SSIN is one of my favourite Youtubers, seriously, and so when she released her first collaboration with Unpretty Rapstar, I was ridiculously excited but it was difficult to get my hands on the products because I don’t live in Korea and the brand was still relatively new at the time (I think so, anyway). I wanted to buy it while I was in Korea but I ended up leaving without it… and in retrospect, I sort of wonder why I did so. Since then though, I’ve been fawning over it online and it’s taken me so long but I finally got my hands on it. BB Cosmetic recently sent me multiple products from this entire line to write about. Regrettably, these products are now being discontinued and SSIN has moved onto her second collaboration (and this time, it’s with Too Cool For School) but I enjoyed these products so much that I wanted to write about them anyway. If they are an example of the sort of products we can expect from Unpretty Rapstar, I’ll be looking to trying out more things from their brand too. In Korea, they are sold at a fashion store called Wonderplace but, for those who are internationally based like myself, you can find these products at BB Cosmetic.

At the time of writing this, these products are still available on the website but only in extremely limited quantities, so get in fast if you’re wanting to get them. BB Cosmetic does free shipping for all orders (no order limit) and you can also get 8% off with my blogger’s code: QAL3F6ZA8YZ. They also have a great range of other things that you can check out too.

Read on for my thoughts about the SSIN Stealer Long Take BrowcaraMasking Color Corrector, Spotlight highlighter and Frame Shadow Collection eyeshadow palette!

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

I was ridiculously excited to try out the SSIN Stealer Long Take Browcara after seeing SSIN use the product in her videos. As she had explained, she likes to change her hair colour really often so it was important that her brow products were highly pigmented and opaque enough to actually change the brows. I do use eyebrow mascara on most days because my hair is dyed and I like to fill in my brows a little lighter than my natural colour – at some times, it’s necessary to go pretty light with it.

BB Cosmetic sent me two colour variations of this – the squirrel brown (medium) and ash blondie (light). I loved the distinctive and trendy packaging; the bright colours and totally accurate SSIN caricature absolutely won be over. The box is very simple but has an expensive and fashionable look to it, kind of like 3CE and Clio products, that would mostly appeal to people in their twenties. The print quality is good to and, overall, doesn’t look cheap.

However, selling for USD$12 on BB Cosmetic – it’s not cheap but it isn’t expensive either, and it is affordable enough to get a few colours.


Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

The tubes are 5g in size which is pretty decent – it has more product than the microcara that I was using before this and I find that the formula is more pigmented too. The packaging as a matte finish that is cool to the touch, although it is made of plastic (I believe). It’s light but has a very slight weight to the hand that makes it feel a bit more luxe.

The blue branded colour is carried over in all of her products, but I particularly like that the lid is very clearly colour coded. If you’re like me and own a lot of mascaras, concealers and products that look similar from the top down, this will save you some hassle of digging around in search of it.

The glossy finish of the logo is also a subtle but nice touch, that makes the overall design look pretty classy. Personally, I think that it really suits SSIN’s edgy but luxe, trendy style so I really love it.

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

I was pretty surprised with the brush of this mascara, though maybe it’s because I’m used to using a microcara on my brows at the moment. It has an interesting cone-like shape that is pretty short and tightly fibred. I find that it’s pretty easy to apply and brush through the brow hairs. The short, interesting shape makes it pretty easy to maneuver even at the ends of the eyebrows without it being messy.

It separates well so there’s no clumping and the brush is a good length to hold and use. Overall though, it isn’t anything too spectacular – it’s simple, it’s clean and it works – though I wouldn’t have expected anything too playful from a brow mascara.

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

The formula for this is quite opaque compared to the Innisfree Microcara. However, it is still a little thinner than I originally expected. I was looking forward to a pigment that would completely block out my brown colour but this one coats it with a tint and, on black brows, may lighten it up a couple of shades. My own brows are quite light though, so I’m not sure if it will show very well on very dark hair.

