Dear Santa: Christmas Wishlist (Althea)

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist

This post is sponsored by Althea but all chosen products and opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate links are not used in this post.

So we are at a point where Christmas is really close now and I have yet to really put together a list of things I want – partly because I don’t receive Christmas presents anyway (I’m an adult apparently) and also because I generally buy myself things I want rather than waiting for others to spoil me.

That all being said, I was approached by Althea to put together a short list of 10 things that would be on my Christmas Wishlist and, especially since I have been a bit absent from the k-beauty scene lately, this wasn’t hard to put together at all! There have been a bunch of super exciting releases and holiday packs that I’d missed – and now that means I need to get them.

So, click on to check out everything on my Althea Christmas Wishlist and, if you want to check them out – definitely do so! They carry a great range and also have their own brand (from which I highly recommend their Petal Velvet Powder and Petal Velvet Sunaway)

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist BlingGli Dia Purple
Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist BlingGli Dia Purple

BlingGli Dia Purple Peel Off Mask (Prreti) | USD$8.80

First off, and right on the top of my list is this purple peel off mask! This mask claims to contain real gem powder and aids in exfoliation and removing sebum/impurities to improve the overall complexion.

I think I saw this on Instagram before but I don’t know that much about the product. Truthfully, I don’t think that it’s anything crazy innovative –  it is essentially a glittery purple peel off mask. However, it’s just so pretty that I want to try it myself. I think that this would make a great stocking stuffer gift!

It reminds me a bit of the Too Faced Glow Job mask but I prefer to try this out: partly because it is more affordable and also because it isn’t named something tasteless like Glow Job…

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Rire Holiday Palette
Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Rire Holiday Palette

Lucent Star Cushion (Rire) | USD$21.40

I haven’t had brilliant experience with Rire products in the past, but I’m willing to give them another chance when the packaging is this sparkly! It reminds me of the holiday collection from Clio last year and since I loved that floating glitter design, I’d be keen to see it again.

This is a multi-palette with a foundation cushion, as well as a cream lip/cheek product in pink and coral shades – three products in total. I don’t really use cream blushers, but I would carry this around for touch ups and it would be a nice lip stain. This is something that I would take travelling just for ease of use!

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Blotting Paper
Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Blotting Paper

Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Soothing Green Tea Blotting Paper | USD$4.50

Is blotting paper a strange thing to have on my wish list? I’ve actually been eying this for a while. I get very, very shiny late in the afternoon so I’m always having to blot my skin. However, I don’t like to use loose sheets and I currently also have a little pack with a sponge applicator (where the sponge has a sticky side to attach the paper to) – however, mine is made of paper and is kind of ratty now.

I love the packaging of this – which is hard plastic and also have a mirror (I’m always needing to use multiple compacts). The blotting sheets having green tea extract is just an added bonus!

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Hera Holiday Cushion

Holiday 2018 Black Cushion (HERA)| USD$49.00

HERA cushions have never been cheap and I had actually tried another cushion from them before and wasn’t blown away by it – the initial finish was beautiful but it didn’t wear well through the day. However, this seems like a different variation that had some ‘fit’ and oil controlling properties to give better longevity.

That, coupled with the fact that I’m a sucker for holiday packaging, means that I’m super keen on trying this out. HERA always does the prettiest, quirky limited edition packaging.

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Belif Aqua Bomb

The True Cream – Aqua Bomb (Belif) | USD$36.00

It’s a bit hard to believe that I haven’t tried out this cult favourite Belif cream before and yet here we are, almost at 2019 and I have not touched this before! I feel like I need to get this just to check out what all of the fuss is about.

Essentially, is this a moisturising cream with a gel-like formula, lightweight and oil free. It is: “Formulated with lady’s mantle that’s rich in antioxidants, this moisturizer helps to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals while improving skin’s elasticity and minimizing pores.” Although it’s a bit expensive, it is a staple in so many kbeauty bloggers’ routines and have raving reviews.

