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Huxley Glow Awakening Cream kbeauty stylekorean review

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After trying out the Huxley Oil & Extract Mask (which I talked about in my YouTube video and will most likely write a review for it later too) I got really into the brand! Their sheet mask did some incredible things for my skin, so I wanted to try out some other products from their line. I checked out the range that StyleKorean had on their website and, although they aren’t a cheap brand, I found that they’re also decently priced for the quality and effect of it.

Since I’m really into brightening products, I decided to try out the Glow Awakening Cream (I was also looking at the Brightly Ever After Essence which I think I will try at a later date too) and I have to say – very boldly – that this is legitimately the best tone up/whitening cream that I have ever used! Since I started getting into kbeauty, I’d been trying out a lot of different tone up creams to brighten and even out my complexion.

Since most of them leave a very obvious white cast on my skin, I end up using them on my neck (to even out colour) since it makes my foundation look too pale without giving me a brightened glow. This product, however, is the exact opposite and it has some great skincare ingredients too – hence why I use it twice a day.

It is selling for USD$32.71 on StyleKorean – which I know isn’t cheap for a kbeauty skincare product but the added cost is definitely worth it. So read on for my full review on this product and rest assured that this is one I am recommending to you!

Huxley Glow Awakening Cream kbeauty stylekorean review

So the cream comes in a grey and white box and the design of all of their products is really luxe and modern. As a designer, it makes me really happy. The white lid is made of a matte plastic and the body of the tub is a semi opaque glass. It feels really sturdy and looks good sitting on your vanity too, though it is rather heavy and I would recommend decanting some of the product if you want to take it travelling.

The phrase on the label (“Great things never came from comfort zones”) is a reference to Huxley’s signature ingredient – Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Personally, I’m not sure what the benefits of it are but my experience with the ingredient is really positive; it always leaves my skin really hydrated and feeling brightened, without being too heavy. It also smells amazing.

This cream has the same scent as their Oil & Extract Mask and it’s really soothing, as well as refreshing. I have a really good time applying it and, since it’s such an enjoyable and natural scent, I don’t mind that it lingers a little bit (just a minute or two) after application.

Huxley Glow Awakening Cream kbeauty stylekorean review Huxley Glow Awakening Cream kbeauty stylekorean review

So onto the product. When you open it up, it has a very creamy texture and a white colour – which basically looks like most other tone up creams. It claims to provide moisture and lustre to your skin, as well as protecting it against harmful environmental factors. The main ingredient, as I mentioned before, is Prickly Pear Seed Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants – while also being non-comedogenic.

Overall, these are the main ingredients:

  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil – Antioxidant & Moisturizing
  • Niacinamide – Brightening
  • Odeetox – Antioxidant, Anti-pollution, Inhibitions Melanin
  • Glutachion – Improving skin tone and detoxification
  • Bisabolol – Brightening & Soothing
  • SC-Glucan – Regeneration & Skin barrier reinforcement

This is good for people are want to protect their skin from dust/pollution (like myself, who has serious hayfever around this time of the year and my skin often itches from it), those who seek brightening or a brightening moisturiser, and those who want a cream that is both lightweight and deeply hydrating.

Huxley Glow Awakening Cream kbeauty stylekorean review Huxley Glow Awakening Cream kbeauty stylekorean review

As you can see from the photo, the cream absorbs quickly and it leaves me with a beauty and hydrated glow. My favourite thing about this though, is that it brightens up my skin tone without leaving an obvious white cast – instead, it just looks like I’m really well rested and fresh! I think that this would suit fair to medium skin tones really easily though, to be honest, I’m always unsure about tone up creams on deeper skin tones (I’ve never tried it so someone will have to let me know in the comments about it).

I wear this at night and it locks in my products, as well as keeping me really hydrated. I also wear it during the day underneath my make up – I’ve tried it with many different foundations (as I am always switching it up) and I don’t think that it affects the wear time of it either. My skin doesn’t get any more greasy than it usually does and it also helps my matte foundations apply smoother.

However, I do not recommend using this (or any tone up cream) if you have acne prone or broken skin; all of the whitening creams that I’ve tried tend to sting a bit when used during those sort of skin days and this product is no different.

For me though, this is really a great product and I’m definitely going to keep using it! Huxley is really impressing me and I’m super keen to try more of their products (like the hydrating range) because I think I’ve found a favourite skincare brand? Maybe? Let’s see.

Here’s my verdict!


A super hydrating tone up cream


  • Luxe and high quality packaging
  • Great ingredients
  • Very hydrating for skin
  • Works well under make up
  • Subtle tone up with minimal white cast
  • Gives you a refreshed glow
  • Smells amazing


  • Too heavy for travel
  • Not suitable for broken or acne prone skin
  • More expensive than mainstream brands


  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • HYDRATION | 5/5
  • SCENT | 5/5



Absolutely! I am so quickly falling in love with Huxley products and StyleKorean has a really good range from them – they have multiple skin collections catered for different skintypes so regardless of how you feel about tone up creams, I definitely recommend trying out a product from a line that suits you.


The Glow Awakening Cream is available at StyleKorean for USD$32.71 – also, check out the Huxley page to see the rest of their offerings like the Huxley Oil & Extract Masks that I love!

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