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I have so many bottles of mists at home (some new and some half way through) but I love them so much that I’m always keen to try out new ones – and when I saw this Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner, I knew that this would be perfect for me! This is a skin toner and I’m all for putting any water type product into a spray bottle.

StyleKorean sent me this to review and, so far, I’ve used it for just over a week at a minimum of twice a day. The bottle that I have is a 100mL bottle (which you can buy for USD$14.40) – this is the smaller size which is great if you just want to test it out first or if you’re after a travel size. Otherwise, there is also a 200mL bottle which is a better deal at USD$21.60 and would be best to keep at home.

So this review is going to be fairly straight forward but I do want to do a proper introduction to the Pyunkang Yul brand so… read on and get yourself ready!

pyunkangyul mist toner skincare stylekorean kbeauty review

Brand Description

According to the website, “Pyunkang Yul is the brand launched by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, an institution well-known for treating atopic skin disorders.

“Pyunkang Yul rejects the notion that cosmetics are simply another shopping item. Instead, they believe they are a means of protecting the skin. As such, they have opted to remove all unnecessary chemical substances from their products to utilize only the minimum, safest components to protect and provide respite to your tired and irritated skin.”

For this reason, the brand’s products focus on the idea of using natural, gentle products (with a minimalist ingredients list) so that their products are suitable even for sensitive skin, as well as optimising skin temperature. The theory behind this, which I do mention in my StyleKorean KBeauty Guru Video, stems from Korean herbal medicine which believe that your skin’s optimum temperature is 31 degrees celcius and deviation from this will result in moisture loss and drying out of your skin.


As I mentioned before, the mist comes in two different sizes – 100mL and 200mL though from what I can see on the website, the packaging of them is pretty similar (only one is larger). It comes in a deep blue plastic bottle, the colour which looks quite elegant and fancy, even though it’s a very simple design. The label of it is also printed on a really nice paper that is reminiscent of traditional Asian parchment, so I love that the packaging looks very modern but still gives a gentle nod to the traditional inspirations.

There is a clear cap, but the mist doesn’t come in a box – but rather wrapped in plastic. This isn’t an issue when you’re buying it for yourself but you might want to keep it in mind if you are gifting it.

The spray nozzle for this bottle isn’t too fine, so some people might actually feel that it isn’t gentle enough. This comes down to personal preference but, personally, I like when sprays have a little bit more substance to them and I really like this applicator (is that what I would call it?). Even when I finish it up, I think that I will keep the bottle to refill and use. It is recommended to spray this from a distance of around 20cm.

Overall, the packaging looks good and it seems to be of a good quality – though a paper box will also elevate the overall design.


pyunkangyul mist toner skincare stylekorean kbeauty review

Product Claims

This product claims to be:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • A water-type toner that provides a refreshing breath of moisture for a greater cooling effect
  • Contains 91.9% Barberry root extract to soothe your skin and prepare it for the next stages of your skincare routine; it also helps to drop skin temperature and calm sensitive skin
  • Also, that it is light and can be used on top of make up

I can definitely see and feel that this Mist Toner is really great at hydrating my skin – even immediately after application, I can feel that I skin is more refreshed and prepped. It’s especially great to use in the mornings because it is so quick to apply and absorbs fast too. The light, water formula means that it only takes a few seconds to pat it in.

It also does help to cool down skin but perhaps not as dramatically as I would have thought. There is a refreshing and calming sensation when the mist is sprayed, but I can’t say that it is substantially more so than other mists. For someone who suffers from redness though, I think that this would be great to keep on hand for use during the day. I also had no adverse effects or irritation from it, though my skin isn’t usually that sensitive to begin with.

This also applied well on top of make up, in that it was light and absorbed quickly without affecting the appearance of cosmetics. However, it is definitely a toner and not a fixing spray so it doesn’t help your make up to stay longer and won’t be beneficial as a touch up during the day. I think that this is best suited for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of make up but just wants to keep hydrated and to calm their skin throughout the day.

pyunkangyul mist toner skincare stylekorean kbeauty review pyunkangyul mist toner skincare stylekorean kbeauty review pyunkangyul mist toner skincare stylekorean kbeauty review

And above it is sprayed on my skin and very, very quickly patted in. I did enjoy this product in the time that I’m using it and I will continue to finish up the bottle though I’m not sure that it is an essential for me yet. It’s great for hydrating and cooling skin, but I don’t see any substantial results from it. Overall, it’s a bit of a basic product but it does deliver what it promises!

So here’s the verdict!


A water-type toner in a spray bottle that hydrates and cools down skin


  • Great and simple packaging design
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Great spray nozzle (not too fine nor too strong)
  • No noticeable scent
  • Immediately hydrates skin and gives subtle cooling
  • Absorbs quickly and is easy to use
  • Works well on top of make up
  • Available in two sizes (the smaller 100mL is great for travel for your a first trial)


  • No box (doesn’t look great for gifting)
  • Works but isn’t game changing


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • PRICE POINT |3/5
  • HYDRATION | 5/5
  • ABSORPTION | 5/5
  • COOLING | 3/5
  • SCENT | 5/5



I love their simple ingredients list (where everything is rated low hazard and safe for sensitive skin) so this is a product that I would definitely recommend to those with sensitive or trouble skin – especially if you have redness that need to keep your skin cool. For other people, such as myself where my skin isn’t too sensitive to other ingredients, this is still a decent product but it isn’t blowing me away. Still, I will happily keep using this toner mist twice a day (which I am) until it is finished before deciding if I want to repurchase.


If you want to get your hands on the Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner it is selling on StyleKorean for USD$14.40 (100mL) or  USD$21.60 (200mL). You can also click the below banner to go to their homepage and check out everything else that they have on offer:

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