Review: Snow Lotus White Tone Up Cream (Petitfee)

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

Hi everyone! Double post for today because these have been sitting in my drafts for the longest time and I’ve tested it for plenty long enough to give my thoughts. This product is the Snow Lotus White Tone Up Cream by Petitfee, a Korean brand that exists in partnership (or under) Koelf. This is meant to give an instant brightening effect though I’m not entirely sure of whether it is meant to have long-term melanin reduction effects like the other whitening cream that I use (Cloud9). This product is designed to be used anywhere on the body and is meant to be applied as the last step of your skincare regime.

I received this product to try out by RoseRoseShop and I was really interested to try out another whitening cream. For the past year or so, I have been using Cloud9 almost exclusively and, although it is proven to be effective, the main issue I have with it is that it’s quite drying on the skin – which is quite common for whitening products, but worse when it contains pigmentation (how the instant brightening happens). I’m hoping that this product is different in that sense.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

I definitely like the design of this packaging over some of the others I’ve seen. The white mate paper with the soften colours and line work makes the product look quite classy and elegant, even though it is really affordable. The full price for this tube is USD$14.02 but it’s actually on sale for USD$4.71 so it is most definitely a cheaper alternative for the Cloud9 cream.

This product contains snow lotus and phyto extract, the latter of which I’m not completely sure about because it sounds a little bit too green to me. Luckily though, this cream has a very minimal scent that fade quickly when applied.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

Unlike the Cloud9 cream which comes in a tub, the Snow Lotus Cream comes in an easy to use tube. Although the tubs are a lot prettier, I actually prefer tubes for hygenie and ease of use. The cap is a little strange though, in that it seems to be designed to completely lift off? Or perhaps I had accidentally broken mine. Either way, it slips into place and is then used like a normal cap.

The product has a smooth, creamy formula which is really easy to apply on the face. It can be a little difficult to blend at times (if you are using this as a base or under makeup), so you have to make sure that any other skincare you have applied underneath is completely absorbed or this cream will become streaky.

The product is easy to use under makeup and gives a brightened base for days when you’re feeling particularly tired (like me). It is also more hydrating than the Cloud9 cream so can give you a good surface to work with. The main issue is that, after a few hours, the pigmentation can settle into dry areas on the skin. This is especially noticeable if you sleep with it and wake up feeling a little.. sandy. It doesn’t matter too much if you are using it overnight but, during the day, the best way to counteract this is to remember to touch up your base make up or, at least, check on it.

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare Petitfee

As you can see in the above photos, there is definitely a immediate brightening effect. I used it for a while but I don’t seem to see any dramatic results to my skin tone, but this is a product that I think is good to use under make up. It is also a cheaper (and more hydrating) alternative to the Cloud9 cream – especially if you don’t want a 100 step skincare routine in order to keep your skin both hydrated and bright.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good product and I’ll definitely continue to use it. I would also recommend this to people who are on the go and want a simple, fast brightening routine. If your natural skintone is pretty good too, it wouldn’t be hard to simply apply this product as use it as your base makeup – provided that you have minimal to no blemishes to cover up with concealer.

Here’s the verdict!


A instant brightening cream with white pigmentation


  • Easy to use
  • Classy and pretty packaging design
  • Affordable as an alternative
  • Visible instant brightening effects
  • Hydrating
  • Can be used under or even as make up
  • Little to no scent
  • No adverse effects or break outs


  • No longer-term visible results
  • Can settle into dry areas later on
  • Previous skincare must be absorbed so as not to be streaky
  • A bit hard to blend but not excessive


I still have two tubs of my Cloud9 cream to use as some whitening cushions, but I will be keeping this product in the back of my mind. It’s not a HG product for me, but it’s definitely good and I would recommend it. I’ll continue to use this as part of my make up routine rather than my nightly skincare, as I find that the Cloud9 has more visible long term results.


You can get this at RoseRoseShop for the sale price of $4.71 (full price is $14.02). Click the banner below to check them out:

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