Review: Bunny 3Color Green (Klenspop)

Klenspop bunny 3 color green review

I am officially addicted to wearing coloured circle lenses and, honestly, can’t imagine how I’ve gone without them for so long! I love that they give you overall look a nice pop and I think that they really tie an outfit together. Subtle circle lenses are good for more casual or formal events, while striking and eye-catching colours and designs are perfect for fun days out or parties.

In lenses, I usually pay particular attention to the comfort, vibrancy of the colour (how it turns out on my super dark eyes), how well they blend into my natural colour and what sort of make up I think it suits best. For my review for theses pretty, green lenses from Klenspop, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and show how I would wear these paired with a brighter, eye-catching make up look!

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Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review

Like the previous lenses that I recieved from Klenspop, these arrived in a cute, pop-art style branded box. There are two bottles for the pair and I got the 0.00 power. All of the lenses that I have received from them come with a free, standard lens case (which is super useful for me because I don’t really have them to spare) and a pair of plastic tweezers for when you need help getting the lenses out – this is helpful though not always needed. It’s good to use them to make sure you don’t scratch them though.

The style of lenses I recieved are the BUNNY 3COLOUR GREEN, which are a vivid green colour with a lighter yellow ring inside and a dark, black outer ring. Compared to the official photos, I definitely think that these are a more striking look. I personally think these look great and I have worn them with both brighter make up looks (as shown below) and with lighter, more natural make up.

Klenspop bunny 3 color green review Klenspop bunny 3 color green review Klenspop bunny 3 color green review

Here’s for some details about the lenses:

Diameter 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter 13.3
Lifespan 6 months
Water content 38%

These come in strengths from 0.00 to 5.00 in quarter strengths. The overall lens diameter is a little bigger than I am used to so, like the previous BUNNY pair, takes me just a little longer to pop in. However, they really aren’t difficult at all. The natural graphic diameter helps to balance out the bright lens colour and allows it to look both striking and somewhat natural. There is a very slight widening effect in comparison to my normal iris side, but it isn’t too obvious.

These lenses look good both with and without false eyeslashes (which I’m not wearing in these photos).

Klenspop bunny 3 color green review Klenspop bunny 3 color green review

Please excuse my unpainted nails! I had broken a nail and I was growing them out again before doing my usual gel nails. Also, these photos have been processed in photoshop (I hope you can’t tell that I absolutely – hated  – the BB cream I was wearing) but only my skin has been retouched and the lenses have not been enhanced. These were taken with two soft boxes to imitate natural lighting and all care has taken to show them most realistically.


Pretty, vibrant green lenses suited for every day or party wear


  • Cute packaging design and fast delivery (as always)
  • Great website community with a lot of real reviews and honest photos
  • 6 month lifespan of the lenses
  • Suitable for a wide variety of occasions
  • Can be used with not striking, heavy make up looks and natural looks
  • Smaller graphic diameter that looks more natural
  • Vibrant colour (that shows up on my dark eyes)
  • Comfortable and very affordable


  • These lenses might be a little bit harder to put in as the overall diameter is larger


I love these green lenses and they definitely haven’t disappointed me. At first, I was worried that they would show up too faint on my eyes and that the green wouldn’t be visible – little did I know! If you would like to read my first review of Klenspop, check out the post here.


Always put in your eye contacts before applying make up! Not only can putting them in accidentally ruin your make up, but you also risk getting little particles of eyeshadow, liner or mascara in your eyes which will not only dirty the lenses but potentially scratch them and cause allergies!


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Klenspop. Click the below banner to go straight to the product page, and don’t forget to use my discount code to get a further 10% off!

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