Those who have been following my blog for a while know that I have a pretty long term collaboration relationship with Klenspop, a Korean online contact lens store that I absolutely love and wear day-to-day. I’ve always been satisfied or even super impressed by the quality of their products, the affordability and their range so I’m happy to be able to bring you guys new photos, new reviews and new lenses. To kick off lenses in 2017, I’ll be showing you a set that they send me at the end of the last year (and I hadn’t been able to photograph yet until now).

This is the Lizzy Blue lenses by SIO Color, which are silicone hydrogel lenses – they are meant to be more comfortable, allow more oxygen to your eyes (which isn’t directly linked to water content, apparently), and allow for longer, extended wear. Read on for my thoughts on the design, wearability and comfort of these!

Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue

know that I accidentally photographed the lenses back to front, but I’m sure that you can see the design anyway. If you would like to read about how klenspop usually packages their lenses and the case that comes with it, check out my previous reviews too.

But onto the product! These lenses feel a bit more ‘sturdy’ compared to the normal lenses (they’re similar to the BUNNY Y10 VIOLET that I reviewed previously) but I’m not sure if this is because of the silicone hydrogel material. For this reason, they’re a bit harder to put it compared to normal lenses and, since these are a bit big, could be difficult for someone with smaller eyes. They’ll take a bit more practice if you’re just starting out but, once they’re in, they feel like nothing at all.

These lenses are super comfortable and I would be comfortable wearing them every day too. I have very watery eyes but I found that they didn’t irritate me at all, nor did my eyes water (usually they do a little right after I put lenses in, but not afterwards). The enlarging effect is strong but still subtle enough to wear with natural looking make up – which makes it great for casual wear. My only criticism of these lenses though, is that the colour is really subtle… in room lighting, it actually almost looks like I’m wearing black lenses. The pattern is really pretty, but you wouldn’t be able to see them unless you were up close.

I think that these lenses would be best suits to people who want a very subtle colour but dramatic enlargement, or if you have lighter eyes and want to enhance the colour. Silicone hydrogel lenses would also be suitable for those who have issues with dry eyes or discomfort. Here’s some photos of the lenses in.

Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue Klenspop Colour Circle Lens SIO Color Lizzy Blue

Since these lenses are quite dark but large, I paired it with more neutral eye make up (with some ulzzang inspiration for the puppy eye liner) and a brighter lip. This is very similar to my daily go-to make up, which is why I think this would be good for a casual look. The edges of these lenses are very solid, which gives a doll-like sort of finish.

To tie this up, here are the details from the website:

Diameter 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter 13.5mm
Lifespan 6 months
Water content 45%

And here’s the verdict too:


Dark, enlarging blue silicone hydrogel lenses


  • 6 month lifespan
  • Free lens case (not pictured)
  • Silicone Hydrogel allows for longer, extended wear
  • Enlarging effect
  • Suitable for casual wear
  • Doll-like finish
  • Super comfortable – can’t feel them in


  • Blue doesn’t show up on dark eyes
  • Might be a bit harder to put in
  • More expensive (USD$30 for a set)


Although I am quite disappointed with the colour, I do love the comfort of these. At the moment, I’m on the look out for some super light gray lenses so hopefully I can find a pair of those in silicone hydrogel form. Otherwise, I’ll definitely consider repurchasing these types of lenses, especially for every day wear which is when comfort is really important.


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Klenspop. Click the below banner to go straight to the product page, and don’t forget to use my discount code to get a further 10% off!

Oh My Stellar Klenspop color lenses review


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  • Indira ||
    January 25, 2017

    I’ve tried Lizzy Blue before, but gave me blurry vision every 10 minutes.
    The Lizzy Hazle or Choco didn’t give me problem at all 🙂

    • Oh My Stellar
      January 25, 2017

      Ahh, really? Did this happen every time that you wore them? How strange, since the other colours didn’t give you any issues. I find that my vision blurs if my eyes are too dry/tired but that’s for all lenses in general.