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I used to have a really big hoarding issue with cushions and, while my collection is still rather substantial, I feel like I haven’t been reviewing them as much lately (only one so far this year). However, when I saw this new release (the Micro Settingfit Cushion) from Moonshot come up as a pre-order on the StyleKorean website, I was really keen to try it. Their Microfit Cushion is one that I really adore and use often for touch ups, and I’ve been a fan of their brand since I first came across them. This is advertised with BlackPink’s Lisa as the ‘face’ of the product (and is called the Lisa Cushion, just like the Microfit cushion was GD) and was initially available for pre-order on StyleKorean.

The Micro Settingfit Cushion is now available for purchase on the website for USD$22.99, discounted from the full price of USD$33.60 and is available in two shades – 101 (Ivory) and 201 (Beige). I got the lighter shade, as I typically wear a shade 21 in most Korean cushions, but from my experience with the other Moonshot cushion, I think that the 201 would have been the most natural fit actually. However, I usually like to use a brighter tone anyway.

So, if you’re interested in buying this product, check out the StyleKorean website but otherwise, here’s my review! StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review

Brand Description

WhenI first came across Moonshot, they were still relatively new to the game but they’ve quickly built themselves up great prominence in the k-beauty industry. Of course, it also helps that this is a sub-company started by kpop powerhouse YG Entertainment, and so most of their products are heavily advertised by their artists and models. They are really well known for their Jelly PotsLip Feat lipsticks and their Microfit Cushion amongst other things.

The below description of the brand is taken from the StyleKorean website:

Moonshot brings a valuable change to the lives of everyone around the world based on YG SPIRIT. 

Create the beauty brand carry the philosophy and spirit of YG that has potential to be true international brand bring unexpected imagery and product to consumers. 

To be a “Brand to be Talked” for the trendy stylish and modern women.

Essentially, they are a ‘trendy’ make up brand that aims to carry the same fashion forward edginess that their artists are known for. When comparing them to other Korean brands, you can see that they have a greater focus on colourful and experimental styles. In fact, when I visited them in store, I found that their sales people were all make up artists too and not just simply selling products.

If I could compare them to a Western brand, I would say that they are similar to MAC Cosmetics – albeit much newer to the scene. As they also aim to target an international audience, you can tell that their general aesthetic is very different to what you will find in most other Korean brands.

StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review

Product Description & Claims

This product is described as “a sheer and soothing layer of MICRO SETTING FIT. FIX AND SETTING summer cushion that does not clump with layers of application. A perfect setting cushion that defends darkening effect even during the hot summer and from direct sunlight.” It is meant to be a full coverage cushion that is light on the skin and adheres well, with minimal stickiness/transfer so that it is suitable for summer weather (though I am testing it out in the middle of our winter).

It is also claims to be: brightening, anti-aging and provide UV protection with SPF 50+ PA+++

The cushion has three main points:

  • Perfect Fixing: A long-wearing and buildable real fixing cushion foundation.
  • Setting Fit: A weightless adherence by Microfit Technology.
  • Water Cooling: Infused 10ppm of aqualicia extract [to] hydrate your dry skin.

Comparison (VS Microfit Cushion)

From a quick overview, the Microfit Cushion is actually quite similar to this new Micro Settingfit Cushion – the main difference being that this new one is meant to have an improved matte, transfer-proof finish. However, since they are quite similar, I actually tested this product with the older version in mind too.

StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review


My immediate thought when I saw photos of this cushion was that I loved the packaging – and the real product didn’t disappoint at all. The cushion comes housed in a holographic, galaxy print box with a matte finish and silver foil print for the Moonshot name. It definitely looks more impressive in person that it does on camera. I like the overall concept of this packaging design – with the idea of an outer galaxy experience and aliens, being communicated with the use of very reflective finishes. That being said, I have no idea how that relates back to the actually product because I didn’t even realise it was galaxy themed until I received this. It’s well done. It’s just a bit random.

Opening up the case, it has a holographic glitter packaging that is really eye-catching and trendy. It has the potential to be a bit over the top but, since they’ve kept it simple with the black sides and the logo, it still looks sleek. It’d obvious that this product is targeted to a younger audience, but I like that the packaging doesn’t look overly childish. This is something that I would definitely gravitate towards and I would also be happy gifting it to someone in my age group.

StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty ReviewStyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review

The case is similar to the original in that it is an average thickness – not as slim as I would like but also not too bulky – and also feels like it’s made of a good quality and sturdy plastic. It is light enough to carry around in my make up bag. The only downside would be that this product doesn’t come with a refill. Also, the cap (the lid that the puff is placed on) feels like it is a bit lose and doesn’t close as perfectly as the original. This seems to be a weakness in manufacturing.

