It’s another Klenspop review! I love doing these so much because I always really love the lenses that they send me and I have such a fun time pairing it up with different make up looks. For today, I’ll be reviewing the Bunny Y10 Violet, which is a pretty black rimmed, purple lens that I matched with a very light, shimmery make up look.

These are the first purple lenses that I’ve used so I was pretty interested to see how they would look. Overall, I think that these are really comfortable and a good quality – just like everything else I’ve tried from them. Read on for the review! I’ll be a bit brief of my packaging, as this is the smaller PR box, but you can check out all of my other reviews for more photos – these lenses usually come with a free lens case and tweezers too!

Klenspop Vivian Blue Bunny Color Y10 Violet review
Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review

So the cases came in a cute cardboard box – it’s pretty simple but, once again, I really like the packaging. As these are PR lenses, I didn’t get the case with it but you will when you buy them! The lens cases are all the same, I think, and they’re sturdy and simple. Nothing fancy but you don’t need that.

The lenses themselves come in separate bottles and I got the violet pair with no power. Here are the details from the website:

Diameter 14.3mm
Graphic Diameter 13.5mm
Lifespan 6 months
Water content 38%

These are a pretty general size for my eyes and, by measurements alone, shouldn’t be too enlarging , but they were! The reason for this – I think – is because of the actual graphic design which made my eyes look quite round and sharp.

Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review

I think the design is super pretty. The black ring makes your eyes look very defined, so they are actually really good for that overall ‘doll-like’ look. The swirl is also a really pretty design, which is actually quite good for making it look a bit more natural from a distance. On the website, I had actually thought that these would be quite bright but, to be honest, I am a little disappointed that they are so subtle on my eyes. My first impression was rather bleh but, after wearing it for a bit more, I actually think I really like these!

I liked the Vivian Blue more because they felt more striking, but the doll look of these lenses is fun and they also make my eyes look a lot larger and rounded (because of the black rim). The purple colour is subtle so this lens works with lighter make up too – as you can see below!

These lenses are really easy to pop in because they aren’t too big and take me no time at all. Compared to the previous ones that I’ve used, I do feel that the material for this is a bit thicker so it retains the shape more. If you accidentally put them in the wrong way (which I did) they will hurt. Worn correctly though, I didn’t feel them at all and I actually wore them out and to the movies without problems. Usually the movies will dry out my eyes but these were really comfortable.

If you are curious about what I’m wearing, I am using 3CE and Heimish eyeshadow, Innisfree for my brows and BB cushion, as well as Peripera on my lips (Peri’s Ink Moisture). Let’s check out these photos now:

Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review Klenspop Bunny Color Y10 Violet review

So these are the lenses! I loved that they made my eyes look larger without being too big (diameter wise) meaning that I can wear them with lighter make up and not look strangely disproportionate. These are pretty subtle so I would recommend them for days out, but I think that the dark rim is a little too stand out for a casual look – unless that’s what you’re going for! The material seems a bit thicker than others but is still really comfortable and doesn’t dry my eyes out.

Here’s the verdict:


Subtle purple lenses with a black rim – average size


  • 6 month lifespan
  • Free lens case (not pictured)
  • Defines and enlarges eyes without being too big
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put in
  • Can be easily worn with lighter make up


  • Colour is darker than anticipated
  • Black rim is a little too sharp for a casual look


I do really like these but, from a personal taste perspective, I think that I will keep looking for a brighter pair of purple lenses. Subtle looks aren’t really my thing nowadays. They are pretty though so, for those who like this sort of effect, I do recommend them! I think they will also look brighter on lighter eye colours too.


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Klenspop. Click the below banner to go straight to the product page, and don’t forget to use my discount code to get a further 10% off!

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