Review: it Radiant CC Cover Cushion (Banila Co x Iphoria)

Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review

I’ll be honest, I completely splurged at Banila Co because I am so excited about Taeyeon being their new model. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge (and probably embarrassing) fan of hers – and SNSD, of course. Prior to this, I had never actually never used anything from them, not even their super famous Clean it Zero cleansers. However, I think I’ve stocked up on a pretty good variety to get a good feel for their brand (and figure out their strengths and weaknesses).

So here I go with my first Banila Co review! This is a cushion that I wanted as soon as the collaboration came out. Of course, this desire was only further augmented with Taeyeon’s photoshoot came out. This is from their collaboration with Iphoria, a super quirky accessories brand and comes with four different cases. The refills are interchangeable – they are previously existing Banila Co formulas, so it is really only the packaging that’s different.

Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review

When I bought this is Korea, I was all about high moisturising and dewy finishes so I asked the store assistant to pick me their most dewy formula. It was only when I came back and started to use it though that I noticed I had bought a ‘Cover’ cushion – which is highly matte and high coverage. I’m not too sure if it’s just the name, so someone else is going to have to clarify for me.

Either way, I am using the it Radiant CC Cover Cushion, which has a good SPF50. I am using this in the shade BE10 Light Beige.

The product comes with a black puff which is a good size but actually a little different to the puffs that I’m used to. The opposite side seems to be a bit more plastic-like than spongy like the standard blue one. The result is that application is a little sticky and is actually a little difficult to blend out. It does work, but takes a bit more effort and can be a hazard on the go. To be honest, I’m very unhappy with their cushion.

The set that I got actually came with four free Iphoria branded puffs too, but I haven’t opened them yet. I won’t take them into consideration for this review since they are a limited edition item.

Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion ReviewBanila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review

The cushion compact is very sturdy and high in quality. The mirror is also a good size and the cushion is highly saturated. I’ve used it for a while and I’ve yet to flip the sponge (though I will eventually have to because this is the traditional sponge). My only complaint is that the design is a bit thick so it takes up more room than the other sleeker cushions that I’ve been used to using. It isn’t heavy or anything though, so it’s a minor issue and one I’m willing to overlook because of how cute the design is.

Below is the swatch of the product. As you can see, the cushion has a sort of plastic-like texture. It isn’t rough, but the stickiness of it in conjunction with the product makes it harder to blend. I have to pat quite a bit to make sure I don’t look patchy. The sponge is very saturated with CC cream though and (as below) even a light-ish pat gives me quite a lot of product. It’s a shame that it isn’t very spreadable as the finish is more of a semi-matte.

Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review Banila Co iPhoria it Radiant CC Cover Cushion Review

The cushion gives me a light brightening effect which I really like. The coverage, in my option, is rather natural (I would say light to medium coverage) but it is easily built to cover blemishes and dark circles. It is no where near as dewy as I expected, but I think this is because I bought a cover cushion instead of dewy by accident (I seriously need clarification). The finish is a semi-matte (and I mentioned before) and is best suits for warmer weather – though I still set it with a translucent powder.

The lasting power is decent, though it fades around my T-zone quicker than other areas. It is easy to touch up and doesn’t cake too much. The CC cream usually lasts me the entire day with one or two minor touch ups.

That being said, I always ensure to use my Aloe Vera gel as a primer underneath as I don’t want it to accentuate dry patches. A more cream based moisturiser underneath with absolutely cause this to cake quickly, so it is best to avoid them.

Here’s the verdict!


  • Super cute design (I love this bear so much)
  • Sturdy and high quality compact
  • Good sized mirror
  • Highly saturated sponge
  • Minimal caking (over 12 hours)
  • Buildable coverage
  • Natural semi-matte finish
  • Taeyeon is the model… hehehe…


  • The case is a bit thick
  • Sponge is sticky, making it hard to blend
  • Have to be careful of base skincare
  • Can accentuate dry areas
  • This is not dewy…


This was, admittedly, not the best first impression I could have of Banila Co. It isn’t the best CC cushion that I have used, but it does the job and I still find myself reaching for it quite frequently now that we’ve hit summer. I think that I would put it on the list to repurchase, but I won’t be rushing out.


I got mine from the Innisfree store in Edae, Seoul so I’ve looked up some online stores. They don’t carry the exact Iphoria one, but I think this is the same formula. Both are sponsors for Oh My Stellar and are trusted websites that I always recommend and purchase from myself.

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