Review: Face Cheat (Cinch)

Cinch Face Cheat Beauty Spray Review

How do you get perfect skin? You eat well, drink water, exercise, sleep more… but all of this is pretty difficult when you’re trying to balance it with real life. Nowadays, we’re all pretty busy between working, seeing our families, trying to make time for our friends and – though this doesn’t include me – actually having a romantic relationship too. But what if you could get perfect skin without all of that work?

I have been testing this product for so long and, to be honest, I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write this. I received this product for review a few weeks ago and I was really excited to try something that claimed to hydrate your skin and provide a beautiful, glowing base for your make up – all in… well, a cinch. After all, that’s the concept of their product.

I live a fairly busy life, working on the weekdays and doing photoshoots on the weekends. Although I never slack off on my make up routine on weekdays (and have seldom done so in the past few years), I find that I often have difficulty keeping up with my skincare routine. This is especially true since I try to follow the Korean multi-step routine – which can take up to half an hour, if not more, and involve a ridiculous number of products.

According to their website, “Save your “to do” list for the fun things in life – pizza, champagne and bad reality TV – and let Cinch Face Cheat take care of moisturizing, anti-ageing, illuminating, pore minimizing and priming. All in one spray.” This product simplifies and shortens your skin care routine as the ultimate multipurpose product that is quick and easy to apply, so you don’t slack off.

In testing the Face Cheat, I was looking to see how this product stood on its own and as part of my full routine. I tried it as skincare as well as as a make up primer, and found that the product has its strengths and benefits.

Read on for more about the product and my own experiences!

Cinch Face Cheat Beauty Spray Review

Cinch Face Cheat Beauty Spray Review

This product comes in a light and easy to use plastic spray bottle, with a modern and minimalist white and pink design. I love the use of typography and, as a designer, I’m really happy about this packaging – it doesn’t overdo anything and it’s simple to use. Correct to its claims, it is very no-fuss. The spray nozzle also has a very wide spray area and you really only need a simple spray. However, I tend to use three sprays for extra hydration and it’s really quite sufficient.

For those who need a lot of hydration, their also recommend spraying the product onto your hand and patting it in – although I don’t tend to do this as I prefer the refreshing spray. I like to keep this product on my vanity at all times and I tend to rehydrate through the day if needed, but generally just use it in the morning (as a moisturiser and a primer) and at night (also as a moisturiser).

For the first week or so that I tried this, I used it on its own and found that it was decent as a moisturiser but still didn’t provide me with the strong hydration that I was used to getting in my full skincare routine. Instead, I decided to incorporate it into my existing routine, but in a very minimal manner – I used a toner, the Face Cheat, an eye cream, serum and a night cream; and the results were great! Also, my routine was very much compacted, so it’s great for nights when I’m in a rush.

When I use this product, I spray it from a small distance and pat the excess into my skin. I find that I get little white spots of product on my face that need to be pat in, though I’m not totally certain of why. Also, it is important to remember to give the bottle a shake before you use it, making sure that it’s well mixed.

Cinch Face Cheat Beauty Spray Review

Cinch Face Cheat Beauty Spray Review

Cinch’s concept is simple – one step, one second and one product – and they totally deliver. These are the claims from this product:

  • Instant illumination that gets you glowing, not sparkling
  • 72 hours of dewy heavenly moisturization
  • A reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
  • Minimisation of enlarged pores
  • Smoothly primed skin, ready for perfect make-up application

This product uses a “superhero ingredient” called Superox-C™, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give you a more luminous complexion. In addition, this product is free from preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulphate detergents and urea – which is great for people who are more aware of the chemicals in their products. The lack of synthetic fragrance, however, doesn’t mean that the product is without a scent. Although I liked the effects of the product, it definitely came with it’s down sides.

The spray smelled rather strange, to be honest, with an almost chemical scent. Perhaps it’s the lack of synthetic fragrances so there is nothing to really cover it up. Although this is good for people with skin sensitivities, I really would have preferred a scented spray because I have to hold my breath when I use it.

The Face Cheat also tastes pretty bad, to be honest, so I don’t recommend getting any of this on your lips. I usually put on Vaseline afterwards to prevent tasting it. If you have dry lips, I also suggest putting balm on before you do your skincare because the spray can sting if you have small cracks on her lips – this isn’t really a big issue though, because I find a lot of other products do that too.

As a primer, the Face Cheat is really good! The light formula is very hydrating and leaves a glowing effect that looks great under your make up. Also, it absorbs really quickly so it makes my morning skincare routine really quick. I usually end up skipping straight to make up in the morning because I only have around twenty minutes to get ready, but it’s really handy to have a product that is both my skincare and make up primer.

It doesn’t make your make up last longer, but it does give a natural dewiness and keeps your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. I find that it also minimises pores to some extent – it’s not mind blowing, but it works well enough to give you a really smooth base.

Cinch Face Cheat Beauty Spray Review

Overall, I think that it’s a decent moisturiser and it’s great at compacting your skincare routine – even for those like myself who are used to fifteen to twenty steps. However, this product will probably work better in the warmer or more humid months than in the intensely dry winter months. I have combination skin at the moment, so its working great for me but, as it becomes drier, I don’t think that this will be enough on its own. As part of my routine though, I do see myself continuing to use it.

As a primer and morning skincare though, I absolutely love it. It makes everything so quick and easy – which is all I ask for in life lately. The best part is that it really is effective and doesn’t adversely affect your make up at all, so I definitely recommend it for these purposes.

And that’s my thoughts and introduction on the Face Cheat by Cinch. This product retails at $39.99 so it isn’t cheap, but it’s a great multi purpose product if you can afford the splurge. If you are interested in buying these products, they are available from Priceline and their website: visit

Please note that the above product was sent to me for PR purposes. All opinions stated are my honest opinions and experiences. Factual information (ingredients, product claims etc) are taken from the website only.

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