I’ve been sitting back on the circle lens reviews lately – mostly because I’ve been working so much that I don’t have the chance to really wear them (since I’m always in front of the computer) but I did get in contact with Uniqso again and this month, I’m going to be featuring and reviewing this pair of super colourful lenses that caught my eye on their website.

Since I last reviewed their products, they have revamped their website – and I really like the new design. I think it’s a lot easier to navigate and, as always, searching for things on their page is really easy. There is also now a feature to auto-convert the prices to different currencies – including Australian! I love that but, for the sake of my readers and conversions, I’ll use USD here.

They also feature reviews on their own page so you can read genuine comments from other people. Aside from coloured lenses, they also sell cosplay costumes and wigs, as well as some cosmetics. Overall, Uniqso mostly sells costume products and so they have a lot of really interesting designs that are pretty hard to find on other sites.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Sweety Colorful Rio Pink – these are meant to be a pair of pink lenses but, and you can see this on the website too, they are more rainbow coloured. It has a pink and purple side rim, accented with some yellow and a green inner rim. It really is the first time that I’ve seen something so beautiful!

Uniqso Kbeauty Lens Review Uniqso Kbeauty Lens Review Uniqso Kbeauty Lens ReviewUniqso Kbeauty Lens Review

These lenses are made in Korea and they are yearly cosmetic lenses – which means that they last for 12 months after they are opened (regardless of how often you wear them during that year). The Sweety lenses also come with a lens case (pictured below), which is really great since they’re an essential. You will need to purchase your own contact solution though, so make sure that you have that before opening them up.

These come in two plastic packs (packaged individually) and I actually much prefer this over the bottle packaging. It’s just a lot easier to open and I’m not always afraid of cutting my hand.

Here are the details:

Diameter 14.5mm
Base Curve 8.6mm
Lifespan 12 months
Water content 38%

Uniqso Kbeauty Lens Review Uniqso Kbeauty Lens Review Uniqso Kbeauty Lens Review Uniqso Kbeauty Lens ReviewUniqso Kbeauty Lens Review

And here are some photos of them in my eyes! I have really dark brown eyes and they did show up, but the effect was quite subtle. Still, I think that it looks really interesting – but still somewhat natural because they aren’t too wide and don’t have a dark rim (which I am really into lately). I think that these would suit people with lighter eyes even more than me but I still like them.

They’re quite  easy to put in, since they’re super soft and not too wide. However, I find that they can be a bit uncomfortable if you have eyes that are at all dry or tired. I recommend keeping eye drops on you regardless if you wear lenses, since it’s really easy for eyes to become sensitive.

Uniqso Kbeauty Lens ReviewUniqso Kbeauty Lens Review Uniqso Kbeauty Lens Review

Still, I think they’re really pretty! I’m a big fan of lenses that don’t have a dark rim since they look more natural. These aren’t as dramatic as the Sweety Charm Crystal Gray that I reviewed (which made my eyes icy blue) but I think that these would be a really good day time or casual lens.

These are on sale on Uniqso for USD$12.95 (on sale from USD$25.90) so they’re pretty affordable! The lenses also come in blue, brown, chocolate (which is a really beautiful multi dimension brown that I’m keen on) and in gray too.

Here’s the final verdict!


Natural, rainbow lenses with pink accent


  • 12 month lifespan
  • Free lens case (not pictured)
  • Easy to open packaging
  • Easy to put in
  • Very unique design
  • Subtle, but still beautiful in dark eyes


  • Can be a bit uncomfortable in dry or sensitive eyes


  • PRICE POINT | 5/5
  • COLOUR | 5/5
  • COMFORT | 3/5
  • DESIGN | 5/5



If you like this style, then I definitely recommend checking these out because I have never seen this design anywhere else! I especially recommend these for lighter eyes because that will allow the colour to really pop.


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Uniqso. Check out their website for a large range of contact lenses, cosplay costumes, wigs and more.

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