Review: Milk Moist Pact – Pink (Peripera)

StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review

To be honest, I’ve been putting off writing thing review for maybe a week now. Even though I had formed my opinion on the foundation pact, I wanted to badly to like this that I gave it chance after chance but, unfortunately, this product just isn’t suited for me right this moment. I’m sure that other people will like it though so, rather than just saying “I don’t like it”, I’ll be giving you some more details opinions and observations below so you can make your own judgement on whether this is the correct formula for you.

So I originally wanted to try out this product for two reasons: first, it reminded me a lot of my LUNA essence water pact, which is up there as one of my favourites of all time and, secondly, I’ve always had a great experience with CLIO and Peripera products so I expected this to be just as wonderful. Instead, I was pretty disappointed.

Read on for my review! This product was sent to me by StyleKorean and, if this suits your needs, you can definitely buy it off their site. Otherwise, they have a great range of other cushions and foundations too! I was not paid for this post but please note that affiliate links are used on my blog. These cost you no money to use but go towards supporting Oh My Stellar.

StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review

As a side note, I want people to know that there are some inconsistencies with the photos for this review, mainly because I had so much difficulty! I’ve been trying to move to a more pure and white background for my images, but it was a bit hard with this product because the packaging is so pale. In the future, I’ll be working in some props to make it more visible – sorry in advance!

So this packaging. The box is absolutely adorable and I want to keep it. It’s a familiar trend that we’re seeing with all milk based products in Korea lately – the milk carton design. The colours are pale, with white and blue, and it looks very youthful and sweet. It’s definitely something that would be great as a gift. I can see my friends really liking that. I also like that, although the box form and concept is quite familiar, there’s something quite distinctly Peripera about it. Maybe it’s the cute, trendy style and the use of typography.

The compact is very similar in design to the box except – of course – it’s in a compact form. It uses a good quality plastic and the top of it (where the print is) has a matte finish while the rest is the standard glossy. I like this minor detail, as I feel it is these things that give the design interest. It’s a fairly standard thickness and weight, but I find that these solid pacts are seldom that slim. It isn’t too difficult to carry around. I also have no problem with the print fading, scratching or rubbing off.

StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review

So for this compact, they have foundation colours and a pink shade – which is for tone up. Since I have the LUNA in a foundation shade, I chose to go for the tone up version instead. This one appeared to be a baby pink and white in the official photos but, as you can see below, looks more like a nude pink than anything. It is definitely not as candy coloured as some photos show.

The mirror in this compact is large, takes up the whole space. In fact, most of the cushions and such that I’ve been testing have had a big mirror like this, so I’m glad that they’re doing it. It would seem like a waste otherwise and, to be honest, I find these compact mirrors too small most of the time already.

Opening it up, the puff is light blue on top and beige/cream coloured on the bottom. It’s also a good sized puff with a thicker band, so it’s easy to use. It’s soft but most flimsy, with a bit of firmness to the touch. Actually, it’s very similar to the puffs that CLIO usually use and I quite like them. It applies easily but, and this is the only problem: when you open it up, the actual foundation cake is a lot smaller than the sponge. This makes it a bit messy when you try to pick up product as you have to rub a little bit and, inevitably, the sides get rather messy easily.

Aside from that though, the case is good quality, pretty and secure too. The top clicks on tightly and the lid (the part carrying the puff) also clicks into place. I do carry this around for touch ups and I don’t have any issues with it loosening up.

StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review

So, as for the formula of this foundation, the official information states that it is “infused with milk essence to keep your skin clear and glowing”. Unlike the LUNA which uses water essence, this one is said to have visible milk ampoule instead – giving many skin benefits. It has zero water content.

It contains: goat milk extract, milk protein extract, cotton extract, pearl extract and Saussurea Involucrata extract. Although I have no idea what that last one is, the basic gist about this product is that it is meant to be give a brightened, glowing finish with high moisture functionality. And it does.

It is important to note that I’m testing this product in hot weather. I have a feel that it would fare a lot better for me during the winter seasons, as my skin has been having issues with pores and oiliness as of lately.

Either way, this is a swatch of how it looks on my hand. There is a subtle but effective brightening – especially since my face has had a tan lately – but there is also no coverage at all. It’s super dewy (as you can see) and I actually have a feeling that this colour would work for both light and medium-light toned skin. The reason for this is that the brightening effect isn’t very ashy at all but, of course, I can’t really speak for deeper tones.

StyleKorean Peripera Milk Cushion Pink Kbeauty Review

However, as I stated at the beginning, I definitely have issues with this pact at the moment. It’s super hydrating which, logically, should be good. However, the finish is really sticky and doesn’t seem to set unless I use a setting powder on top of it – but this also causes the base to become heavy and cakey. My way of working around that is to then melt the powder into my face with a setting spray but, naturally, not everyone does that.

The lack of coverage is also rather annoying as it means I have to layer another BB cream on top. Instead, I’ve been spot concealing with a concealer which works for a light, daily look but is still too sticky to last. I find that this stickiness puts too much emphasis on the skin texture and can make you look a lot older. Lucky though, this does cover and even out my pores quite well.

As for longevity, the dewiness of this product means that it doesn’t last long at all – even if I set it. By a few hours, I find that my face has become really greasy already and I have to re-powder and set on top. Compared to some bases that I’ve used, this one doesn’t cake too much unless you layer heavy foundation or concealer on top of it though. It fades naturally, but this can leave you will basically no product on.

I feel like I would enjoy this product more during winter when I am really needing that hydration (and when I have less textural issues) so I will try it again in a few months and add onto this post. However, my current position is that I just don’t like it. It’s dewy but doesn’t set well enough for me. It’s main strength (hydration and evening of the skin tone) is replaceable by other products but, if you want something that’s super dewy, super hydrating and you don’t mind the lack of coverage or stickiness, then this is your thing. Australia just isn’t harsh enough at the moment for it.

Here’s my verdict!


A super dewy, cake-type tone up pact with milk essence


  • Cute packaging – suitable for gifting
  • Good sized mirror and quality puff
  • Milk and pearl extracts
  • Natural brightening
  • Hydrating on the skin
  • Evenly covers up pores
  • Affordable


  • Sticky finish that doesn’t set
  • Emphasises uneven skin tone
  • No coverage
  • Fades and greases up quickly; is not long lasting
  • Cakey when set with powder
  • Feels heavy on the skin, especially if layered


There is a time and place for this cushion and, at the moment, it is absolutely not suited for our current climate. However, if you have clear skin and are facing some intensely dry weather, then perhaps this is a product you should consider testing. This is not one you would have to be wearing in humid or even mildly warm weather.


The Milk Moist Pact is at StyleKorean for USD$11.96 – 20% off the full price of USD$14.95. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go straight to the product page:

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