This is my second time receiving a blogger’s package from Skin18 so it’s really nice to take my time, sit back and relax with these sheet masks and packs. Some of these were more exciting to test than others but I’m sure that you will noticed that throughout the posts. The first one I decided to try (well, the one I’m posting about first) is a Snail Essence Mask by the brand LUKE. I’ve used a lot of snail masks in the past and my favourite has been from Hanskin, so I was interested to see how this would compare.

According to the website, this mask protects elasticity and to repair skin from the aging process. It provides a concentrated burst of nutrition and hydrates the skin. The latter is what I tend to focus on most, as I have very minimal need for anti-aging properties at the moment. The website also says that this has whitening functions but… I’m unsure about that.

Skin18 Luke Snail Essence Mask Review Skin18 Luke Snail Essence Mask Review

Overall, the mask was a good fit for my face though a little short around the forehead. I have a fairly big face I think, so it might be a little bit big on other people. The mask was sufficiently saturated but not dripping, so there was very little left over essence afterwards. It took around 20-25 minutes to dry and left me glowing and hydrated. There was no visible whitening effect.

My face also good the next morning too though the super hydration did wear off, so I think that this mask is best used in conjunction to a good skincare routine as well.

Here’s the verdict!


  • Good fit
  • Well saturated
  • No noticeable scent
  • Leaves skin glowing and hydrated


  • No whitening/brightening effect
  • Hydration does wear off (so should be used in conjunction to normal skin care routine)
  • A bit more expensive for a regular sheet mask (but is still affordable)
  • Little to no left over essence


I don’t mind this mask actually, but I still think that I prefer my Hanskin masks. I like having quite a lot of essence left over and having a product that’s almost oversaturated, so this product is simply okay to me. It does the job well though. Price wise, it’s a good price but there are many sheet masks in Korea that retail for 500 won – 1500 won so I feel like it’s a bit more expensive for what it is.


You can get this mask from Skin18 – it’s currently on sale for USD$1.65 and they do free shipping for orders over a certain threshold too!

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