Well, hello everyone! It’s getting close to the beginning of my Japan Trip (and, amazingly I still haven’t blogged by Korea trip… but I will soon, I promise) and that means that my posts are going to be quite slow for a few weeks. I’ll be very active on Instagram though, so you can follow me there. In the meantime, I’m going to use the next few days to get up to date on some of these reviews, the first of which is going to be the Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off from Skinfood. This is really similar to the Black Sugar Mask that I usually use, which is a physical exfoliator and actually quite popular amongst a lot of us bloggers. That mask is quite harsh and, in order to soften it, a lot of people also add water to the formula. Personally, I quite like having a tough scrub now and then but, for those with more sensitive skin (or a more sensible approach to skincare), this honey alternative may be just for you.

This was sent to me for review from Q-Depot, an online Korean cosmetics store that stocks a good range of road shop and higher end brands (such as Sulwhasoo, O Hui, History of Whoo). Remember to check them out on the way (and get to the end of this post for 10% off your first order)! Let’s start!

Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot

So I actually reviewed this product on Youtube as well (where I gave my first impressions) but I thought that it would be good to get my views down in word. First off with the packaging, this is very similar to the other wash off masks that Skinfood does. They come in a good sturdy plastic tub, but there is no box or spatula. I did try to apply this with a spatula in the video, but it is definitely easier with your fingers. If you are concerned about the hygiene issue, then maybe use a spatula to take it out but apply with your fingers.

The design of the packaging is quite nice and modern. It isn’t overly ornate, but still has some cute details that suit the Skinfood brand really well. The lid screw on tightly and I never have any issues with leakages when it comes to their products. Overall, the packaging is definitely of a good quality. It doesn’t look high end, but it’s very decent for a roadshop brand – and these masks are quite affordable too.

According to the label, this is an ‘exfoliating mask that contains mineral-rich Brazilian black sugar and moisturising honey for soft, glowing skin.’ You are meant to shake this to mix the top and bottom layers first before applying it, massaging into your face and then leaving it on for 10-15 minutes (I always do 15 minutes).

Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot

So this mask is originally sealed shut and, when you peel off that lid, that’s what the formula looks like. To be honest, I’ve actually seen this mask before in-store when I was in Seoul but, even though I wanted to try it, I just thought it looked terrible. It’s honestly one of the least appetising masks I’ve ever seen – it’s thick and brown, very much like honey, but the sugar particles make it a little bit lumpy too. It also doesn’t help that the lid is smeared a little. Perhaps I’m the only person to overreacts to how gross I think that this mask looks.

Regardless, I decided that I am a brave woman and, for the sake of my skin, I will go for it anyway. I tried to shake the tub at first but the product didn’t shift at all. What I found was that the sugar was lumped together at the base, which is why it was so hard to mix, so I put my spatula in to manually mix it a little first. Once the sugar was loosened, it definitely combined a lot more easily, but I still find that the particles keep settling. Rather than following the instructions to shake, I think that it might be better to just mix it, though you do run the risk of introducing some air borne bacteria. Personally, I don’t think that it’ll be that bad unless you’re mixing it up around a dumpster or something.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot

So here’s how it looks on my hand! What I definitely noticed was that the honey scent is really strong and you’ll definitely want to use this in a well ventilated room or you might feel like you’ve been dumped into one of Willy Wonka’s concoctions – and not necessarily in a good way. It smells really sweet. The sugar particles in this product is very sparse compared to the normal Black Sugar mask, so this one is a much gentler exfoliator – this would be a lot more suitable for sensitive skin, I think.

The formula is really runny. Since I usually use the other mask (which is quite dense and non-drip) I didn’t expect this at all so I applied it too close to my eyes and mouth – when they warn you to avoid these areas, they seriously mean it. Getting sugar particles in your eye actually really stings and in your mouth is… well, actually, this mask didn’t taste bad at all. But I don’t recommend eating it.

As a result, the exfoliation for this was very gentle and I personally don’t feel that it helped to remove much dead skin at all. However, the honey really works and my skin felt hydrated, moist and full afterwards – like a baby’s butt. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue but, perhaps because of the honey, is a bit hard to completely cleanse off. If you want a good clean, it’s best to step into the shower after this. I used a face towel, which also worked, but it smelled like honey in my bathroom for the next four days.

Compared to the other mask, I think that this is something I could do multiple times a week and not worry about over exfoliating my skin. Although there were some faults in the formula, the effect was really great so I do love this product.

Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff Q-Depot

If you’d like to see the video of my first impressions and review, click right above. Otherwise, let’s just right into my verdict!


  • Sturdy and secure packaging
  • Cute packaging design (not excessive)
  • Good amount of product
  • Effective – very hydrating and moisturising
  • Gentle exfoliation, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Tastes decent (?)
  • Affordable


  • Very runny formula
  • Formula looks rather gross
  • Very strong scent that lingers
  • Hard to wash off
  • No spatula included
  • Must be depotted for travel (it’s quite heavy)


Of course, I have my issues with the formula of this – it’s too runny, the scent is too strong and it looks rather disgusting. However, the great results that I got from this mask is undeniable and, for that alone, I would repurchase. So far, I have used three different wash off masks from Skinfood (with one more rice mask that I’ve yet to open) and I’ve loved all of them. I’ve already repurchased the Black Sugar Mask a few times so it looks like I’ll be needing to add the Black Sugar Honey mask to that list!

I would definitely recommend this for people who want a light exfoliation and an intense hydration for their skin. This is suitable for dry to combination skin. If you are a bit sensitive to exfoliation, this would be a great alternative to the Black Sugar mask too.


This was sent to me by Q-Depot for review and you can get this from their website for USD$13.58 (on sale from the original price of $16.98). They often have sales, so look out for any coupon codes or specials on their home page. There’s also free shipping worldwide for purchases over $49 which is pretty good!

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