Review: Covershot Petal Metal Palette (Smashbox)

Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold

Smashbox is a brand that I’d seen a lot but hadn’t actually tried until I came across their collaboration with Vlada. I previous wrote my review on their Petal Metal Highlighter, which completely won me over as a collector’s piece and is actually a good product in itself too, so I wanted to finish up with my review of their Covershot Petal Metal Palette. I bought this from Sephora while I was in the US and it is available at Mecca in Australia (though it has since disappeared from the website and is likely only available in limited stocks). For people in the States, I’ve also heard that some of this range is starting to get discounted (which means that it will be discontinued soon), so it’s time to check it out before it’s gone!

This eye palette is limited edition and was created in collaboration with artist Vlada Haggerty. It’s actually part of a larger range of Covershot Eye Palettes and there are eight others that are currently available on the Smashbox website: Pinks + Palms, Punked, Smoky, Softlight, Golden Hour, Metallic, Matte and Ablaze (all with varying colour schemes and textures). They’re selling for USD$29 or AUD$49 at Mecca. They all feature eight complementary shades, with two larger ‘base’ shades to create varying eye looks.

For this special Petal Metal variation, the shades are all rose gold themed with a range of intense metallic shades and two mattes (one medium toned and one darker) for a palette that is easy to use for all skin types and skill levels.

Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold

Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold


The packaging has a similar approach to the Petal Metal Highlighter, with a metallic pink/rose gold box and metallic accents. As with the previous one, I like the box packaging – it’s simple but still very attractive. That all being said, the actual palette case is rather plain to me. It has a 3D lenticular print, which means that case cover is printed on a textured surface that makes the image seemingly move when it’s viewed at different angles.

For this palette, I would have preferred that they made it more artistic and collectors worthy like the highlighter. It also doesn’t help that, because of the plastic that this needs to be printed on, the case cover is quite thin and feels a bit cheap because of it. However, it does have a magnetic closure and the palette closes well – I didn’t have issues with it popping open and the design makes it easy to open.

Opening it up, there is a large mirror, but the edges of it are bared so it always worries me that the glass will either chip or cut someone. The production of this palette in general feels light and a bit cheap, so I’m not a big fan. The lid also doesn’t open up all of the way, which can be annoying for people who like to put down their palettes to work with.

However, it is light and small so I like to carry this around for touch ups. Although this is a small palette, I’m glad that Smashbox are not using cardboard packaging. The palette doesn’t come with a brush for travel purposes, but I will generally just use my fingertips to reapply during the day so it’s very suitable for that. I personally like this palette because the shade range is very similar to what I wear often so I can use it all the time.

Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold

Product Description & Formula

The following is taken from the Smashbox website:

This purse-sized, pigment-powered eye shadow palette features a wearable rainbow of rose gold. Each petal-soft pigment glides on in one swipe and beautifully blooms on lids to create effortless matte day looks and sultry metallic evening looks!

Although the claims for this palette are fairly vague, these are the main points on the website:

  • Includes 6 eye shadows + 2 double-sized base shades in 1 purse-sized makeup palette
  • Range of cashmere-like metallics and silky matte shades with intense pigment payoff and superior blendability
  • Inspired by Vlada’s signature shade and makeup trends seen & shot at Smashbox’s L.A. creative photo studio
  • Cruelty-free

These shadows are also formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, Oil & Fragrance.

I find that the actual shadows in this palette are really great quality. They’re very soft to touch and blend out well, with the metallics feeling almost like velvet when you go to apply them. The pigmentation is also really great, especially with the metallics, but they’re also easy to work with even for beginners. The colour selection is highly wearable. However, I do wish that there was a darker metallic.

The two larger ‘base’ colours in this palette are actually shimmers, so I don’t usually use them as a base colour. They work best as a highlight – whether it is inner corner, brow bone or even as a face highlight. I feel like this palette would benefit from having another one or two mattes, and a larger variation in shades. Some shades (eg Floral Support and XO, Vlada or Rose Quartz and Rose Rocked) look different in the pan but are actually quite similar when applied.

Here are the shades:

  • Fresh Stem: Metallic champagne gold
  • Nude Rose: Matte warm medium-light brown
  • Rose Quartz: Metallic warm rose gold
  • Floral Support: Metallic copper-red gold
  • Opal Rose: Metallic pink highlight
  • Rose Rocked: Metallic cool rose gold
  • XO, Vlada: Metallic copper-mauve
  • Coffee Blossom: Matte cool dark brown

Smashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose GoldSmashbox Vlada Collaboration Highlighter Eyeshadow Palette Covershot Beauty Review Rose Gold

Personal Experience

Working with this palette, I find that it’s really easy to do make up looks – the arrangement of the quads on either side essentially set it up for you and these palettes would be great for make up beginners or people who want to do their make up quickly and simply. The left side is warmer while the right side is a little cooler, but the differences are minor enough that both sides can also work well together.

For myself though, I don’t find that this inspires much creativity but it is still a good staple to have in my collection.

These shadows lasted well on my eyelids even without a primer. I didn’t notice any creasing or fading except for in my inner corners (which are very watery). When it does though, I just reapply on top – it blends out well. The pigmentation is also bold enough that I can do my make up quickly (without having to build up much), but the shades are neutral enough that it is easy to put things together.

The shadows can be a little bit chunky if applied with a finger (and so need a light hand or to be pat down) but are still quite easy to work with. Even with a brush you can get full pigmentation – no primer needed.

In retrospect, I don’t reach for this palette that often (since I don’t find too much versatility in it). I will likely use this as a travel palette. As I like the formula of these shadows, I will probably look into more of the Smashbox eyeshadows, but this specific palette isn’t something that I consider an essential in my collection. I think that I would prefer to have a greater variation of shades rather than all rose golds.

However, now that I’ve started, there is a great temptation to keep collecting these Covershot Palettes! Some of the regular ones have really interesting colour lay outs and seem to give more versatility.

So, here’s the verdict!


A palette of 8 shades (matte and metallic) with a rose gold inspired colour scheme


  • Light and travel-sized packaging (can be carried around)
  • Full size mirror for on-the-go
  • Pretty concept and colour scheme
  • Flattering and wearable shades that would suit a large variety of skin tones
  • Very soft formula that blends out well
  • Vibrant and no creasing even without an eye primer


  • Plastic of the packaging feels thin and cheap
  • Edge of the mirror isn’t covered so can chip easily
  • Only two matte shades
  • Not enough variation in the shades


  • PACKAGING | 2/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • FORMULA | 5/5
  • COLOUR RANGE | 3/5



I like the formula in this palette and, as mentioned, it works well as a travel palette or for touch ups. However, I still feel like the shades in this palette are quite similar and don’t inspire enough creativity for me. I would recommend checking out the Covershot Palettes in general to see if there is one that particularly speaks to you (I have my eye on a few of them) but I don’t feel like this is an essential that everyone should rush out to get! Instead, just consider this a good option.


You can check it out on the Smashbox website and, depending on where you live, the brand will likely be stocked at SephoraMecca or similar retailers.

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