The cushion case as a good sized mirror and an interestingly shaped puff. It reminds me a bit of the Laneige Layering Cover Cushion, but with a much simplified (and therefore more effective) application. The puff is still a standard size, although I feel like the purple side is much softer than the other rubycell puffs I’ve used. It has an overall rounded shape with a slight point at the top – not enough so that it is egg shaped, but enough to help reach any smaller crevices like the sides of the nose and underneath the eyes. If you have certain blemishes that you’re wanting to cover, this point is also a great way to focus the product and blend it into one area without sheering it out too much. I personally really like this puff and it also makes it really easy to touch up during the day.

StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review  StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review

StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review

Formula & Application

This product has a very light, liquid formula but it blends in very easily with both the puff and a brush (which I like to use, but is totally optional). It looks a little bit dewier at first but dries down to a relatively semi-matte finish. The finish is a bit different to what I would usually expect from a Korean cushion as they are usually very dewy and don’t fully set. This product, however, can be worn with or without powder as the foundation will dry down without any oxidisation – what you see is what you get, colour wise and if you are after a more natural finish, I would recommend going one shade darker than you usually would. It looks quite light on me so I have to warm up the base with bronzer and blush.

In comparison to Western foundations, I feel like this cushion has a medium, buildable coverage. However, it is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum when it is compared to other Korean foundation cushions. I feel like this has a similar finish to the Microfit Cushion, but it applies a little bit heavier on the skin.

If you have more skin texture, this product has the potential to look a bit cakey (unfortunately). In fact, I feel like this product is best applied lightly with concealer on top.

Longevity wise, I got a good 6 hours or so out of this foundation before it began to fade in my T-zone. The foundation was gone quite quickly in the middle of my face, which is normal, but I was surprised as how much it cakes up on my upper lip and cheek. I could touch it up, but layering the application didn’t blend into the old foundation as well and – if not careful – could also look patchy. Personally, I feel like the Microfit Cushion was better suited for my skin.

StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review StyleKorean Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Kbeauty Review

And above is the application of the cushion on my hand, as well as on my face – in particular a few blemishes that I have had on my chin (and can’t seem to get rid of). As you can see, the coverage isn’t bad at all but it really didn’t wear as well as I hoped it would. It does adhere well to the skin, with minimal to no transfer or slipping (except for later in the day when my oils have broken through) but it doesn’t reapply as well as I want it to and the cushion as a tendency to look patchy as it wears down.

I feel like people with dry to normal skin would like this best. Having combination skin myself, I can see that the foundation looks really great on my more balanced areas, with the texture being rather minimal, but fails to deliver when it comes to my T-zone. I did try this foundation with and without primers (including hydrating primers, mattifying and pore filling), but I feel like it works best on it’s own. The more layers you apply with it (or under it) the heavier the formula looks.

That being said, I wore this foundation for a few days in a row and my skin still felt clear and clean – there was no congestion of pores or drying out of my skin even after a full day of wear. This product promises hydration and, while I don’t feel like I got any added benefits from it, there was also no negative effect to using it.

However, I don’t think that I will be repurchasing this cushion – it just doesn’t suit my skin type! I would, however, keep buying the Microfit Cushion (and hoping that that isn’t being discontinued). I do like the packaging of this and, once I finish up this cushion, I’ll be keeping the case. Hopefully, I have better luck with future Moonshot releases!

And, here’s the verdict!


A foundation cushion with minimal transfer and hydration properties


  • Very pretty packaging
  • Pointed tip on puff is great for applying to smaller crevices
  • Minimal transfer and no slipping on skin
  • Can be worn with or without setting powder/spray
  • Lightweight liquid formula can be applied in thin layers
  • Medium coverage
  • Does not dry out skin or clog pores


  • No refill
  • Can look cakey on textured skin or when it is built up
  • Does not reapply well (can be patchy)
  • Fades and becomes cakey on oily skin or oily areas


  • PACKAGING | 3/5 (one point taken for that dodgy cap)
  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • COVERAGE | 4/5
  • LONG WEARING | 2/5
  • FINISH | 3/5



I really enjoyed the Microfit Cushion and I was really hoping that I would like this one but it’s unfortunate that it didn’t work for my skin. I wouldn’t be rushing to recommend this to people, but if want to try it out then do so anyway because I feel like this is the sort of product that will work much better on different skin types.


If you want to buy the Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion, it is selling on StyleKorean for USD$22.99. However, if you don’t think this will work for you, then still check out the rest of the Moonshot offerings at StyleKorean because they have some great products – I especially love the jelly pots and lipsticks:

StyleKorean Beauty Review Banner

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