Review: Vivian Blue (Klenspop)

Klenspop Vivian Blue review

This review is definitely a long time coming! I received this package while I was in Korea so had to wait until I was back in Sydney to photograph them and then, of course, took a while to get to finishing the photos (and wearing them out a bit more to get a good idea of my thoughts). That being said, let’s proceed!

This is another pair of lenses that I received from Klenspop which I absolutely love. I’ve worn them on a few occasions and I think they’re best suited for a more heavy make up look – it’s definitely not a casual, every day lens. Read on for my review and more photos!

Klenspop Vivian Blue Bunny Color Y10 Violet review Klenspop Vivian Blue Bunny Color Y10 Violet review

So these lenses arrived in a smaller box than before so I opened and found out that they don’t come with a lens case or the tweezers. I have quite a few of them myself already (and also got a few extras from Sophia) so, although this delayed me using them a bit, it wasn’t a personal issue. However, I feel like this could be annoying for other people who may not have extras and might have bought this thinking that (like the others) it would have come with a case.

Edit: These lens do come with a free case (and tweezers)! The reason the photographed pack doesn’t is because these were PR gifts, but the normal ones definitely do.

The packaging of the lenses was really well illustrated and pretty as usual though, always very on brand with Klenspop. The package was also well packaged and arrived very safely – as usual. The two lenses are in separate bottles and I got them without a prescription level.

Klenspop Vivian Blue review Klenspop Vivian Blue review Klenspop Vivian Blue reviewKlenspop Vivian Blue review

When I first checked out the lenses, I was actually concerned about how clear they looked. The bleu is quite light but it also looks very sparse in colour (in that makes sense) so I was worried that it wouldn’t show much on my dark eyes at all and be very different to the photo from the website. Well, I was definitely wrong.

These lenses are a lot bigger than the ones I usually wear and so the graphic extends past my normal iris. This allows the colour to show brightly, as well as giving a very strong enlarging effect. Please note that the below photos have not been edited aside from smoothing out a bit of my skin texture.

Here are the details and then lets go straight to the photos!

Diameter 15mm
Graphic Diameter 14.8mm
Lifespan 6 months
Water content 38%

As you can see from the details, the overall diameter is larger. The graphic diameter is also very large, covering most of the lens, which is how the colour turned out so bright on my eyes. The lens was also really soft, super comfortable to wear, and I didn’t find them difficult to put in either.

If you are new to lenses though, I do recommend going with a smaller size first.

Klenspop Vivian Blue review Klenspop Vivian Blue review Klenspop Vivian Blue review Klenspop Vivian Blue reviewKlenspop Vivian Blue reviewKlenspop Vivian Blue review

So those are the lenses! I absolutely loved how they looked and I think that I’ll be reaching for them quite frequently. They are quite dramatic though, so I think that they’re best for special occasions (I wore these to Sophia’s birthday dinner) as they’re a little too dramatic for a day in the office.

By extending your eyeliner a little (like I did there) and darkening your shadow a little, the lenses also look a bit more harmonious if – like me – you have pretty small features.


Large blue circle lenses with a bright blue colour


  • Cute packaging and safe delivery
  • 6 month lifespan
  • Dramatic, large size
  • Bright blue turns out well due to graphic size
  • Strong enlarging effect
  • Soft and very comfortable
  • Free lens case and tweezers


  • Can be harder for beginners to put in


These lenses have made me more confident to try larger lenses and I definitely think that I’ll be trying more of these big babies! I really like these for special occasions and I think that I will be returning to these. I think that they gave my overall make up a good oomph and ties it all together.


These, and an even bigger range, are available at Klenspop. Click the below banner to go straight to the product page, and don’t forget to use my discount code to get a further 10% off!

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