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Moonshot Stick Extreme Lipstick

Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme (Moonshot) | USD$14.50

I’m a sucker for the Moonshot brand and, considering that this is also a limited edition collaboration with actress Yoo In Na (that I am aware of), I feel like I need to get my hands on this before I’m too late. I have checked out the palette but I’m not sure if the colours would suit me, but these lipsticks look really good – and I’m definitely a fan of their lip formulas.

This is called an ‘extreme blur type’ lipstick which claims to give a soft, watercolour-like effect. It contains embossing powder, to smooth fine lines, and murumuru seed butter to retain moisture in lips (which also keeping the lipstick matte). It claims to work really well for the gradient effect too!

I feel like this is similar to the MAC Powder Kiss lipstick and I’m definitely keen to get a couple of every day shades for me (especially keen on Baked Burn, Rodeo Rose and Deep Talk!)

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Laneige Holiday 2018

The last couple of products that I want to talk about are all from the Laneige 2018 Holiday Collection! I absolutely love their limited edition collections – in fact, I’m fairly sure that Laneige make my favourite and it definitely helps that they are also my number one favourite k-beauty brand!

In this collection, there’s some new cosmetics products, some limited edition packaging and some packs available but I’ve just picked out the ones I’m personally keen on.

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Laneige Holiday 2018

Wild at Heart Eye&Face Palette (Laneige)| USD$34.00

In the whole collection, this is probably the one that I want the most – after all, palettes are my total weakness! I am actually slowing selling or getting rid of many of my k-beauty eyeshadow palettes (because I find their formulations are too soft for my make up style) but I’ve really liked the pigmentation and finish of Laneige shadows in the past!

This palette contains six eyeshadow colours in a range of neutral pink-mauve tones, as well as a pearl highlighter and a blush. This is, once again, a great palette to take on holidays (although not perfect for touch ups because of the lack of brush).

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Laneige Holiday 2018

Wild at Heart Layering Cover Cushion (Laneige)| USD$28.50

This is the limited edition packaging for their Layering Cover Cushion (which I previously reviewed). It’s a very interesting product that contains two cushions – one that is a concealer and one that is a standard foundation. I liked carrying this one in my bag but, since the one that I got doesn’t come with any refill, I have been without this product in my life.

Now that they have released this holiday edition, which I love because I’m a sucker for neon typography and purple, it seems like the perfect time to buy it. I personally use the shade 21, but it also comes in a 23 – unfortunately the shade range isn’t great since this is not an international release.

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Laneige Holiday 2018

Wild at Heart Stained Glasstick (Laneige)| USD$20.50

I don’t actually use lip balm a lot but I’ve been really liking glossy lip tints lately, so I would be keen to try this one out! It claims to have a sheer but buildable pigmentation that “expresses clearer and more vivid watery lips as you apply several times”.

As part of their holiday collection, this product is only available in two colours – neon pink or neon orange. Yes, those are some strange colour choices but it would be interesting to see how they look on the lips! I will likely be picking up the orange shade as I like a sheer, juicy look on the lips and pink lips generally doesn’t work well with my skin tone.

Althea Angels Christmas Wishlist Laneige Holiday 2018

Dream and Glow Lip Care Set (Laneige)| USD$20.50

And lastly, this is actually a gift pack that I think would be great for gifting or if you want to spoil yourself a bit. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is an essential in my skincare routine – I use it every night and I also have multiple back ups in my possession. I have also converted multiple people into using this product too.

This pack contains two of the lip sleeping masks, one in the limited edition Mint Choco scent, and also two Lip Glowy Balms in Berry (the original scent) and Grapefruit. The pricing of this is almost the same as buying two of the lip sleeping masks so, if you are like me and would be buying this anyway, you essentially only have 0.50 for the two lip balms – which I really want to have in my bag all the time!

And those are my picks for 2018’s Christmas wishlist with Althea! Let me know what’s on your wishlist too or if you’ve tried out anything that I listed above.

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