This post (and video) took so much longer to post that I intended. Originally, I had recorded the sound separately and was thinking of doing more work on the post-production side of it but… it was taking so long that I decided to scrap that idea for now. Instead, I was just really excited to show and share with everyone what I bought from RoseRoseShop and to talk about my experiences.

I will be gradually doing my reviews of (most of) the items, but instead let’s talk about my experience with RoseRoseShop (or RRS).

I first bought with their ebay store when I was learning how to do gel nails and wanted to buy the polishes from Etude House. I wasn’t sure where to buy from as I’m used to buying it directly in Korea, so I search on ebay. For me, it was sort of a yolo moment – I wasn’t finding it in Sydney and RRS (or RubyRuby76 as they’re known on ebay) states that they ship from South Korea and have a very good review number. That’s usually how I decide whether or not to try out a company.

After this, I found their main website through some other beauty blogs and decided to give them another go… and I put in a massive order.


  • Relatively wide selection
  • Good prices (especially compared to in-store) that still reflect the Korean RRP
  • Genuine products
  • Can buy wholesale (10+ pcs) for a discounted price
  • Sells packs of samples (best for testing)
  • Helpful customer service
  • Very safe packaging


  • Standard shipping takes quite a long time (I used EMS for this haul since I was buying a lot)
  • They don’t seem to reply to emails very often
  • Of course, they don’t have everything
  • Wholesale packages are a bit limited (for example, if I really wanted to buy wholesale of 100+ pcs I would likely contact them to ask about a custom order)


I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to prices that are simply too good to be true. For RRS, I’m sure that they aren’t the cheapest place that you can find. However, all of their prices are close to the original RRP which, to me, reassures me that they aren’t selling me cheap fakes – and trust me, there is a lot of them.


As they calculate shipping buy weight class, I think that it’s best to use RRS when you are bulk buying (like I did) as they have cheaper individual prices. If you are only looking to buy a few things, definitely go to their ebay store – the prices are a bit more expensive but the shipping is free and you are buying from the exact same business.

Standard shipping can take up to 35 days so it does take a while but I feel that this isn’t in their power. The sad fact about buying online is that unless you’re ready to pay exorbitant amounts for EMS… you’ll be waiting by your doorstep a lot.


I know that in cons I mentioned that they don’t seem to reply to emails very quickly, I say this because they didn’t email me back about my incorrect item. However, they do have a customer service chat on their website and I urge people to make full use of that. They are polite and helpful. The language barrier is definitely never an issue.

I told them about the issue with my order and I gave them my order number. It was fixed for me immediately. At first they suggested that they send out the correct item with my next order but, since I told them I already put in a big order and don’t know when I will be, they agreed to send it to me immediately though by standard shipping.

I thought that this was a fair compromise, especially since I also kept the incorrect product.


Absolutely. I think that RoseRoseShop had great services, great prices and are very reliable – even through their ebay store. They gave me quite a few samples (I asked for them in my order note, something which other bloggers have said you have to do) and were swift in fixing issues.

I definitely think their customer service chat is the best tool on their website!


Well, see for yourself:

What do you think?

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