So, with that sappy 100th post post out of the way, I’m happy to be able to launch right into my next review. This one I’ve actually seen testing for a really long time because I wanted to test it under different conditions and situations too, so this is going to be a well considered post. I also filmed a video for this (which you can find at the end). This is a face mist that is also a spray on mask pack – which is a pretty interesting concept, in my opinion. Those who know me well would know that I carry a small bottle of mist around with me daily: I use it to touch up my make up, to rehydrate my face and also to wake me up when I’ve already gone over my daily caffeine allowance.

The following product is called the Hell Pore Water Up Peptide EGF Mist One Button, which is a serious mouthful so I’ll call it the One Button Mist from here on. This was sent to me for review purposes from Elizavecca and it’s from their Hell Pore line – you know, that apparently super painful mask that I… actually didn’t find that painful? I actually really liked that mask though, so I was interested to see what this product could do for me.

I used this spray during the day on top of my make up, as well as on days when I wasn’t wearing any make up. Although the weather is very hot here, I have also had some trouble with dry lips (which does come into play). Interested to read about this? Click on!

Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty

So this bottle comes in a brightly coloured box, made of very much the same material and with a very similar design to the hell pore mask. As with the previous, I really love that there’s something quirky and kitshy about their packaging design. It’s a little bit childish but it doesn’t look cheap, meaning that I think it can be appreciated by older people as well. The print and material quality of the box and the spray bottle are pretty good, not flimsy at all, so it does give off a good impression.

The bottle (as seen below) is clear with the illustration stuck on it. The liquid has a slightly cloudy, white appearance – which is different to the usual clear colour of mists. I have a feeling that this is where the whole ‘mask in a pack’ concept can be seem – the liquid is more similar to the essences that you would find in a sheet mask. This is a pretty large bottle at 150mL, so it’s a bit difficult to carry around but it’s easy to use around the house. If you’re like me and work in an office, I think that this would be good to keep at your desk too.

This product is meant to be super hydrating, while also having an anti-wrinkle functionality – which I was unable to test due to the current lack of wrinkles (yay!) and whitening. It contains Rose Water, Vegetable Squalene, Peptides and Jojoba Seed Oil. The Squalene is meant to help create a protective film on the skin – which is where the masking comes into place.

Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty

This One Button Mist is, honestly, perfect for people with a fast paced lifestyle and who are also on the go. As it recommends on the website (and which I really agree with), this product is meant to replace the need for a traditional sheet mask, allowing you to move around and work while you are treating your skin. In addition, for people who sleep while they’re masking, using a spray like this ensures that you don’t over apply the mask by using it for longer than fifteen minutes. I’ve been told that, while you can keep masks on until they’re about dry, they actually have a reverse effect if you keep them on for longer than that – they will suck the moisture back!

This is also a good idea for those who work all day and want to hydrate their skin easily at work. With their recommendation, I did try using this on top of my make up in the office. It definitely hydrates my skin really well but, unfortunately, I found that the layer it left over my make up caused my complexion to look rather shiny and greasy. Perhaps in winter, and when we’re crazy about the dewy look, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Personally though, I preferred to use a traditional mist at work instead.

I think that this is better for those who don’t use make up during the day. It gives your skin a very healthy glow, but it can grease up a made up face. Below are photos of myself with the spray on (first two) and after it absorbs (third). I’m not wearing any make up in these photos and, as you can see, it does leave your complexion looking rather lovely.

Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty Elizavecca Hell Pore Water Up Petide EGF Mist One Button Review Kbeauty

So I’m a little bit torn about this One Button Mist: it definitely has its positive points but I think that it would be better suited during the dryer seasons. It hydrated my skin really well and, while I didn’t see any immediate whitening effects, it definitely kept my skin really dewy throughout the day. The issue, however, is that the layer that the squalene creates feels a bit greasy afterwards. This is particularly an issue in summer when I want to keep my skin feeling matte and fresh but, instead, this spray makes it feel like the end of the day. After using it, I generally feel like I need to reapply and fix my base make up completely but that feels like too much work for me. I definitely preferred using it at home as opposed to in the office, but I think I will start using it more over make up once winter hits.

The bottle nozzle is really good in that it disperses product widely, so it’s really easy to apply and reapply too (the website recommends three times a day, every three hours). It can also be used on top of other skincare products or, and I prefer this, at the beginning to kick start your skincare routine. Upon first application, the skin actually looks really wet – much like their water drop cream – and, to me, that feels like my skin would be absorbing it really well too. It feels light and has a very soft, fresh scent that is actually rather nice. Now, according to the website, I think you’re technically only meant to need a single spray of it. That’s sufficient, but I usually go for maybe three to four sprays because I’m greedy and I like to ensure the product covers my entire face.

Please note that, when applying this, I recommend pursing your lips together to ensure that the product doesn’t go close to your mouth. Why? Because it tastes pretty terrible, to be honest. Also, when I had very dry lips and applied it, I felt like it stung my lips a bit. No issue with the rest of my face though, so maybe my lips were just too sensitive.

Was that too long and messy? No worries! Here’s my verdict, which summarises it all for you.


  • Cute packaging design with good quality materials
  • Effective and unique concept
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Can be easily reapplied
  • Very hydrating
  • Doesn’t break down foundation formulas
  • Flexible: Can be used both under and over make up
  • Light and pleasant scent
  • Good price point
  • Generous size bottle


  • Not suitable for carrying around
  • Stings dry lips
  • Tastes pretty gross tbh
  • Leaves a greasy film over skin – bad for hot weather
  • No visible whitening effect


I think that there will be people who really like this product but, unfortunately, it just didn’t work for my skin at the moment. I can see the good points for this and I think that it’ll be much better in a few months – as my skin has been leaning towards oily combination now instead of dry. I would recommend this for people who are on-the-go and work a lot, but want to maintain their skin easily and quickly.


This was sent to me for review purposes by Elizavecca so feel free to check out their official website, as well as all of the other products they have available!

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