glossy finish – it does attract some fingerprints but it is easy to clean. Overall, the packaging is pretty good and, although I’m not blown away by it, I have no complaints either.


Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion

The case opens smoothly and has a matching black puff with a purple underside (which isn’t photographed because I started using it already when I took these photos and it isn’t perfect) – it’s soft and easily blends the product. It also feels to be of a good quality, though doesn’t have any unique features that I notice.

The sponge is very saturated with product and the mirror is a good size, but overall, there is nothing all that unique about the compact. It’s standard, familiar – but it works and still looks good. I like the full black and purple look of the compact though, which matches the box and Moonshot branding.

Although the packaging over is simple and familiar, it is the formula – in the end – that really matters.

Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion Stylekorean Review Moonshot Microfit Cushion

And above is the product on my hand! I applied a thin layer for this example photo and you can see that it blends well onto my skin without any heaviness or caking. There is also a slight dewiness to the finish, though the formula is definitely a little more matte than many other hydrating cushions. This one has a light to medium coverage that is easily buildable and I sometimes wear it without a concealer if I only want a light and natural finish.

The product looks amazing when you first apply it – super smooth and glowing complexion that looks television ready. What I did notice, however, is that the cushion tends to cake up a bit as the day goes on and my t-zone becomes more oily.

For that reason, I tried it with a mattifying primer and I found that the product wore a lot better. It still fades through the day (around the six hour mark) because of your skin’s natural oils but, with a proper primer (I used the Fenty), it doesn’t cake and instead looks natural and clean. It is also easy to touch up and doesn’t clog my pores or make my skin feel heavy after.

Overall, I think that this cushion is best suited for someone with well balanced or drier skin, as oils tend to seep through the product. It is also best suited for occasions when you aren’t wearing your make up for excessive hours (like I usually) because the cushion really does look amazing at the beginning.

And, here’s my final verdict!


A semi-matte light to medium coverage cushion


  • Simple and elegant packaging
  • Includes a refill (and refills are also sold separately)
  • Cushion looks amazing on first application
  • Easy to touch up
  • No oxidizing
  • Blends well into the skin
  • Hydrating with a semi-matte finish
  • Doesn’t slip on the skin
  • Minimum scent and no allergic relations


  • Standard cushion case
  • Formula breaks with natural oils
  • Doesn’t wear well alone (needs a primer)


  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • COVERAGE | 4/5
  • LONG WEARING | 3/5



I’ve been a big fan of Moonshot since I first tried their products and, while this cushion isn’t blowing me out of the park, I still think that it’s a pretty good product! If you’re after something for special occasions or if you have skin that leans towards the dry side – then I think this will be perfect for you. Still, it’s a great level of coverage for me and I find myself reaching for this often. I just use a primer when I do.


The Microfit Cushion is available at StyleKorean for USD$33.64. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go to the product page:

StyleKorean Beauty Review Banner

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  • Katy
    April 2, 2018

    I’ve used the Etude House Precious Minerals Any Cushion in shade N02 light beige but it’s just slightly too light for me. What shade of the Microfit cushion would you recommend?

    • Oh My Stellar
      April 2, 2018

      I’m using the shade 101, which is the equivalent of a Korean 21. Since the N02 was a bit light for you, I would recommend the 201 (which is the equivalent of a Korean 23)

      • Katy
        April 2, 2018

        Ok! Thank you for your super prompt reply!