Review: Hyaluron Moisture Mask (Cracare)

Skin18 Cracare Hyaluron Moisture Mask Review

I’m finishing off my Skin18 reviews today! This one is a mask which is part of Cracare’s 3-Step Series. I personally love multi-step masks, from hydrating to pore cleaning. I feel like the different steps work together to give you the best results, even if it can take a little longer. The main issue, however, is if there is a certain product in these sets that you don’t like. Personally, I haven’t come across that issue though.

This Cracare moisture masks is meant to sooth and hydrate your skin. It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, instantly pump (plump?) up your face with hydration and leave your skin replenished and radiant. In my review, I’ll be looking at the hydration claims more than I will the anti-wrinkle, just because I don’t have enough wrinkles to really see a difference.

Read on for my review!

Skin18 Cracare Hyaluron Moisture Mask Review Skin18 Cracare Hyaluron Moisture Mask Review


This package comes in three parts – an ampoule, a essence mask (this has four variations) and a night cream. All three of these are anti-aging in my set. I actually really love this mask. I think that they’re very generous with the amount of product in each satchel and that they are all very hydrating formulas with a lovely fresh scent. The mask fit my face quite well (though this is fairly usual as I had a big face) and all three steps worked together to give me a very hydrated complexion.

Before using this mask set, I used a toner to prep my skin for absorption! After that, it’s onto the first step – the anti-aging active ampoule, which had a slight gel-like texture. There’s a lot of product in there so you can give your face a fairly decent coating before applying the mask (step two). Doing these soon one after the other means that the mask will make the product absorb better too.

Once the sheet mask dries (mine took around 20-30 minutes), I then apply the night cream and I’m ready for bed! Even before the cream, I noticed that my skin looked and felt very hydrated and plump. The cream is definitely an added touch and I woke up to a really smooth complexion the next day.

Skin18 Cracare Hyaluron Moisture Mask Review

Overall, I really liked the mask set. I think that it did its job very well and that the ease of having multiple steps means that it’s very travel-friendly. The sachets had a good amount of product and were easy to tear because of the perforation. There was a fresh and minimal scent, so no one needs to really worry about that. My only criticism is the packaging. I really wish that they would have done a better looking design for this because the appearance definitely doesn’t live up to the quality of the product. I would hesitate to buy this as a gift.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Multiple steps
  • Easy to peal, perforated packaging
  • Good amount of product
  • Fresh and minimal scent
  • Good mask fit and effective ampoules/creams
  • Instant hydration and plumping effect


  • Really cheap looking packaging design


I would definitely consider repurchasing this – for myself though and not as gifts. Although the anti-aging effect isn’t the most relevant for me, I’m very happy with how it moisturises my dry skin. I would be interested in testing others from this range, as well as other multi-step masks.

So this is my final Skin18 review for now! Here’s hoping that I will work with them more in the future to bring more reviews of these off-the-mainstream skincare products. In the mean time, have a lovely Christmas and New years, everyone! I’m sure there will be other reviews between now and then though.

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