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Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

I’m back with another review and, instead of focusing on our faces, let’s stop to think about our feet! We stand and walk on them all day, force them into pretty (very probably painful) shoes, so it’s only natural that they deserve a bit of pampering as well. We have moisturisers, gels and peeling masks – which I personally only use once every few months but really enjoy playing with – but here’s a hydrating patch by Koelf.

This product is a lot faster than peeling masks and specifically targets one part of the foot (the heel) though can obviously be used on other parts of the feet if needed. You basically apply it to your heel and then put on your socks (this step is optional, but recommended if you don’t want to slip and slide around). It says to keep it on for a minimum of an hour, but I don’t think there is a maximum time you can have it on. It really just depends on your comfort and time allowance.

I was sent a pack of these to test by the awesome people at RoseRoseShop and each pack as six sheets (or three pairs). They’re really cheap actually and on sale for $3.36 each – not a bad price, really. Because I personally have pretty decent feet, in that they don’t really get dry or crack, I asked my mother to test these for me instead and we observed the use and effectiveness together.

Interested? Let’s go!

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

So according to the packaging, the product is meant to help remove and ‘dissolve’ calluses, as well as provide moisture (with oriental medication and plants) and to protect damaged skin. The actual packaging and design is pretty basic, so I don’t have much to say about it aside from being sufficient.

The patches were designed well with a little pull out part that made it easy to peel. The instructions are also really simple and easy to follow – align it to your foot, peel off and attach. My main concern is that the patch is a little too small and seemed to literally only cover the back of the heel. I think it would have been a little longer to cover the base of the heel as well. Perhaps they’re a little stingy with the patch and hydrogel size.

Warning! Foot photos below!

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

As you can see, the patch is a little small and really does only cover the feet. The fabric is sticky with a hydrogel layer that smooths and moisturises. I’m definitely a hydrogel fan, so I had good expectations for this product. The issue though, is that the patch is small enough but the hydrogel doesn’t extend to the full size either, so the ‘hydration area’ is rather small.

The sides crease a little when applied as it doesn’t fit perfectly onto the heel, but I can look past this because everyone’s foot is different. The pink heart print is kind of cute (the plastic film also had a heart cut out) but feels a little bit unnecessary to me.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

And that’s the after photo, guys! We kept it applied for around two hours and you can clearly see the line where the patch ended. It was definitely hydrated and a lot smoother, but we weren’t very happy with the small area, so we reapplied the same patch. The fabric still sticks with reapplication, though is obviously not as good as the first time. Once we had done and left it for another hour, it was a lot better. See the photo below.

The heel was a lot more hydrated and the cracks/calluses much softened. You can tell that the skin is a lot more hydrated and has absorbed a lot of the product.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

However, I don’t feel like it is any better than if we had simply applied cream and put on our socks to let it absorb overnight. The effect was there and the product definitely works, but her heel was back to its previous state within two days – the effect wasn’t long lasting.

I think that this product will be decent for people will mildly dry heels, but won’t work well for more severe cases. It’s a fun, affordable product but effectiveness is average at best.


A hydrogel patch for dry, cracked heels


  • Individually packaged
  • Easy to apply
  • Instant effectiveness
  • Affordable
  • Time flexible (minimum of one hour to as long as you want)
  • Easily hidden under socks


  • Effectiveness wears off quickly
  • Small patch doesn’t cover a large enough area


Both me and my mother think that creams and the peeling mask (ours is from Tonymoly) is a lot more effective, so we won’t be repurchasing this. It might have better effectiveness for me, since my heels aren’t so dry, but I also don’t feel its very necessary. This is probably better for people who would like to wear these patches under their socks for hydration through the day, even when they’re out and about.


You can get this at RoseRoseShop for the sale price of $3.36 (full price is $5.61 but RRS sales very often). They are definitely one of my favourite kbeauty stores and are really great for big hauls because of their lower prices (which make up for shipping costs). Click the banner below to check them out:

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