Review: Collagen Modeling Cup Pack (Inoface)

Skin18 Collagen Modeling Cup Pack Review

I was planning on waiting at least another two days before doing this review but, to be honest, I am sitting down right after trying this mask because I am so disappointed in it. Out of the whole set that I had received from Skin18, I was actually the most excited to try this one – it was a concept that I hadn’t tried before and, well, it’s collagen. I feel like collagen and vitamin C are the super essentials in my skin care.

So tonight, I went and prepped my face with some toner, serum and essence (as I had read on their website that these masks are often used over skin care to seal in the product) and I was preparing myself for a nice night of super glowing skin and hydration but then… well, disaster struck.

I had even taken an additional photo and planned on taking two more, but I am so disappointed in this that I don’t even see the point in editing an extra image.

Skin18 Collagen Modeling Cup Pack Review Skin18 Collagen Modeling Cup Pack Review

So this product comes in a travel friendly re-sealable cup with a free spatula. I read online that this is good for one use but, upon checking other reviews, I see that other people used this for 3–5 uses. In retrospect, I wish that I had done that so that I could try this again and see if it really is that bad.

The instructions on the cup aren’t completely clear but, basically, you are meant to add in two caps of water (cool water or room temperature) and mix it before applying it to your face. It is meant to dry in 15–20 minutes. I didn’t last 10.


First off, the powder is very finely milled which should be a good thing. However, it is super messy and tends to get everywhere – even after the water is added. The product is difficult to get consistent so I had lumps of powder everywhere. I should have really just left it half mixed and applied it because, by the time I had it 70% combined… the formula had already hardened!

The product hardens fast and suddenly. Once it does, it is virtually impossible to melt again nor to get it on your face. I had only managed half of my chin and one cheek before it became the texture of lumpy, kind of gross looking cottage cheese. I did try to forcible apply it to the rest of my face, but I just had big clumps of semi-hard product all over me. I looked like Frankenstein.

The scent was minimal, but all I noticed was what a waste it seemed. Had I split it into three uses, I would have just tried again but I was silly enough to actually follow instructions, I guess? The patch on my cheek does feel smoother and a little brighter, but I feel like a sheet mask would have been so much more useful.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Comes with a free spatula
  • Easy to peel off (when you can apply it)


  • Expensive for a single use product (on sale for USD$5.40)
  • Instructions are unclear
  • Powder is messy
  • Congeals extremely quickly and suddenly
  • Difficult to apply
  • Minimal effect


Absolutely not. I would be open to testing this again and maybe updating this review (if I can figure out what went wrong) but, as it stands, there is no way I would buy this. This is definitely the most disappointing mask I have ever tried – and that includes some pretty awfully smelly ones.

I’m moving on from this. I have one more mask from Skin18 to share. Their products usually don’t disappoint me like this so… I’m hoping that I can either try this again in the future or never approach another modelling pack.

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