It’s time for another pair of lenses and this one sort of looks crazy – I’ve never worn pink lenses before (though I recently realised that I have an unopened bottle of some at home) so I wasn’t sure of what to expect with these ones. I knew that they would be quite bright but I thought that they would blend into my natural eye colour a bit. What I did get though were these bright, pretty lenses with some strong enlargement that makes me feel a bit like an anime character.

Read on for more details! These are the Kirei Pink lenses that were sent to me by Klenspop for review – regular lenses (not hydrogel like the previous pair) that are perfect for parties, dress ups or when you want a special look. I wear their lenses almost exclusively – they’re comfortable and pretty for a great price.

Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink

I’m jumping straight into the product, so if you would like to read about how klenspop usually packages their lenses and the case that comes with it, check out my previous reviews too.

So here are the lenses as, as you can see, they’re very pink. There is a dark ring around the entire lens so it is definitely quite dramatic – not a casual lens. The colour blends in nicely with my natural eye colour though, partly in thanks to the slight yellow/gold around the inner rim. At first, I was actually worried that they would be too transparent and make my eyes look overly dark, but I’m glad that they didn’t.

The lenses are soft and easy to put in – much more so than the SIO color lenses. Although they have a strong enlarging effect, they aren’t any harder than my smaller lenses. I think that these would suit wearers with some to more experience with lenses, as you don’t want to start out with a big set. As with most of the other lenses I’ve worn from Klenspop, they’re super comfortable and – if you wanted to – you could wear them casually.

However, the final look of these lenses are definitely not subtle. Not even on my dark eyes. I’m really hesitant to wear them casually as I feel that they need a stronger make up look to make it ‘work’ – of course, this is only subjective. I prefer a more casual, natural colour for daily wear, but I would definitely be popping these in when I’m going out for something on the weekend. I love the dramatic colour and how it blends into my natural colour. It makes me feel a bit otherworldly.

I think these lenses are best suited to people who like dramatic, fantasy-like looks. If you like to cosplay or like edgy street fashion, this would be great. I love the latter (though I haven’t had the chance to cosplay yet) so I do really love these. My only issue is that they’re difficult to wear casually so I don’t reach for it often. I guess we can’t have it all?

Here are some photos of the lenses in!

Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink Klenspop Colour Circle Lens Kirei Pink

I didn’t change up my make up for these photos (it’s the same look as my previous review) but, in retrospect, I think that these lenses would be better suited for dramatic, smoky eye make up and nude lips. Since the pink colour is so dominant and you want to focus on those, it would be better to use less colour on the face and keep your eyes as the ‘point’. Big puppy eyes would be perfect.

To tie this up, here are the details from the website:

Diameter 15mm
Graphic Diameter 14.8mm
Lifespan 6 months
Water content 38%

And here’s the verdict too:


Super enlarging, bright pink lenses


  • 6 month lifespan
  • Free lens case (not pictured)
  • Super enlarging
  • Bright, eye-catching pink colour
  • Blends well into your natural eye
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Easy to put in


  • Difficult to wear casually
  • Can limit make up options


I think that these Kirei lenses are something where you either love it or hate it. They’re very bold and very different, so don’t necessarily suit everyone’s tastes. I’m not a big fan of super subtle lenses, so I do really like these but I can see the issues behind it. Rather than repurchasing this one, I am more interested in trying out the different colours that they offer!


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Klenspop. Click the below banner to go straight to the product page, and don’t forget to use my discount code to get a further 10% off!

Oh My Stellar Klenspop color lenses review

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  • Renee
    February 6, 2017

    Hi, been a silent follower on your blog for a while and after seeing your reviews on Klenspop I took the courage to buy for them.

    • Oh My Stellar
      February 6, 2017

      Thanks for following and I’m glad that you liked my reviews! Which lenses did you get? I’d love to hear what you think 😀

      • Renee
        February 6, 2017

        I got the Bunny 3color gray. I’ve worn contact lenses but never circle lenses, so I can’t wait to try them out.

        • Oh My Stellar
          February 6, 2017

          I bet they’ll look great on you!

          • Renee
            February 9, 2017

            Thank you, The lenses came and they are really nice

          • Oh My Stellar
            February 9, 2017

            Yay! You’re welcome and I’m glad! 😀