I honestly thought that I had already posted this review (especially since I’d been using this concealer so much) so I was surprised to find this still in my drafts! This is the Red Concealer by Medicube, which has been really popular online along with the Red Cushion (you can also check out my review of that) which went absolutely viral with their video. As per the rest of their line, these products – skincare and cosmetic – are targeted for sensitive and acne prone skin. They are non-comedogenic, so they will not clog pores, and they also boast a super high coverage that will help you cover up any of your insecurities so you are free to be your beautiful self.

Writing this review, I just want to take the chance to remind everyone that there is nothing wrong with acne, acne scarring or just having sensitive skin in general – it’s a part of life and, whether it is hormonal or you just genetically have more acne prone skin, it’s just a part of you and no one should have to feel that they need to cover up or hide themselves. Unfortunately though, I’m absolutely aware that it can make you feel very insecure and uncomfortable – because I had the same experiences in high school – so I’m personally really glad that companies like Medicube are focusing their attention on products that are not only effective, but also protective of our skin when it is in its more vulnerable state.

So I recieved this product to review from Earlypicker and I tested it together with the Red Cushion, as well as alone, and I actually like this concealer more than the cushion – although I didn’t dislike it either. I think that the coverage of this product is really great and it also wears well through the day too. If you’re interested in getting this product, or anything else from Medicube, check out the entire range available on their store!

Now, onto the review.Oh My Stellar Kbeauty Review Medicube Red Concealer Early Picker Review

So, as pictured above, the concealer comes in a white and red branded box that is similar to the Red Cushion – it has an almost clinical feel to it, because of the medical theme, and the quality of the paper is quite nice. It feels like a premium product, which is always great, especially since this isn’t a very cheap brand. The shape and design of it is all pretty basic but, of course, the interesting part comes when you get to the actual tube.

See below – it’s like a syringe! I swear, I find this packaging for it so ridiculously cute that I was super excited when I opened it up. It is a bit annoying to store, since it is a lot fatter than my other concealer sticks, but for the cuteness of the concept – I’m willing to make the exception. The flat bottom means that it can stand too!

It fits perfectly into the concept of the brand and I also like that it has a very secure twisting mechanism: to open the concealer, you have to twist the lever to the left and then dispense it by pushing it down. To close it up again, simply twist the lever back to the right and it is locked in place.

Personally, I think that this is a really secure mechanism – since I was a bit worried about carrying it around if the tube didn’t close entirely. That being said, I still think that this is a little bit risky for long distance travel (in luggage), so it is still possible though unlikely that the lever would be accidentally twisted in transit.

Oh My Stellar Kbeauty Review Medicube Red Concealer Early Picker ReviewOh My Stellar Kbeauty Review Medicube Red Concealer Early Picker Review

When you push to dispense the product, it’s important that you do so carefully and with more control. Unfortunately, the design of the packaging means that it’s very easy to push out too much and – of course – you can’t get any of the product back in. For this purpose, the bottom lever is a bit too stiff and I often find myself struggling to control the product. Since this concealer is really high coverage and pigmented, only a small amount is required and I do recommend only adding in more as you go.

After you dispense it, you can apply it straight from the tube or put it onto your fingertips to blend out. Personally, I prefer this latter for the sake of a cleaner application. The rubber tip is also a little bit hard so you won’t be able to use this to blend out the product – a sponge or fingertip is very sufficient.

That being said, the claims for this product is pretty good – it is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores), has high coverage is and long lasting, is safe for sensitive or problem skin, and also has SPF30 PA++ to help clock UV rays. Similarly to the Red Cushion, this also has the key ingredients of Squalene (to keep skin hydrated and vitalised) and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract (to prevent skin from dehydration).

Oh My Stellar Kbeauty Review Medicube Red Concealer Early Picker Review Oh My Stellar Kbeauty Review Medicube Red Concealer Early Picker Review

Above is a swatch of it on my hand alongside a eyeliner mark – I made both marks with the same liquid pen (from Clio) and you can clearly see that they’re not joking about with the pigmentation. I only used a small amount of product but it covered up so remarkably! The concealer has a very matte finish so it is fairly long wearing but might cake up at the end of a long day on oily areas. Still, the wearability is fairly decent and, as long as I keep my skin well hydrated to begin with, I don’t have issues with caking.

I tried to use this along with the Red Cushion – the concealer obviously has higher coverage and it also doesn’t bunch of strangely when you mist on top (like the cushion does). When both products are used together, the coverage is really intense. In fact, it’s a little bit too much for me as I feel like I’m wearing a mask.

For those with problem skin or acne scarring that they want to cover up, I highly recommend the Red Concealer. This was initially recommended to me by Earlypicker and I can definitely see why they did that – it’s really a great product! If you want very strong coverage, you can pair this with the cushion but, personally, I prefer to use this to correct blemishes and then use a lighter base foundation on top.

Here’s the verdict!


A high coverage, matte finish liquid concealer


  • Contemporary packaging design
  • Very cute tube design
  • Can stand upright
  • Super high coverage
  • Matte finish, lasts well through the day
  • Will not cake up on well hydrated skin
  • Non-comedogenic and safe for sensitive, problem skin


  • Difficult to dispense
  • Annoying to store due to thicker size


This isn’t my favourite concealer only because I prefer more dewy finish, hydrating formulas (which, of course, would have less coverage – and are far less common to find). However, for those who want high coverage and like a matte finish, I highly recommend to test this out! I’m actually still using mine even though it is matte. On days when I need just a little more, or feel like I want a more flawless finish, this is exactly what I reach for.


The Medicube Red Concealer is at Earlypicker for USD$18 – discounted from the full price of USD$24. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go straight to the product page:

Earlypicker Kbeauty Banner Review

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  • Jessica Babyy
    August 2, 2017

    Purchases over $130USD gets you FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, not $50USD 😂 I got excited for nothing 😂😂😂

    • Oh My Stellar
      August 2, 2017

      Oops! Sorry! Their policies must have changed since I wrote this (this was back when Earlypicker was first established). I will amend my posts. Sorry again and thanks for letting me know!

      • Jessica Babyy
        August 4, 2017

        No worries 🤗