It honestly kills me that it’s so difficult to get Moonshot products outside of Korea. Ever since the brand’s launch in Korea, I had been eying their products is absolute envy and the main thing that I’d wanted to get my hands on were the jellypots! I saw a photo of Lee Sung Kyung wearing the purple shade and, from that moment on, it was an epic journey to get my hands on them.

Luckily for me though, I have a great friend who puts up with these sometimes ridiculous obsessions with me so, me and Sophia got ourselves quite lost in Apgujeong when we went looking for their flagship store. Eventually though (and braving that little bit of rain) we found it and I felt like I was in heaven. I love the pigmentations of their products, I love the quality, service and… as a kpop fan, the blasting of Big Bang’s MADE album definitely made the experience. Sorry.

Anyway! So at Moonshoot, I was assisted by one of their great make up artists who helped me test out the products and showed me different applications as well as recommending products and colours that suited my skin tone. For the jelly pots, I ended up going with that purple that I was addicted to, a metallic black which I don’t use much of but liked to use for a night-time look, as well as a rose-gold like colour. The last one I actually received for free as a gift (I bought so much, I can’t even) and was recommended to me by the artist who said that it is one of their most popular shades – as well as a ‘Dara’s recommendation’ – and where Sandara goes, I follow.

Well, let’s get right into this review!

Moonshot Jellypot Eyeshadow Review

So these jelly pots come in a simple plastic pot. It’s light and easy to stack, which is great for make up hoarders like me. My main issue when I stack them though, is that I have no idea what colour it is from the top. I feel like they need to implement some sort of key into this – or a coloured ring maybe. The cap is also a little hard to screw off because it doesn’t have much grip. It’s a similar problem that I have with Colourpop’s eyeshadow packaging too.

Generally though, I really love the design of Moonshot’s packaging, branding and marketing material. They remind me a little bit of MAC in that they’re all about bold colours, modern, fashionable looks – which is quite different in the kbeauty scope of things. The only brand that really likes bold colours that I can think of is 3 Concept Eyes but even they tend to play it really safe compared to Moonshot.

The design of their stuff is very simple and minimal, which gives it a very elegant and classy feel. For these pots though, I wish that they would have focused on the material quality a little more because I think a frosted glass or just a glass pot would have made it look even better.

Moonshot Jellypot Eyeshadow Review Moonshot Jellypot Eyeshadow Review

Just look at how cute they look stacked together. Just for visuals alone, I am so tempted to buy a bunch of these. They have a really great colour variety too so there’s something for all different looks and skin tones.

The formula of these are really unique actually, and it wasn’t until I physically touched them that I understood when they meant by the ‘jelly’ pot. It is somewhere between a liquid and solid product, sort of like gelatine and mousse put together – not as hard as a cream product but creamier than liquid eyeshadows.

One of the great wonders about this product is that it is actually a multi-purpose product; it can be used for eyes (which is what I usually use it for), lips, cheeks and even your nails – though I haven’t been quite daring enough to figure out how the last one works.

Is it a tint? A stain? Do I fix it with my gel polish? 

Anyway, I do usually use these on my eyes though I think that the gold colour could be sheered out with a brush to use as a highlighter too. See below for the swatches!

Moonshot Jellypot Eyeshadow Review Moonshot Jellypot Eyeshadow Review

So that’s how they look swatched with your fingers! The colours that I got for P04 Aubergine, P01 Stone Pillow and P10 Darth Vader.

My favourite out of the three is definitely the purple Aubergine – I love purple but it’s difficult to find a good purple eyeshadow that shows up true to colour (rather than a strange pink or brown), has a soft texture and doesn’t fade. This product is definitely the best purple I’ve ever used and it shows up so beautifully.

The Stone Pillow is a much more ‘casual’ colour and is really wearable – easy to combine with other eyeshadow colours too. When in doubt, I reach for this one. Whereas the Darth Vader colour (a metallic black-gray) I actually get a lot less wear out of because I don’t use black and grays on my eyes much. However, it is still great for an evening look and also to darken the outer corners of the eyes.

This product can be used with your fingers or a brush, but the latter with give a more subtle effect (the make up artist tested both on me). They can also be used as a base and is easily combined with other powder eyeshadows. The best part though is that this cream does not fade through the day – I love it. All other cream shadows have faded and failed me but not this.

As a warning though, I have read that the jelly pot tends to dry up after around 6 months (but I haven’t noticed this with mine yet) and turn into a normal eyeshadow consistency. There are some videos out there about how to revive them though so I will make an additional post when mine inevitably turn into the desert. They are a bit expensive but a little goes a long way and they’re so useful that I think it’s well worth it.

Here’s my verdict!


  • Multi-purpose
  • Beautiful pigmentation
  • Great colour range
  • Unique, creamy and light formula
  • No fading or creasing
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Great minimal packaging design
  • Stackable pots
  • Light and easy to travel with


  • Can dry up over time (but is save-able)
  • Plastic tubs
  • Cap is a bit hard to take off (no grip)
  • A bit expensive


Yes! I can’t wait to go back to Korea so I can stock up on these more. I could buy them online still but the shipping does make me a little bit sad – though I might do it anyway just because I love these. I hope that Moonshot gets stocked by more of the usual online stores soon because I think they have something great to offer and would be really popular.


I got mine from the flagship store in Apgujeong but if you are looking to buy these online, I have found three sources so far – TesterKorea, the Official Moonshot Store and, for Australians, Sephora. If anyone finds any more reliable stockists, please drop a comment below!


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