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I am very aware that this is one of the cutest palettes to come out of Kbeauty 2017, which is why I really had to get it even though I’ve had a bit of a hit-or-miss situation with most roadshop branded eyeshadows. This is the Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes palette, which is part of a larger collection from The Face Shop. They collaborated with Kakaotalk to do a range of Ryan packaged products; from eyeshadows to body wash! This isn’t the first time that they’ve collaborated either, and a lot of people get really excited about these. Everything looked so cute but, in lieu of picking up a bunch of items that I may not use, I decided just to grab this palette.

The range has two different colour options – number 1 has all matte shades, mostly in neutrals and browns. The second one had brighter colours with some shimmer shades. Although the second palette was pretty, I decided to get number 1 because I’ve been really into matte shadows lately and I felt like I was lacking them in my collection (if I can possibly be lacking anything with how many palettes I buy).

I got this from The Face Shop in Edae for around 20,000won and I’m not sure where it’s available online – maybe you can check out a few stores? Let me know where you find it so I can update this, of course, but otherwise this is a good idea of the other Monopop Eyeshadows (which sell as singles and in different collaboration palettes).


The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes Kbeauty Review

So the palette comes in this really, really super cute box that has a lazy Ryan on the front and a little character climbing the back. I absolutely love it and I think that I’m going to have a really hard time throwing this out (it’s currently still sitting in my drawers). It has colour coded icons in the front so that you can see the shades – although it isn’t the most accurate, it is a nice touch.

That being said, this palette definitely looks a bit childish so I think that people will either love it (like me) or really dislike it. It looks a little bit like children’s make up but, luckily, both the quality of the packaging and the product is quite decent.

The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes Kbeauty Review The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes Kbeauty Review

When you take the palette out, it’s got a massive Ryan face on it. It’s really cute, once again, and it’s kind of funny to compare my eyebrows with him. Still, I actually like that figure on the box more than just having the face… so design wise, I wish that they would have matched. However, that’s just my own opinion. The palette is made of a matte plastic but it actually feels quite sturdy and not cheap at all. I actually much prefer this over the cardboard packaging that so many Western brands use.

The inside of the palette has a full sized mirror, which is good since I feel like this is a good sized travel palette, and also a plastic cover over the pans. I like the drawings of little Ryans jumping over it – it’s a small detail, but it really ties together the packaging.

Usually, I find The Face Shop packaging to be a bit tacky and dated. Although this Hoodie Ryan palette isn’t exactly classy or super modern, I’m still quite happy with it.

The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes Kbeauty Review The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes Kbeauty Review

So, as I mentioned before, this version of the palette comes in all matte shades – they are all neutral and wearable shades with warmer undertones. I particularly like this palette for my day-to-day work look. Generally, I would use these colours to build up the shadows and base of my look and then add on anything that I want afterwards.

The colours are very simple so, to be honest, it’s not a super exciting palette. However, I think that these are really good staples to have. I was really lacking some simple matte neutrals in my collection (as most of my eyeshadows are bolder or shimmery) so this is really suitable for me. I go straight to it when I’m looking for my basics.

The formulas are a little bit chalky, but they’re still easy to work with and blend out. The pigmentation isn’t very strong, but this allows for you to build up the colour without any patchiness – for this sort of shadow, I don’t mind it. The colour range is also good as there is a nude base colour, pinks/peaches and browns as well. All of the colours are really flattering and they’re very flexible.

It does come with one of those useless, spongy brushes (unfortunately) so you will need to use your own brushes and perhaps only use the sponge for touch ups (if you’re desperate).

The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes Kbeauty Review

Overall, I think that this is a really good palette to take travelling. It’s not exciting, but there’s a good range of daily, wearable shades and the shadows are pretty decent quality. I think that all of these colours work really well as a palette but, if I were to buy them separately, then I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic. I like the convenience of having all of these neutral mattes in one place, rather than having to search for them.

Personally, I feel that the eyeshadows of The Face Shop seem to be of better quality than Etude House – though I will need to try out more of them to confirm so don’t hold me to that yet!

If you are going to try any shadows for them, or get a palette, then I definitely recommend checking out their matte shadows – especially the colours above.

Here’s the verdict!


An all matte, neutral eyeshadow palette with the Hoodie Ryan brand


  • Super cute packaging
  • Feels decent/sturdy
  • Travel friendly
  • Good colour range
  • Buildable
  • Easy to blend
  • Flexible palette for many different looks and uses
  • Easy to combine with other palettes
  • Convenient


  • Looks childish
  • A little bit chalky
  • Meh sponge brush


  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • PRICE POINT | 5/5
  • FORMULA | 4/5
  • COLOUR RANGE | 4/5



Personally, I’m a fan of this palette and the shadows – the main reason for this would be because I like the shades and the convenience. Whether or not I recommend this palette will ultimately come down to your own needs; if you’re after an all matte, neutral palette then this is a great staple to add to your collection. If you already have a lot of these shades though, then this isn’t really a must have.


I bought this palette in the Edae The Face Shop store but, unfortunately, I haven’t found a place online that sells this yet! If you’re keen to try out their palettes regardless, BeautyTap has another Kakao x The Face Shop palette that is selling. Otherwise, please let me know if you find this online so that I can update the post!

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  • MK
    December 9, 2017

    The packaging is adorable! I think the colors are cute for a day to day look. The sponge brush makes cringe, I’d definitely use something else.

    • Oh My Stellar
      December 9, 2017

      The applicator makes me cringe too haha! But yes, the colours are definitely really nice. I was surprised that I liked this!