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StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion Pink Purple White Magic Snow

Hi everyone! I’m here today to introduce (and give you my thoughts) on my new collaborator –StyleKorean. They are a Korea based online store that specialises in kbeauty and had actually contacted me about sending some things over for me to review. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and great support that they’ve given me! I’ve been posting on this blog steadily and trying to improve my content, so it’s always really great to find people who enjoy what I post – especially when they also share my passion for bringing great asian beauty products to a wider international audience.

StyleKorean has been operating since 2012 and, since 2015, have international warehouses in both Korea and Hong Kong as well them offices in Hong Kong, China, USA and Korea. They are extremely professional and you can read more about them on their website.

Looking through their store, I am absolutely taken aback by their clean and user friendly web design, which is often a weakness of kbeauty stores. The website is very easily to navigate and they also stock a wide range of brands and products – including some that are less common on other websites: 3CE, Memebox and Son & Park being some of that I am most excited about.

If you want to check out their website, click the below banner! Otherwise, let’s proceed with the haul:

StyleKorean Beauty Review BannerStyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

Out of the items that I expressed interest in, StyleKorean were so nice to send me two of the April Skin cushions! These have sort of gone viral with international beauty fans, so I’m really interested to see how they hold up. The white cushion is the original April Skin cushion that was so popular and had (allegedly) actually sold out. It was the product that really pushed this brand into the public eye.

Since then, they also released a second pink cushion which – on first glance – I can already see the improved attention to packaging and design. Now that April Skin is getting more attention, I hope that they only continue to branch out and broaden their brand.

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

APRIL SKIN – Magic Snow Cushion Pink (#03 Purple) | Buy it here

The first cushion is, of course, the new April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Pink! I am completely, and utterly in love with the rose gold packaging of this. The debossed metallic box is a nod to the original packaging but had a new logo design – which I absolutely approve of.

This cushion comes in a few colour correcting colours – pink, green, purple and beige, and is generally used as a make up base. For my skin concerns, I find that I have quite a dull, yellow skin tone so I chose the purple cushion to brighten up my overall complexion.

I’ll definitely go more in depth in the full review but first impressions – this thing is beautiful.

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

APRIL SKIN – Magic Snow Cushion White (#21 Light Beige) | Buy it here

The second cushion that they’ve sent me is the original April Skin! I had so many people ask me about these and I’ve watched so much about them on Youtube an Instagram that I was beyond excited to test these out. In fact, I’ve already been using this every day since I received the package so this review will be out sooner than you think!

The white cushion is (I think) their high moisture formula – which is best for people who love dewy finishes, like me. The product is well known for its super high coverage and flawless finish, so I’m mot interested in seeing how well that works together with the dewiness. Most formulas are only either one – high coverage (and matte) or dewy (and natural coverage), so it’s interesting to see one that claims to do both!

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion Pink Purple White Magic Snow StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion Pink Purple White Magic Snow

In addition to these cushions, they also send me a couple of sample products – a placenta essence mask, Nature Republic’s shea steam cream, tinted CC cream and The Face Shop’s Mango Seed moisturising butter! It’s great because all of these products are completely new to me. I think i’ll do reviews on them on Instagram too, so keep an eye on my account!

So that’s today’s haul, guys! I loved working with StyleKorean and can’t wait to collaborate more with them in the future. They’re a very professional organisation with wide international connections and much experience under their belts, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my readers. Definitely check out their website – you won’t be disappointed.


The parcel that I received was packaged extremely carefully and arrived very quickly and safely – in a matter of five days since our email communication actually! Parcels dispatch from StyleKorean very prompt, which is more than I can say for a certain other online store,  and securely.

They ship pretty much all over the world, but unfortunately don’t have free shipping. Instead, their calculate shipping in accordance to weight, but this can often work to your advantage.

They have difference levels of shipping (Korea Post to EMS) so you can choose which ever suits you best. However, it is good to take note that they have a single order maximum limit of USD200 per shipment and for people buying more, they recommend splitting it into two.

More information on their shipping polices, and a calculator, can be found on their website.


I was approached by them directly through email so have not gone through their customer service. However, the communication that I had with them was very prompt and there was pretty much no language barrier – so no worries there. They have international offices so I am sure that they can cater to a wide audience.

For communication outlets, they use the Q&A board system which is characteristic of Korean online retail stores. Looking at their board, they seem very responsive as the only unreplied messages here are over the current weekend. I hope rate them pretty well for communication!


I really enjoyed looking through their website and browsing their wide range. StyleKorean was amazing to work with and I am also very happy to announce that they will become a regular sponsor of mine! In absolute honesty though, I am happy to partner up with them like so because of their reliability and quality of service – I would never recommend something to my readers that I don’t think is good.

And StyleKorean is wonderful! I highly look forward to working with them again in the near future.

If you’re interested in checking out more from StyleKorean, just click on the below link to go to their store:

StyleKorean Beauty Review Banner

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