This product was gifted to me by Black Swallow during a live stream that I filmed for them, but I was not asked to review the products. This is not a sponsored post and no affiliate links are used.

I have never in my life been able to make winged liner work. Regardless of how much I practice, I always end up with the two sides going in completely different directions so I have since given up and instead angle my liner downwards in a puppy style (which follows my natural eyelid fold). I blame this partly on my own skin, but also on the fact that I have multiple creases on my eyes which makes its nearly impossible to make eye make up look smooth.

When I was in the Black Swallow office recently to do a live stream, they introduced me to a few of the products that they carry and one of my happy discoveries was this! This is the Wing Eyeliner, which is one of those eyeliner stamps that I’ve seen on Instagram and youtube about a million times over the past few years. I’ve never actually tried these because I always figured that they wouldn’t work for my multi-lidded eyes, but I was so surprised at how well it worked for me! I actually tried them on for the first time on the live stream (so that was my genune first impression) and the liner worked so well that I’ve been using it every day since.

At the moment, the brand only sells these wing liner stamps, but they do have them in varying sizes (6mm to 12mm). The Wing Eyeliner is stocked on Black Swallow and you can get them for AUD$34.99, which includes the set of two wing stamps – one for the right and a left.

And so, I really want to share this product with everyone because it worked so well for me! If you have trouble with getting your winged liner even, then this is definitely an easy to use product to try.Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow

Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow

Product Description

The concept of this product is fairly straight forward – it is a double ended eyeliner pen with a standard felt tip liner on one side, and a wing shaped stamp on the other. There are two pens, one for the left and one for the right, so that your wings will look perfectly angles on both sides. Of course, there is some learning curve to using this product, as the exact angle of your wing can vary depending on how you rotate the stamp but it is still a lot easier than doing it by hand as the length and thickness of the wing is already pre-shaped.

This product also comes in four different sizes. For myself, I chose to try out the 8mm size, which is a little smaller than their standard size. I do have smaller eyes, so I felt like this would suit me best. Below is the size guide, taken from the Black Swallow website:

  • 6MM EXTRA FINE is the smallest of our stamps measuring only 6mm in length. The perfect size for those wanting a minimalist look with small, sleek wings. When in doubt, wing it out!
  • 8MM FINE is the perfect size for those who want modest, yet on fleek wings to complete the cat eye look.
  • 10MM STANDARD is the perfect in between. Not too big, nor too small. Just wing it, life, eyeliner, everything.
  • 12MM BOLD is the largest of our stamps measuring 12mm in length. Ideal for those who love big and bold eye makeup or for those special nights out. Slay those wings babe!

For those who may be concerned about the ingredients, you can also find the full list on the Wing Eyeliner product page.

Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow


The product comes in a white, gold and black box with the winking eye image on it. Overall, the packaging isn’t the most impressive that I’ve seen but it’s sufficient enough, I think. This is in indie brand, so I don’t expect the sort of deluxe packaging that I would from a bigger brand.

The markers are black with the gold foil image, and with one side marked left and right. Personally, I find myself spinning the marker around a lot to try and find out which side it is, so I not just open it up and use which ever side I find first. The lid clicks on like a standard marker liner and it’s very sturdy, in fact, it’s almost too tight – no concerns about it opening up in your bag if you do carry it around.

The main issue though, is that both sides look identical except for the gold lettering. The glossy finish of the marker and the foil print also have a tendency to scratch, so it can look rather banged up if you carry it around.

The packaging of this product definitely has room for improvement and I hope that they work on that in the future. However, the actual quality of the liner is really great – as you will read below.

Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow


As I mentioned above, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using these wing stamps – especially if you want to use one of the longer ones. However, I found this so easy to work with and I got the perfect finish on the first go! The stamp is very sturdy and evenly inked, meaning that you get a sharp and super black print every time. All you have to do is ensure that you angle both sides at the same degree, which isn’t too difficult because the ends have a rounded guideline for you to use.

Once I’ve stamped both sides of the wing, I would then fill out the rest of my eyeliner. I have used the felt tip liner on a few occasions but personally still prefer to use my own brush liner. This is just a personal preference; I find brush liners give me more flexibility, though people who are less confident with liquid liners would really like this felt liner. It is thin, but quite sturdy so it helps you to even an even line.

The ink for this liner is very black, opaque and also very waterproof, being able to last the entire day on my watery eyes and only requiring minimal touch up close to my lash line. It also doesn’t run at all and dries quickly. There aren’t many eyeliners that work so well on my eyes, so I am really impressed that this product works so well!

Winged Eyeliner Stamp Beauty Review Blackswallow

Personal Experiences

Overall, I am totally converted. Since using this liner just once on camera at Black Swallow, I’ve now started to use it every single day. It is just so effective and quick to use. In fact, I think that I do my eyeliner faster using this and getting a wing, rather than just using my liquid liner and not doing a wing. The fact that this liner lasts so well on my eyes (which water and are so sensitive that I can generally only use a few brands of liner) is also a huge pro for me.

I am currently using the 8mm, which gives me a really nice natural look. However, I feel like I want to try the 10mm in the future just to try out a more dramatic wing for when I want to do smokier make up. I could try to do it myself just by stamping the wing further out, but this may not look the best.

Aside from the packaging, the only other downside I can see for this is pricing. At basically AUD$35, this liner is not drugstore pricing. However, considering that a set includes two of these liners and that the stamp is a unique feature, then this may be worth the splurge. In the future, I think that it would be interesting to see this packaging upgraded and this winged liner changed so that it is only a single pen (with a left and a right side), since most people will own a liquid liner that they can use to fill in.

Although there are aspects of this product that isn’t perfect, the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of The Wing Eyeliner really has me coming back for it every morning! I’m definitely recommending this to people.

So, here’s my verdict!


A set of two dual ended eyeliners (available in multiple sizes), with one wing stamp and a felt pen liner


  • Comes in a set for perfect flick on both sides
  • Avialble in multiple sizes to suit all eye shapes and styles (6mm to 12mm)
  • Easy and very quick the use
  • Well inked for an even and sharp application
  • Very black and opaque colour so you won’t need to double stamp
  • Good quality felt pen liner on the other side
  • Looks very ‘natural’ – no one can tell I used a stamp
  • Very waterproof and wears well through the day with minimal touch ups


  • Glossy finish of the pen can be easily scratched
  • Difficult to tell left from right (packaging is too similar for the two sides)
  • Is more expensive because of the duo of liners


  • PACKAGING | 2/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • WATERPROOF | 4/5
  • EASE OF USE | 5/5



For people who have difficulty with their eyeliner, specifically with winged liner, then this is a product that I highly recommend jumping on board of! I can’t believe how easy this was to use and, for someone who has never been able to get a smooth liner application before, this is really a god send.


This is available from Black Swallow for AUD$34.55. They are an Australian store, so Aussies will be happy to know that you can order this and receive it in the mail really quickly! For international buyers, they also do international shipping to most countries to check out the shipping information too!

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