I am one of the luckiest girls in the world – I swear. I had been eying this Sweet Peach Collection from Too Faced for a long time. Part of it was definitely the famous scent (which is amazing, by the way) and another part was this super cute packaging! For my birthday, I had a dinner get-together with a bunch of friends and some of the girls got together to spoil me with both the palette and the blusher from this collection. It’s my first experience with Too Faced products and I’m definitely not disappointed. These are all available for purchase from Mecca or US Sephora and, aside from these two products, also include lip glosses and a glow palette. There have been even more releases from Too Faced for the holiday season lately and I’ve been also keen to try them out.

Until I get my hands on them though, let’s talk about these two products!

The first is the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection which, according to the website, is a ‘new take on neutrals featuring fresh-picked shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking sweet as a peach year-round.’ I also have on hand the Papa Don’t Peach (which is the cutest pun I have heard in a long time because I legitimately love that song). The website states that, ‘This peach essence-infused blush is the perfect bronzy peach shade that adds a pop of warmth, a sexy glow, and fresh juicy scent to any complexion.’

These products all smell like peaches, claim to suit all skin tones and have a rich, pigmented formula. I have been using them almost every day and I find that they’re perfectly suited for any sort of occasion.

Read on and I’ll get a bit more in depth with it all!

Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection | USD$49 or AUD$70

The palette comes in a super cute pink case and I love the metal cases that Too Faced and Urban Decay use. In a lot of other brands, I have noticed that board or velvet palettes are pretty popular, but I like the sturdiness of these a lot better – maybe I’m just a little old fashioned. Anyway, the design of this is nice, it really suits the Too Faced brand and I like that it really stands out when I stack it with my other palettes. It’s easy to find and, even though I don’t usually bring full size palettes when I go to travel, it would also be suitably sturdy for that.

This comes with 18 shades of both shimmers and mattes, in ‘shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes and purples’. All of the colours and the names of them are inspired by peaches – so you have things like NectarPuree, and even puns like Talk Derby to Me (which I don’t really get, but it’s cute so I like it anyway).

The mirror has a thick peach border and the Sweet Peach text which is cute but gets in the way of the mirror. Personally, I don’t often use the palette mirror when I’m doing my make up but this could be very annoying if it is used in travel. I would have preferred if the design there was simpler and more minimal to make better use of the mirror space.

And those are my swatches from the palette! I’m really not very good at these swatches but you can see that theres a good range of colours. Some of them can be a bit similar in the photos, but I find myself using them all and they’re different enough when applied to the eye. The darker shades (like Delectable and Talk Derby to Me) aren’t as creamy and pigmented as I would want them to me so they’re a bit disappointing, honestly. I tend to just blend a little bit of them into my outer corners, so they aren’t too bad when combined with others and used sparingly.

I absolutely love the other matte shades though! The colours are super soft and blendable and the palette has enough colours to be used as bases and point colours. I like that there’s a combination of mattes and shimmers (and the shimmers are crazy pretty too) but there’s enough so that you’re not restricted to which of them you use. On some days, I can do an all matte look and on others, I can choose to shimmer.

Overall, I find myself reaching for this palette all the time and, before I knew it, it had quickly become a staple to my make up routine. I have loved every look that I’ve done with this palette and the range of shades can easily adapt for all events and occasions. I also like that, just because this is a ‘peachy’ palette, all of the colours aren’t restricted to just pinks and creams – the purples, browns and even the green is an interesting addition and adds to it’s flexibility.


  • Perfectly adorable packaging
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Smells amazing
  • Great colour range
  • Most formulas are very creamy, blendable and work well together
  • Flexible range and formulas (matte and shimmer)


  • Black shades are a bit patchy, but can be worked with
  • The mirror design is too ornate and not practical


Papa Don’t Peach | USD$30 or AUD$44

Next, let’s talk about this Papa Don’t Peach blush! It also comes in a very sturdy and cute metal case (which I love) – the square shape of it also makes it easier to stack and I wish that more places would do that. When I opened it up, I did notice that there was some glue coming off the edge of the pan, so that’s a bit of a manufacturing fault. However, I very easily cleaned it off. The mirror design on this is similar to the palette in that it has a border too. The illustration is better in comparison, in that it’s less obtrusive, but I really would prefer if they didn’t have it at all so that I could make use of the full mirror. I do tend to carry compacts in my bag, so I would have actually used that.

The blush also has a cute Papa Don’t Peach print on it, which is a bit faded on my photo because I’ve been using this daily for a while already. It’s still there though and I think it’s a nice touch.

The product smells absolutely divine, just like the palette does. The scent does tend to linger though so this might be an issue if you’re not a fan. After frequent use, I have found that my blush brush stays smelling like peaches even if I swap to another product. Still, I really enjoy it and I think that it’s a sweet pick-me-up in the morning.

Above is a swatch of it on my hand and it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t photograph it very well. The colour is a very natural, peachy flush and it looks so good on the skin! It also has a subtle warm sheen which acts a little bit like an illuminator as well, if you’re wanting to minimise the number of products that you’re using. I think that it gives a really healthy glow and it really suits my complexion.

The product is described as being universally flattering but I would be curious to see how this looks on medium to deeper skin tones, as I find the colour quite subtle on my fair tone already. I really wish that this was released in multiple colours because I love this formula; I’m just not convinced that everyone can use it.

Overall, this blush just looks and smells amazing! It gives me a great glow and flush, and I find myself reaching for this all the time as well. I like that it blends in well on the skin and you don’t need too much thought with using this product – just dust it on and you’re done. The formula is really easy to use.


  • Sturdy and stackable case
  • Smells amazing!
  • Natural and buildable colour
  • Light glow that looks very beautiful
  • Easy to use


  • Scent lingers
  • Only one colour choice


And those are my thoughts on these two products from the Sweet Peach Collection! Overall, even though they aren’t perfect, I still really love them and they’re an essential to my collection. I’m so glad that I finally had the chance to try out these newer Too Faced products and it’s definitely opening me up to trying more from them. In the future, I want to try out more of their palettes because I loved the buttery soft formula of their matte shades and the shimmers were really pretty and easy to use too.

The blush was also really nice but I hope that they will release more colours of these special products in the future. I know that they have a good colour range for their regular blushes, but not in this collection. Even in the Peaches & Cream collection recently, there was only one shade for the bronzer… and one bronzer can’t fit all.

So let me know your thoughts if you’ve used these before and also leave me recommendations on what else to try out! THank you so much to my friends are spoiling me like this. I seriously adore you all!

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