Review: Wine Eyeshadow Palette (Labiotte)

StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review

We all love eyeshadow. Well, correction: I love eyeshadow. I personally own quite a lot of different formulas, colours and finishes. My palettes are stacked up and my single shadows (those which haven’t been depotted) have a serious need for some sorting. When I first started getting into make up, I was more into buying single shadows than anything because I felt that I didn’t need all of the colours in a palette. However, will time going by, I’ve found that these sets are a lot easier to keep around and – in addition – one should contain a well considered and varied selection that can create a good range of looks. At the moment, these are the characteristics that I look for when I’m using a palette:

  • Flexible colour/formula range
  • Soft and blend-able formula
  • Strong pigmentation
  • No creasing or fading

Since I do wear eyeshadow so often, there have been a few that I’ve really loved but also many that I don’t vote so well. For this current one, the Wine Eyeshadow Palette with Labiotte – a Korean brand that has gotten really popular recently for their wine themed packaging and formulas, I went into testing with the above points in mind and found that they have both strengths and weaknesses which would make it most suitable for those who like soft, Asian inspired make up looks. Interested? Read on!

I received this palette from StyleKorean for review purposes. I was not paid for this post but please note that affiliate links are used on my blog. These cost you no money to use but go towards supporting Oh My Stellar.


StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review

This eyeshadow palette comes in a simple, box packaging with a slight metallic finish. It definitely looks really classy and I love how the wine concept is carried through. There is some english text on the back, reading:

The multi-color shadow palette expresses gorgeous eye makeup with rich wine-colored shades and a soft texture that applies smoothly onto the skin.

It isn’t a very helpful description to be honest, as I would expect any eyeshadow to apply smoothly. However, the idea that the colours are wine inspired definitely comes though! I chose the number 02 palette in sweet wine which has more cool toned burgundy and red shades. I think that the number 01 is really pretty too (bronze and golden) but I steered away from that just because I feel like I have too many colours like that.

And moving on from the box, the shadow comes in a very simple burgundy case which is light and compact – very easy to use. For the usually luxurious style of Labiotte though, I felt that this looked and felt a little cheap. It is made of plastic, so that is likely why. I also would have appreciated a more elegant appearance as this looks a little sterile. Compared to the paper box, this is a bit of a disappointment. 

StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review

And this is the palette opened up. My photo is a little bit bright (sorry) but I think that the colours are pretty accurate to online (please go to the proper StyleKorean page for the official photo). Compared to the exterior of the case, the interior is quite nice with a gold, metallic surface. The mirror is large, so this is actually pretty good to use on the go as well.

The eyeshadow palette comes with a double ended brush. Both sides are quite fluffy with one that is denser (the blending side) and one that is thinner (for point make up). The brush is soft and feels to be of a pretty good quality. It’s not bad for a default brush at all actually, though I think that the small size of it definitely makes it harder to blend. I would say that this is as good as the Heimish palette that I used before, but definitely not as good as my Naked2 brush. StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review StyleKorean Kbeauty Chateau Labioette Wine Eyeshadow Palette Review

And above are all of the swatches except for the first one, which is a nude base colour. I didn’t photograph that as, when I swatched it, it was basically the same colour as my skin and nothing was very visible.  In total, this palette comes with eight shades which includes as matte base colour, shimmers and glitters. I’ve briefly broken up my opinions on each colour:

  • Matte Coral: A matte base colour, this is a nude shade that is slightly pink but shows up almost identical to my skin tone.
  • Shimmer Pink: A light purplish pink with fine shimmers – this shows up more like a metallic gold shimmer for me with little colour.
  • Glitter Pink: A cool toned gold in the pan, this is actually really similar to the shimmer pink but with more visible glitter particles. This also has some pink particles and I like to use this on the inner corners or aegyo-sal and I find the shimmer to be more subtle.
  • Matte Pink: This is a bit darker than the matte coral but I feel like this is closer to coral than pink as there is a slight hint of orange. This is matte but seemed to have some very tiny, sparse glitters in it too.
  • Brown Pink: This one looks a lot darker in the pan than it actually swatches (and applies). I think that this is closest to a bronze colour but the pigmentation is super light.
  • Matte Burgundy: As the ‘hero’ colour of this palette, I had high expectations for this colour. It’s soft but sheer, which is probably a good thing for such a bright shade. While it’s definitely build able, this burgundy colour is more like a red to me.
  • Rose Pink: This one isn’t quite a shimmer, but is more like a metallic colour. It’s a lovely, dusty pink and I think it looks really good on it’s own. It’s quite subtle but pretty – very suitable for romantic, Korean looks.
  • Dark Pink: This one is more of a brown than a pink, but the shimmer in it does reflect pink in the light so it’s a very pretty and interesting colour. I like to use this to deepen the eyes in the outer corners.

As you can see, the colours are definitely pretty though the colour range is, in my opinion, a bit too limited. It’s quite obvious that this palette is geared towards a Korea audience between the pigmentation overall is very sheer and light. They are buildable to an extent though and the colours (aside from the Matte Burgundy) are very easy to work with and combine. However, that being said, I feel like the colour selection in this product is a bit limited, since it only has a single ‘hero’ shade – the rest are rather light and neutral.

This would be a good everyday palette, suitable for casual and work uses, but I can’t see this product being able to transition into a night time use. That being said though, this is actually really affordable compared to western palettes and you also get a very decent amount of product. For the price of a ‘mini’ palette from Urban Decay, you get maybe double the product in here.

And here’s the verdict, guys!


A light, travel friendly palette of cool toned pink and golds


  • Pretty box packaging – good for gifting
  • Sleek and light
  • Good amount of product
  • Easy to wear and pretty shades suitable for daily wear
  • Buildable formula
  • Good quality brush
  • Affordable


  • Sheer pigmentation
  • Limited flexibility/differing looks
  • Not suitable for night time use
  • Burgundy shade is more of a red
  • Not waterproof (creases after a few hours)
  • Rubs off or fades easily


I think that this is a decent eyeshadow palette for someone who is after lighter and more easy to wear looks. This would be suitable for beginners but, for myself, I am after a more varied and deeper colour range. As I had allergies and my eyes tend to water a lot too, I have difficulty with it creasing by afternoon – which isn’t an issue I have with every shadow. This might be fixed with a good eye primer but, for this purpose, I am only reviewing this one product.

Basically, I think that this palette would be good for a certain audience.


The Wine Eyeshadow Palette is at StyleKorean for USD$26.24 – 25% off the full price of USD$35. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go straight to the product page:

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