I’m back with the second part of my Early Picker haul! Finally. Actually, I received this package not long after I published my first one (and you’ve likely seen a post on my Instagram about this incredibly sample pouch that they have) but I’ve been spreading things out but trying to get super active with posting again. Now, with this post, the main thing that I really wanted to show everyone was their sample pouch (which you can see below) but I figured that I should touch briefly on these products that they sent me too!

These are the April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment; it is essentially like a temporary hair colour or toner, which adds a gloss to either prelightened (recommended) or natural hair. These are actually fairly common here in Australia, but I find that not many Korean brands actually have these sorts of colours – which is strange because I think a lot of people in Asia like to experiment with fashion trends! The main difference between this and the usual hair toner that I use is that it’s actually a treatment for you hair, so it leaves your locks feeling especially soft and healthy after use as well.

I currently have the orange colour in my hair and I’m waiting for it to wash out to test others – so I will be posting a review on that soon! Early Picker was wonderful enough to send me ten boxes of these; two of each colour variant, so I’ll be testing them all out and also experimenting with some colour mixing too!
Earlypicker AprilSkin Medicube Kbeauty Haul Review

The really great thing that I wanted to share with you guys though, is their sample pouch! These samples actually do come in a literal pouch and when Early Picker first told me (with a lot of enthusiasm) about how important this part is to their service, I was actually a little hesitant – a lot of people give out samples, so I wasn’t sure how this would set them apart. However, they are definitely not kidding with this.

Depending on your purchase amount, you can get up to twelve samples, as well as special full-size products! The pack that I have down here is one of their higher end packages (I assume) and – honestly – if I received this in addition to my purchase, I would be so thrilled. For people who buy less from them, you aren’t neglected from this either because as long as you buy over 20$USD, you’re already receiving four samples from them!

To get this sample pouch though, remember to sign up to Early Picker before you place for order, as these are exclusive to members. Check out this page for a table of how to receive this special service and how many things you can get for your purchase.Earlypicker AprilSkin Medicube Kbeauty Haul Review

For my sample pouch, I received both packet samples (which I am obsessed with collecting) and full size products. Pictured above is the No Smudge Eye Doll Brush Pen Liner in Brown (retailing for USD$15 on their website) and the Magic Oil Tint (also retailing for USD$15 but currently on sale for 6$USD). They also included three sheets of the Mummy Mud Mask (five sheets retails for 25$USD so I will consider this another 15$USD worth of merchandise). That is legitimately 36$USD worth of merchandise even if I count the oil tint as a sale price – which is incredible. So far, I haven only used the oil tint but I absolutely love it too; I love that Early Picker isn’t just throwing in nonsense, undesirable products in their sample pouches but actually a wonderful selection that we would actually buy.

In addition to that, they’ve also included four sample packets each of the AprilSkin Magic All-Kill Cleansing Water and the Medicube Red Cream Plus – both of which I will be decanting to try out before deciding if I want to buy the full size. I love that they gave us multiples of this too, because single packets are often not enough to fully test a product.

Earlypicker AprilSkin Medicube Kbeauty Haul Review

So that’s my haul post, everyone! I’ve been insanely busy lately but I will be filming a haul video with my first impression (or reviews) of these products too once I have the time to sit down and gather my thoughts – and things. I hope that these two reviews have been helpful for you and, if you want to check out part one of my haul, click here!

Early Picker is a wonderful business and I’m so glad that they approached me to collaborate with them. Their service is great, they are incredibly friendly and responsive and – this is best of all – I think that they very genuinely want to introduce the best and new products to the online market. They’re selective about their products and the way that they approach sample giving reflects a sincerity in their brand message.

I’ll be leaving you with a video from their website of blogger impressions from their sample pouch (I wish I did the video early enough to be involved in this!) and I hope you have a great rest of the week. Sleep tight, rest well and remember to moisturise your neck!

Earlypicker Kbeauty Banner Review

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