Review: Peri’s Ink Drop BB Cream (Peripera)

Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review

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I am a massive fan of Clio, as people are well aware, and one of their other brands is Peripera. Although I am not a hundred percent certain whether Peripera is a sub-brand or similar, I do know that they both have the same strengths in staying power and pigmentation. I’ve been obsessed with the Peri’s Ink lip tints since trying them over in Korea so I was super excited when they actually came out with a Peri’s Ink Drop BB Cream!

This product comes in the very familiar Peri’s Ink packaging, though slightly altered for the new product, and contains SPF30 PA++. It’s a little bit less than what I would usually use but, since I’ve now developed the good habit of using sunscreen, I can look past that.

If you’re interested in getting this product, or some others, check out KollectionK. They were so nice to send me a couple of products to review and I have good thoughts towards their service as well – clean shopping cart, easy to search products and a useful wishlist function. Since my first review, they have also launched a part of their website called Koncierge – a personal shopping service, for when you’re looking for products that you can’t find on their website (or elsewhere).

Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review

I am usually between a #21 and #23 in Korean BB creams, usually opting for a #21 because I like to use thinner layers with a brighter finish. For that reason, I chose to go with Pure Ivory, basically the lightest colour that they stock. Depending on how a product oxidises, this can sometimes be a little too light for me but it is usually fine.

As I do with the Peri’s Ink products, I love the packaging. The quality of the box with it’s matt laminate and spot UV (designers will know what I’m talking about) give it a good finesse and I also really like how it’s a cohesive range with everything else. The characteristic Peri’s Ink mascot is also really cute – I always think of 2NE1 when I see them.

The cap of the bottle is different made of hard plastic while the ‘body’ of the product is softer, so you actually squeeze it out of the bottle. Am I the only one who expected this to be more like a serum dropper? I don’t know.

Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review Peripera Clio Peri's Ink Pure Ivory KollectionK Kbeauty Review

Overall, it’s pretty sturdy packaging though I would be a little scared to carry this in my handbag. It twists open fairly easily and the formula is quite watery, so it could be a mess waiting to happen.

The actual dispenser is pretty easy to use but, when the bottle is full, you won’t be needing to squeeze – the BB ink will literally drop out of the nozzle though thankfully not like a running tap. I think that Peripera has let me down with this packaging just a little, only because I would have preferred something more practical and safer to carry on the go. It’s not bad, it’s hygienic, cute and works fine sitting in my make up tray – but I won’t be able to take this on trips with me.

Moving onto the formula!

Peripera Peri's Ink Drop BB Cream Review Swatch

Peripera Peri's Ink Drop BB Cream Review Swatch

Above is a droplet of the BB ink over my black eyeliner (this one is by K-Palette and you can read my review here) and, as you can see, the coverage is easily buildable with a patting motion. Overall, I would say that this product has a light buildable coverage and a semi-matte finish that is, at times, too dry on my skin for the current season. I wanted to like the product so I hope that it would be more suitable during summer (and I will try it again).

There is little to no scent on the product and it feels light on the face – though there is slight caking in drier areas. Overall, I would recommend this product to people with normal to oily skin – those with dry skin or dry patches may want to stay away for now. This product can accentuate dry skin and flakes throughout the day. I got a decent lasting power from this and didn’t notice it setting into my creases until later in the work day.

Peripera hasn’t blown me away this time. I would personally prefer IOPE and Clio’s Ampoule Intense BB Cushion over this, but I will probably reach for it again in a different season and do a re-test.

Here’s the verdict!


A light to medium coverage BB cream with a buildable, water-like formula.


  • Minimal scent
  • Easily buildable coverage
  • Cute packaging
  • Even and dense pigmentation
  • Semi-matte finish


  • Sturdy bottle but easily opened
  • Formula is a little too watery
  • Settles into creases through the day
  • Can be drying or slightly cakey in dry areas


For winter weather, I will unfortunately not be repurchasing this. However, my final decision will probably come when I try it again in another month or two (because I’m preparing for Sydney to get seriously warm). I liked the concept and the light coverage of the product, so I hope that Peripera continues to develop and improve this formula – as they often do.


Since this product is quite watery, it is best to work in sections of the face and work quickly if you want to build up layers of it! I find that it works best with dabbing motions so I liked to use it with a damp beauty blender.


If you’re interested in getting this product, or some others, check out KollectionK. This is currently retailing on their website for USD$16.43 (and they even have a sale happening at the moment):

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