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3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review

This product was sent to me by StyleKorean for review purposes. I was not paid for this post but please note that affiliate links are used on my blog. These go towards supporting Oh My Stellar and future content.

I saw these cushion blushes in 3CE in Myeongdong and I nearly bought them – only, I quickly remembered that StyleKorean had actually mailed these to me for review! This silly beauty addict nearly bought doubles… but then again, who is surprised? (especially since I already did that with another product). These are the Blush Cushion compacts that I’ve been eying since their release. I have a few blush cushions at home but, to be honest, I don’t use them very often. I often find that they’re too sheer on my skin tone and difficult to build.

However, these had me pleasantly surprised! These are selling on StyleKorean for USD$17.48 – a pretty good price – but they only have limited stock and colours so get in quick. It’s been a while since these cushions were released, so I imagine that they are saving inventory for more recent releases too (which I will be sure to check out).

So, let’s get right into the review. Click on to read my thoughts and experiences with this product.

3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review 3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review

These cushions come in six colours and I chose to try out two – the first is Pink (which is a very natural baby pink flush) and then Girlish Red (a warm, lively red tone). The first is one of the safer colours to choose and the latter is actually the one I was most excited about. I have the powder blush in red too and I love the healthy colour that it gives my cheeks! It’s also a colour that I don’t see really often – I’m always excited by red blushes.

These compacts are like the standard cushion compact where the refill have be removed and replaced – technically. I noticed that 3CE seldom sells refills for their products and this one is no different. It’s kind of disappointing for me. Regardless.

This comes in a mini cushion size – so it’s smaller than the standard BB cushion – and the compact is colour coordinated with the product. This makes it really easy to pick out your product if you have a few of these. It also looks really cute and trendy, without being gimmicky. The plastic has a glossy finish though and, because of that, it looks a little cheap – but it isn’t too bad. It is a bit bulky (as in it’s thick) so I hope that they improve the packaging with a sleeker compact design and maybe a matte finish.

Overall, the product looks alright though and I don’t really have complaints about it.

3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review 3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review 3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review 3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review

The compact opens with a fill size mirror, which is good for touch ups. Both of the cushions come with the standard 3CE puff – black with a nude sponge side which is really soft. However, they do stain really easily and, from what I can see, absorb a lot of the product as well. This is especially evident with the Girlish Red shade where the colour leaves a very vibrant stain – and with how pigmented that colour is, it’s going to be hard to wash too.

Aside from that though, I think that the puff blends out well – a little bit of product goes a long way (which has more to do with the formula than the puff) and it blends out smoothly, with no patchiness. I have also tried it under a number of different foundation formulas (all cream based, of course) and they didn’t patch or shift the rest of my make up either.

However, the puff is a little too small for me to use – I can only hold it with two fingers and so control isn’t the best. I would prefer a more full size compact for it and I think that I’ll be looking around to see if I have a replacement puff to use.

And here are some (not very wonderful) swatches.

3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review 3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review

Pink – as the name so straight forwardly states – is a pretty baby pink colour. It really comes across as a true pink (it isn’t too peachy) and the colour looks very natural and soft. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side, but this is a good thing because it is also really easily buildable.

Maybe because of the undertone, it also makes my complexion look brighter and more youthful (in my opinion) and I think it’s a really good daily blusher colour – and is easy and fast to use.

The second colour, Girlish Red, is super vibrant and pigmented! It’s actually a bit dangerous to use and I have overapplied on multiple occasions. It is best to use a super light hand with this and take your time building up the colour where you want. Application is really blendable but, unfortunately, this means it’s easy to end up with red all over your face.

Still, the red blush colour is really unique and it gives you a really healthy glow. Compared to the Pink shade, I think that this will actually really suit medium skintones the best (whilst the pink colour may be too light to show up properly). On paler skin, like my own, we just need to be a bit careful with application.

3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review 3CE cushion blusher stylekorean kbeauty review

Out of the two blushes, I think I prefer the Pink colour – just because it’s a bit more wearable for me. The Girlish Red is really pretty (and I love red blushes) but I just need to be more careful with application.

The longevity of these is pretty decent and it only fades slightly (along with my foundation) and the portability of the cushion works with this. I’ll definitely keep using these and I’ll also likely use them on travels too since this is so light and easy to carry around.

Here’s my verdict!


A sheer and buildable blush cushion


  • Cute packaging
  • Portable
  • Buildable formula
  • Good range of colours
  • Pigmented
  • Wears decently through the day
  • Easy to touch up
  • Travel friendly


  • Finish of the compact looks a bit cheap
  • No refills for sale
  • Puff absorbs product
  • Puff is too small


  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • LONG WEARING | 4/5



I definitely recommend checking this out – though I don’t think that you would need all of them (especially since there are no refills) unless you’re a tempted collector. Instead, I think it would be good to pick one or two very wearable colours for your skintone and you can keep them either for daily touch ups or travel.


The Blush Cushion is available at StyleKorean for USD$17.48

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