New Releases: Liquid Frost (Jeffree Star)

UPDATE: This product is now available at Black Swallow – AUD$35 each, or also available in popular bundles of four or eight!

This is so exciting! A lot of people have been really keen on this product and can you believe that it will be launching this weekend? Jeffree Star did his official announcement of the new range a few days ago and I’ve gotten my hands on the official imagery to share with you all – special thank you to Black Swallow, who is one of their official Australian stockists, for giving me access to these images.

So what am I talking about? These are the new Jeffree Star Liquid Frosts! They are, as you can tell by the name, a liquid version of his popular highlighter range. It comes in eight shades to begin with, ranging from an icy white highlight for those very fair people and some beautiful golden bronze tones for people with darker skin – or who want to sheer this out as a bronze body shimmer! I love that the shade range looks so inclusive, though I do wish that they showed the product on some Asian skin tones too.

According to Jeffree, this is “a metallic and glitter orgy”, and “once it dries, there is no tacky or sticky feeling.” This was a very common criticism about the body shimmer that Fenty Beauty recently launched (limited edition, of course) so I feel like Jeffree was very inspired by that product but further developed it to suit his own preferences and his audience base. This product can be used alone as a liquid highlight, or mixed in with a body lotion for an overall shimmering effect. He states that “every shade has a different reflects [sic] glitter undertone that shines through for added dimension where ever it’s applied.”

Click through for some of the official promotional photos and a first look at the product imagery!

I’m so excited for the launch of this and I love that Jeffree Star Cosmetics is coming out with a whole new product instead of just expanding on their (already massive) lipstick range. And, of course, what better time to release this product than now when the support for Jeffree is probably at its all time high?

From the Instagram video that Jeffree shared, it looks like this liquid highlight is going to be very glittery! This isn’t for everyone but, personally, I don’t mind a glittery highlight at all. 

Below is the entire eight shade range. There is: Canary Bling, Chill Zone, Crown Jewels, Frost Bite, Frozen Peach, Goddess, Heat Wave and Ice Queen. It comes in a pink bottle, on brand for Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and has a dropper applicator so it is easy to mix the product into your foundation/lotion or anything else. It also contains 30mL of product, which is insane for a highlighter as it’s the equivalent of a standard foundation bottle! This product is definitely made to be multi-purpose: face, eyes, all over your body. What ever you want.

Personally, I do gravitate powders more so I’m not sure how much use I would get out of this product. Most likely, I will wait a little to see some reviews before deciding whether or not to buy it because I’d like to see what different uses people come up with for this. Or should I buy it and test it out myself? I’m not sure. 

I’m also really tossing up between the shades. The lighter ones would be great for me to use as highlight, but I can see that the darker shades would work really nice as a shimmery blush – though maybe I would get more use out of the lighter ones. Personally, I’m gravitating towards Frozen Peach and Ice Queen. Comment below and let me know what you want to get!

Keen to buy this?

Each bottle contains 30mL of product and is retailing for USD$25 on the Jeffree Star website. If, like me, you’re a keen beans Australian however, then pop over to Black Swallow because they will be launching this product at 3am on Saturday 25 August! You won’t need to wait an eternity for shipping from the US and you can get the product at the same time as those lucky ones over there.

UPDATE: This product is now available at Black Swallow – AUD$35 each, or also available in popular bundles of four or eight!

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