The formula looks a little bit lighter after it dries and actually feels a little bit powdery. It holds your brows in place, so it’s great for grooming and you can use it on it’s own as well (if that’s your thing). The medium brown (brown squirrel) is actually fairly close to my natural hair colour so I find myself mostly reading for the ash blondie colour (the lightest in the range) that is pictured above. It is like an ash, medium blonde colour though could pass as a light brown on my own brows. It’s pretty effective for lightening your hair colour and doesn’t smudge at all.

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

And moving on, the second product that BB Cosmetic sent me from the line is the Masking Colour Corrector in pink! Since the packaging is really similar to the mascara, I had actually expected it to be a liquid/cream product with a doe foot applicator but – lo and behold – it is a twist up stick formula.

This product comes in two colours – green to cancel out redness and pink to brighten up the skin tone, most usually used under the eyes. The colour that they have is quite light and a little bit ashy, so it is best suited for pale skin – darker skintones may benefit more from a salmon corrector, with a little more orange in it. For myself, it is a little too light to properly correct my (deadly) eye bags, but I did use it under my eyes to brighten up that area.

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

I actually always have problems with stick formulas being too dry for me and, unfortunately, it was also the case with this product. The finish is very matte and it’s actually a little hard to blend out because it really sticks to the skin – on the plus side, it means that this lasts well and won’t slip when you apply your foundation. It also wears well throughout the day and is one of the few cream concealers/correctors that don’t cake up for me. However, the super matte formula makes me very hesitant to apply it more liberally – since it is rather hard for me to blend well. It might be better with a damp beauty blender, but I don’t have time for that in the mornings, so I use brushes.

The twist up design of the tube is easy and fast to use though, as you can apply it straight to the face. Once you put your foundation over it, the product is virtually invisible and works well to colour correct (though would have been better if I had a more salmon shade). I like the lasting power but, unfortunately, this one isn’t my favourite of the lot. I prefer my NYX dark circles concealer.

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

And the Spotlight Highlighter! It’s been a total staple of my every day make up routine and it is my absolute favourite thing in this whole collection – I’m just really bummed that it’s being discontinued and I hope that Unpretty Rapster has a repackaged or a dupe version. I would happily buy it even without the SSIN Stealer branding.

That being said though, I love the packaging. The caricature pattern is really bold and I’m so amused by how ‘SSIN’ changes her hair colours – the blonde is to match the highlighting shade. The compact is made of plastic and is actually similar to the Too Cool For School (although their colours and formulas are vastly different), with a good quality print design that doesn’t scratch. It’s light weight and easy to carry around for travel.

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

This palette has four colours with a pink base colour – it is best suited for pale skin tones in my opinion (so it’s best for those who fall between shades 13 to 23) and has a cool undertone with a lot of silver highlight. They have a yellow beige shade, a silvery pink and two shades of pink – lighter and darker. All four colours have fine shimmers, though the top two are very obviously brighter. If you run your brush through straight, you will be able to accentuate your cheekbones and actually fade it into the cheeks. However, I personally choose to pick what tones I want to use.

I tend to use a combination of all four for my cheek bones and then use the yellow beige shades for my nose, cupid’s bow and chin. The brighter tone helps to give more dimension to my face, but stays looking very natural. This compact makes my skin glow.

My usual highlighter (the Too Cool For School that BB Cosmetics actually sent me to reviews a long time ago) has a more glittery finish that is very dramatic and almost show girl like. This one, however, has very fine pigments and gives you a very natural finish that doesn’t look like obvious highlighter – even if you pack it on. This one is definitely my go-to every day highlighter now and I absolutely recommend that people try this.

At USD$22.42 on the website for 9g of product, it is indeed a little more expensive than the Too Cool For School (USD$15.99 for 11g) but I find that it will be more wearable for a lot of people – especially those who want a no-make up make up look. This is my favourite of the collection!

