This was a strange product to me and, honestly, I didn’t expect that it’d be strange because… it’s a foam cleanser. I really didn’t expect anything all that different but let me tell you that this one definitely baffled me for a while. This product is from Petitfee and is called the D-Off Phyto Foam Cleanser (which, to me, sort of sounds like it’s swearing but it means dust off), a cleanser made of natural mint leaf and seven herbal ingredients – the foaming aspect is also meant to be fermented nutrient rice foam. It’s purpose is to penetrate pores, cleanse and moisturise.

To be honest, the overall description of this product was quite confusing to me. Perhaps it’s because I don’t approach natural products in such a in depth manner usually, but I still went into testing this product with an open mind! When I basically took from the description is that the foam cleanser uses natural ingredients in order to both cleanse and hydrate your skin – sounds pretty good to me.

I was sent this to review by RoseRoseShop, where you can get a bottle for $4.16 USD (full price is $11.71). It’s a good price for a good sized bottle so, provided that it works, I think it’ll be great for those more conscious about the ingredients in the products they’re using. Read on for my full review!

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

I love the colour choice of the packaging – the gradient is really pretty. The overall design, however, looks a little cheap to me so it isn’t something that I would want to gift out. If I’m personally using it though, I don’t think this is as important. In general, I hope that Petitfee improves their brand and packaging, as it might actually be deferring people from buying their products. However, on the flip side, it’s also definitely useful that they have some English instructions and ingredients.

Here’s the brief run down:

Pure Mint Leaves: Provides a refreshing deep cleansing.

D-Off Formula: The seven herbal ingredients helps to draw out impurities from irritated skin.

Fermented Nutrient Rice Foam: Forms elasticity in the skin and becomes a rich foam when water is added.

Phyto-Energy: Helps to relieve skin and develop healthy skin (using Oatmeal, Aloe Vera leaf, Green Tea Parsley and Papaya Extract)

Overall, the ingredients looked quite interesting and different to what I usually use. Since this is a foam cleanser, I decided to try this both by itself and as the second step in my two step cleansing routine.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

Here’s the tube and, honestly, I’m a little disappointed with the packaging of this too. The colour looks cheap and fake to me, which is in stark contrast to what the actual product is. I would have preferred if they kept it simple and just used the gradient from the box with some simpler type.

The overall tube is quite standard and light, so it’s easy to carry around for travel. The cap is pretty sturdy and I haven’t had any problems with it breaking. Overall, the quality is the standard I would get from most road shops, it’s only the physical design that disappoints me.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare PetitfeeKbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

So I tested a small swatch on my hand (though obviously tested a lot more before writing this) and my immediate reaction was that the formula was really strange to me. It is a little bit sticky, almost like when you have honey or glue between your fingers and it’s a bit stringy? I guess that this is what it means y elasticity but my first reaction was that I looked sort of… gross to me.

The scent is very natural so it doesn’t small like apples or strawberries – in fact, it’s a little bit like grass? It’s not a terrible smell but doesn’t really work in my favour. I think this is a personal thing though because I feel like others might actually enjoy the scent. It isn’t overwhelming and mostly disappears once you add water and foam it up.

The cleanser has a light but dense foam, though works best with just your hands. I tried it when a brush (a cleansing brush from Miniso) but the product didn’t foam enough and just sort of… disappeared. To be honest, I expected it to foam a lot more. This isn’t too bad though and gives a very comfortable and thorough clean.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare PetitfeeKbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

After using the product (both by itself and as part of a two step routine) my skin felt very clean but not dried out. In fact, it felt really soft as hydrated too. Most of the cleansers I’ve used in the past have been quite harsh on my skin and I had to follow up almost immediately with toner and moisturiser to fix it up. This one definitely worked.

Overall, I think this is a strange but very effective product. I would recommend it for people with more sensitive skin or those who want to use more natural products. This product does not have whitening, exfoliating or other functions, but instead focuses on cleansing and deep hydration – the basic but essential functions.

There are definitely things that I dislike about this product – the packaging, the strange texture and the scent, but they are all things that don’t distract from the effectiveness of the product. I’m a little bit torn still, but here I go with the verdict!


A natural foaming cleanser


  • Cleanses very effectively
  • Leans skin hydrated and soft
  • No sticky residue
  • Light and decent packaging
  • Rich and effective (but minimal) foaming
  • Affordable


  • Cheap looking packaging design
  • Strange texture
  • Smells like grass (may not work for everyone)
  • Doesn’t foam a lot


To be honest, I am really, really torn with this product. I really love how it works on my skin and I will definitely keep using it (at least until this tube finishes) but I do hesitate a little to repurchase. The scent really isn’t great for me and I’m not a fan of the packaging design, though I think I will get over the texture.

I think that I’ll keep it in the back of my mind while I keep testing others, but this is definitely a standard that I’ll start holding my cleansers to.


You can get this at RoseRoseShop for the sale price of $4.16 (full price is $11.71). Click the banner below to check them out:

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