I love this lip tint. I honestly don’t even know how else to begin this review except for that. I’ve been carrying it in my bag almost religiously so I’ve been using it almost every day – it’s pretty much replaced the old (and now scratched) lip tint that I have from The Face Shop. I brought this to Korea with me, as I did the eyeshadow palette, and I have this one to thank for saving me every time my lips went dry – which was often.

This one is also from Heimish’s Dailism collection and is called their waterdrop tint – most likely a reference to the droplet shaped applicator. It is a lip stain and, in accordance to the Heimish brand, is meant to be easy to use, wearable and also distinctive. The formula is a bit creamy (like a gel) and is said to contain rose hip seed oil extract – keep lips soft and hydrated too.

Read on for my review! This, along with the other Heimish pretties that I’ve been reviewing, have been sent to me for review by StyleKorean and is available for USD$11.77 (full price is USD$13.08) so remember to check them out!

Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint

The colour I chose is WTPK04 Cool Day which, on the website, is actually a very bright and almost fluorescent pink. I was really hesitant, so I actually had to look for other swatches online. Unfortunately, I feel like Heimish’s swatches aren’t the most accurate, so I hope that they improve on that in the future. They are a good reference for the overall tone though.

The packaging for their Dailism line is really beautiful with the use of foil and metallic colours. It’s definitely something that I would happily buy as a gift (and gift to myself). The packaging is actually the first thing about their collection that caught my attention and, truthfully, is the main reason I really wanted to try them. The lip tint tube is really sturdy and doesn’t seem like it will scratch easily. It is a bit big though, so it might be a little more inconvenient in clutches for nights out. In a standard make up bag, the size is fine.

Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint

There’s a window on the side of the tube so you can see how much you’ve used – which is always a handy feature. The overall design is very squarish, but it’s easily stackable and doesn’t roll around. Personally, I actually love the packaging design – Heimish is really good at this! I think that it has a really classy and modern look, it’s elegent and feminine, but not too girlish. I also love geometric shapes.

The top twists open and clicks shut, so it’s pretty secure and sturdy too. In order to open the bottle fully, you do have to tug a bit on the top – I assume that this was to prevent the liquid from leaking everywhere. It means the bottle is really secure and it’s less likely you’ll get tint everywhere, however, it does make the opening a little bit messy. I smeared it as soon as I opened the tube.

Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint Heimish StyleKorean Review Kbeauty Dailism Waterdrop Tint

There’s swatches of the colour in both a gradient lip and a full lip. I usually wear it as a gradient lip (every day) since it is quite glossy and will fade more easily. The formula is a little bit sticky and reminds me more of a gloss than a tint. It does leave a light stain, though it isn’t as strong as something like Peripera. The colour is more of a cross between pink and fuschia, so it’s similar to the the official swatch but is still a bit different. It is true to the other reviews that I saw. I’m actually pretty interested to try the other Heimish waterdrop tints because I think they will also look different to the photos – and I also really love the formula. It’s very hydrating, so I wear this when I want to wear a tint but my lips are chapped or dry.

Here’s the verdict:


A gel/gloss like lip tint


  • Thick and hydrating formula
  • Classy packaging
  • Beautiful and sturdy tube
  • Square tube doesn’t roll and is stackable
  • Window feature on the side
  • No strong taste or scent
  • Very pretty and bright colour
  • High pigmentation


  • Colour is slightly different to the official swatch
  • A little bit sticky (like a gloss)
  • Not long lasting (due to gloss like texture)
  • A bit big for clutches


Absolutely! The one I had from The Face Shop before was my favourite lip tint and I’m happy to see that the Heimish colour is really similar but with an even better hydrating formula. I’m interested to try the others but, in general, I just really want to keep using Cool Day. My experience with Heimish products so far has been really great, so I have a good respect for their brand.


The Heimish Dailism Waterdrop Tint is currently on sale at StyleKorean for USD$11.77 – 10% off the full price of USD$13.08. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go straight to the product page:

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