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

And last, but certainly not least, it is the SSIN Stealer Frame Shadow Collection – their eyeshadow palette. When ever these sorts of special collections release, everyone is always the most excited about the eye products and I’m no different. I love to experiment and I currently have more eyeshadow than I can physically remember – but I always still want more. For this one, I was sent the Screen Seller version which has a cool toned, pink base. I love that SSIN has paid attention to the different undertones because using the wrong shades on your eyes can make them look really puffy.

The palette contains eight colours which range from glittering, soft shimmers to soft matte tones that are perfect for all over the lid. The packaging is very light and slimlined, making it a simple travel-friendly product that is also easy to slip in your bag for touch ups. I do usually expect palettes to be a lot bigger than this but, given the price point of USD$23, I think it’s pretty fair.Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review  Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics ReviewSsin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

The pink tones of Screen Seller is very stereotypically suitable for spring – not no one said there was anything wrong with that. The first colour is very glittery, suitable for special accents but has very light pigmentation – this would also work well for overall washes. The next two are shimmers, I like to use these on my aegyosal while the last shades are satin and matte finish respectively, and would be used for the majority of your make up.

The back of the box has a list of all of the colours:

  • Electronic Pink: A super glittery, cool toned pink and silver glitter
  • Beige Finger: A cool, champagne colour shimmer with dense pigmentation
  • Pink Parfait: A slightly warmer pink shimmer, similar to Beige Finger in pigmentation
  • Twinkle Copper: A rosy, copper satin colour with subtle pink shimmer
  • Deep Beer: A cooler, brown tone with a satin finish – strange name though
  • Bloom Pink: A soft, matte pink that is good for base
  • Greyish Fabric: An ashy, matte mauve colour that is great for a casual, deep eye look
  • Shark Purple: The darkest, matte brown with a purple undertone

Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

This palette also comes in a brush but, to be honest, I’m not that keen on it and I didn’t end up using it. The brush is white with soft but short bristles – it’s good for touch ups, but I find that it’s very limiting if I’m trying to start from scratch. I prefer to use a fluffy blending brush for most of my eyeshadow work, so I decided to save this for touch ups only. Also, I’m not a big fan of the brush being white, as it is easy to stain with darker colours. I’m sure that there are benefits to it (as you can see when it’s not clean) but it just doesn’t look as good to me. Also, there is a sponge tip applicator, which is as basic as you can get, but I don’t like to use them because I have trouble blending with them.

These brushes will suit some make up looks though. The quality isn’t bad, it just doesn’t suit how I prefer to do my make up. In my opinion, Heimish has a winning ‘default’ brush. Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review Ssin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics ReviewSsin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics ReviewSsin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics ReviewSsin Stealer SSSINIM and Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics Review

And above are the swatches! I really wanted to get better photos for this but, no matter how i tried to photograph it, some colours just didn’t want to come out. The glitter and shimmers are a lot more dramatic in real life but, unfortunately, I don’t think my swatches did the colours justice – they really are quite beautiful!

The range of colours allows for flexibility in the palette and I like that it’s so travel friendly. The lasting power is average – unfortunately, it does have a tendency to rub off – so perhaps it is good that you can keep it on hand for touch ups!

And that’s my review for the SSIN Stealer line! I won’t be putting up my verdict since the collection is discontinued anyway and because I wrote about so many different products in the line. Overall, Unpretty Rapstar‘s brand has now caught my interest and I’m sure that you will see their products popping up on my blog once I figure out how to get my hands on more of it. From what I saw and tried in Korea, I think that their brand really prefers a long wearing, matte finish which is very suitable for SSIN but doesn’t work for me so I won’t be using much of their face products.

However, their colour products (eyeshadow, brows and highlighter especially) were absolutely top quality and very wearable! I highly recommend grabbing these while you still can!

You can get this from BB Cosmetic with free shipping, 10% credit back for SNS reviewers and a 8% discount using my code! They are a regular sponsor for Oh My Stellar is a trusted website that I always recommend and purchase from myself.

You can use my code for 8% off your purchase: QAL3F6ZA8YZ.

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