Review: Performance Eye 8X Palette (Moonshot)

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Eye 8X Palette and Cushion Light Fixing Review

This product was sent to me for review purposes. Please note that affiliate links are used.

Continuing on from my last Moonshot review, here’s to introducing their new Performance 8X Palettes! Even after all these years, I’m truly weak for a great eyeshadow palette and I never fail to test one out when ever I’m reviewing a new brand – or, in this case, a new re-brand.

Since Moonshot’s original concept was all about bold looks and shaking up the k-beauty industry, I actually thought that they would come back with something new colourful. From what I’m seeing, their current offering still features mostly neutral shades but they can still be used to create strong looks. The shades are very on-trend and are the type of colours that you might see on idols now – which I think works for the whole ‘performance‘ concept.

I got my hands on two out of the three colour variations – Rhythmic Burn and Blazing but all three are available at StyleKorean for USD$23 (on sale from USD$33).

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Eye 8X Palette and Cushion Light Fixing Review
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Review: Performance Cushion Light Fixing (Moonshot)

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Eye 8X Palette and Cushion Light Fixing Review

This product was sent to me for review purposes. Please note that affiliate links are used.

I was a pretty big fan of Moonshot when they first launched – they were so different to other k-beauty brands at the time and I was a huge YG Entertainment fan too, so they caught my attention right away. Over the years though, it felt like they had lost their original high fashion flair and I really missed the old Moonshot vibes… I was really excited when I found out that they had just gone through a re-brand! I first found out about this via Edward Avila, then rushed to see whether these products were available on StyleKorean yet.

And they are!

I think that rebrand had revived what Moonshot used to be all about – trendsetting, playful and unafraid to stand out. Some of their older products are still available on StyleKorean but I think that Moonshot has essentially started afresh.

The new (first) collection is called ‘Backstage.’ It consists of four key products but I’ll be reviewing the two that are available on StyleKorean – the Performance Cushion Light Fixing and two of their Performance Eye 8X Palettes (to come in a later review)

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Cushion Light Fixing Review
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Review: Battle of the K-Beauty Cushions (feat Amuse, Moonshot and Tir Tir)

Korean Cushion Spotlight from StyleKorean - Featuring Amuse, Moonshot and Tir Tir

A clean, healthy base is essential to a great make up look, and thats why I think that a lot of people love foundation cushions. They’re convenient, easy-to-use and there are so many absolutely incredible formulas out there. I’ve used a lot of different products in the past but was recently tasked with trialing, reviewing and comparing a big range of cushions from some of the most popular k-beauty brands of the moment: Amuse, Moonshot and Tir Tir.

The formulas here change from sheer and dewy, to fuller coverage mattes though, naturally, some will better suit my preferences and style. So, I’ll be discussing how these all worked for my specific skin type and concerns:

  • Skin type: Combination, dehydrated skin
  • Skin concerns: Texture and enlarged pores
  • Shade: Shade 21, MAC N4.5 or Fenty 150

The cushions that I will be reviewing include:

All of these are available at StyleKorean and also fully linked within this review.

NOTE: The rating system of this post is different to my usual review and I am also only taking into consideration the shade match, formula and wearability. Please take this into consideration and carefully review ratings.

Korean Cushion Spotlight from StyleKorean - Featuring Amuse, Moonshot and Tir Tir
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Review: rêve de Paris Collection (Moonshot)

Moonshot Kbeauty Review Reve de Paris Collection StyleKorean

This product was sent to me by StyleKorean for review purposes. I was not paid for this post but please note that affiliate links are used on my blog. These go towards supporting Oh My Stellar and future content.

It’s been a short while since I last got myself stuck into a new Moonshot collection (and, to be honest, I have no doubt that they’ve slowed down a bit since the YG Entertainment controversies in Korea) but their new release caught my eye immediately. I actually got an email from StyleKorean about this, since they launched the collection simultaneously in Korea, and was basically obsessed.

With the initial launch, they released the rêve de Paris Collection in a limited edition set. This is what they sent over to me, which includes the palette, one of the lipsticks and a Moonshot branded tote bag. Whilst this is no longer available – because it sold out like hot cakes – the entire range is available individually on the StyleKorean website.

The rêve de Paris Eyeshadow Palette is selling for USD$33 and the Stick Extreme Pro lipsticks are selling for USD$22 each – but definitely get in before the ones you want are sold out. Before you hop onto the StyleKorean website though, let’s get into this review!

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Dear Santa: Christmas Wishlist (Althea)

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist

This post is sponsored by Althea but all chosen products and opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate links are not used in this post.

So we are at a point where Christmas is really close now and I have yet to really put together a list of things I want – partly because I don’t receive Christmas presents anyway (I’m an adult apparently) and also because I generally buy myself things I want rather than waiting for others to spoil me.

That all being said, I was approached by Althea to put together a short list of 10 things that would be on my Christmas Wishlist and, especially since I have been a bit absent from the k-beauty scene lately, this wasn’t hard to put together at all! There have been a bunch of super exciting releases and holiday packs that I’d missed – and now that means I need to get them.

So, click on to check out everything on my Althea Christmas Wishlist and, if you want to check them out – definitely do so! They carry a great range and also have their own brand (from which I highly recommend their Petal Velvet Powder and Petal Velvet Sunaway)

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