Review: Spring Strobe Spectrum (Zoeva)

I did not walk into Sephora expecting to buy a highlighting palette. In fact, I hadn’t even used anything from Zoeva before, so I had no idea about the quality of their products. However, since swatching this product in store, I was so obsessed with the colour that I went back to get it. This Strobe Spectrum comes in three shades for three seasons – Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Why is there no Autumn? I’m not sure.

I was originally looking at the Winter palette because the colours looked so pretty and pigmented in the pan. However, the colour of the Spring palette completely took my breath away! In the pan (and in pictures too, as you will see below) the colours actually look like nothing special. They all look extremely pale and similar. However, once you actually apply the product, you will find that they have a beautiful rainbow shift – perfect for the unicorn make up that is trending now, and a lot more effective than the rainbow highlighters.

Keep reading to see swatches.

The palette is made of board and has a soft matte finish, which feels very luxe and isn’t too difficult to keep clean. It is off-set with a rose gold foiling design, which looks really good. However, because it is a paper material, it wouldn’t be suitable for travel – even though it is light. It opens up to a more glossy finish, which is an interesting design touch.

The four pans inside are on a pretty decent size and, although it is pale, you can see that the colours the distinctively green, blue, pink and yellow. However, I think that it is definitely an issue that the true effect of this product is only visible when applied. I imagine that a lot of people have underestimated it for that reason. At the very least, I wish that they would have included shade names for them.

And below are the swatches! The colours are absolutely stunning and super unique. They remind me a bit of what I wanted from the Colourpop holographic super shock highlighters (which I own but don’t use much because of the glittery and messy formula) except a lot better, of course. The product is finely milled, vibrant, smooth and buttery. Super blendable on the skin, it’s really easy to layer more than one of these shades without messing up your foundation or it looking heavy.

Of course, these colours aren’t for everyone. Personally, I’m a big fan of playing with unique make up colours and so I was on the look out for a ‘holographic’ product anyway. If you’re after more wearable, daily colours, then I definitely recommend checking out the Summer palette, which has more golden, beige highlighting and bronze tones.

Overall, I’m a fan of this product and I definitely don’t regret my purchase! The product is really easy to use and gives a great effect that I am comfortable wearing every day (although I don’t, because I’m the sort of person to use different things according to my mood). The product applies really beautifully and, although it does fade a bit through the day as my skin becomes more oily, the wearability is still pretty good and my skin still looks good as it fades.

It is also very affordable, selling for AUD$39. However, I noticed that the product is only AUD$35 in store. The prices at Sephora are usually set but they strangely differed in this instance. I even checked two different stores and they both sold at that price.

The formulas are great and I’m looking to try out some of Zoeva’s eyeshadow palettes next! I swatched them in store and the formulas look equally as good – I just haven’t purchased them yet because I haven’t found a set that I am particularly drawn to.

Here’s the verdict!


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Stunning ‘holographic’ colours
  • Buttery and blendable
  • Finely milled and not glittery
  • Easy to layer colours


  • Colours look decievingly dull in the pan
  • Not suitable for travel
  • Priced higher online compared to in store


  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • COLOUR | 5/5



Absolutely! I’m a big fan of this palette and I love the formulas a lot. I’ll be recommending these palettes to anyone who is looking for an affordable and bright highlighter – especially if they are after an effective and wearable coloured ‘holographic’ one.


I got mine from the Australian Sephora store, or you can look at the Zoeva website if your local store doesn’t stock it.

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