Do you guys wear coloured contacts every day? I personally love the look of them – I like the widening effect, I like that I can choose to have a more eye-catching colour or choose to go more demure with something subtler. However, I really can’t wear them every day because I work weekdays in an office where I am staring at the computer all day. I also have a habit of falling sleep on public transport, so it isn’t exactly great for my eyes.

When I do go out though, I often wear coloured lenses. Recently, I received my first review package from Klenspop which had a really pretty pair of gray contacts (that really stand out). This time, I recieved another two pairs from them but I will be talking about one of the first – the BUNNY 3COLOR lenses in Blue! These had a subtle effect on my eyes which would be really suited for every day wear. Compared to the previous ELLEN lenses, I think these are more suited for daytime wear. They look more striking in direct, bright light (as you will see in the below images) but, from a distance, there is a subtle enhancement to my eyes. Please keep in mind that my natural eye colour is a very dark brown – we used to call it black in elementary school – so this may look brighter even on other brown eyes.

If you are interested in these lenses or would like to see what else Klenspop has to offer, just click the links! This is not as affiliate link (and 99% of my links aren’t) but there is a code you can use to get 10% off – and who doesn’t love that: R9LAF9SP

Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review

I didn’t take too many photos of the packaging this time as it is essentially the same as the first package I received. I love how the pop art still illustration carried over to the different box as part of Klenspop’ brand artwork. I’m a really big fan of this style! The lens arrive in two separate bottles and also include a standard lens case and a pair of plastic tweezers. A lot of people I know don’t actually use the tweezers, but I think they’re really handy. I don’t usually carry them with me when I go out, but I keep them around my bathroom sink so they’re handy to use when I’m cleaning the case or lenses.

Anyway, here’s for photos of the lenses and some information:

Diameter 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter 13.3
Lifespan 6 months
Water content 38%

These lenses are available with different strengths (from 0.00 – 5.00 in quarter steps) but I got the non-prescriptions because I don’t wear glasses. As before, the packaging was very fast and the products all arrived safely and without a hitch.

Bunny 3color blue Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Bunny 3color blue Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Bunny 3color blue Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review

I really love how these look. They aren’t as dramatic as my older pair of blue lenses, but I like the sublteness of these. Although the lenses are a bit bigger than the gray pair (which had a diameter of 14mm) the graphic diameter is just a little smaller. There isn’t much of a widening effect, which means this is really well suited to lighter, every day make up too. There is a blue and yellow graphic which helps the lenses blend into my natural eye colour.

As you can see with the reflection, these photos were taken with two soft boxes to imitate natural light and I’ve taken extra care to ensure that the lenses have photographed exactly as they appear in real life (although isn’t it obvious I made myself prettier by working some photoshop magic on my complexion?)

Bunny 3color blue Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Bunny 3color blue Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review


Natural blue lenses suited for every day wear.


  • Cute packaging design
  • Fast and safe delivery (as always)
  • Helpful website community (with a lot of real reviews)
  • From my experience, website photos are also very true to real life
  • 6 month lifespan of the lenses
  • Suitable for casual, everyday wear and doesn’t need heavy make up to ‘balance’ out the look
  • Affordable


  • These lenses might be a little bit harder to put in as the overall diameter is larger


I love the lenses that klenspop has sent me so far and, since I’m not too fond of the lenses I can buy in Australia, they are definitely going to be my go to online store for lenses. They have great variety and good reviews (in fact, when they send me things to review they specifically ask for a lot of realistic photos – which are the most helpful for their audience). For a subtle, everyday contact lens, I definitely love these. I might go around looking for others (because I like to try new things) but this is definitely one that I can – and likely will – return to.


Not sure what sort of make up to use with your daily lenses? For this look, I used a BB cushion (I photoshopped it a lot as I hated the dry, matte finish on this so I wouldn’t recommend it) with Clio Kill Brow and Kill Black for my eyes. A light wash of pink eyeshadow (Etude House) and a bright, gradient lip (A’pieu) and I was all good to go! For these lenses, keep it simple for a subtle, pretty look.


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Klenspop. Click the below banner to go straight to the product page, and don’t forget to use my discount code to get a further 10% off!

Oh My Stellar Klenspop color lenses review ELLEN 3Color Gray

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