Review: Performance Eye 8X Palette (Moonshot)

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Eye 8X Palette and Cushion Light Fixing Review

This product was sent to me for review purposes. Please note that affiliate links are used.

Continuing on from my last Moonshot review, here’s to introducing their new Performance 8X Palettes! Even after all these years, I’m truly weak for a great eyeshadow palette and I never fail to test one out when ever I’m reviewing a new brand – or, in this case, a new re-brand.

Since Moonshot’s original concept was all about bold looks and shaking up the k-beauty industry, I actually thought that they would come back with something new colourful. From what I’m seeing, their current offering still features mostly neutral shades but they can still be used to create strong looks. The shades are very on-trend and are the type of colours that you might see on idols now – which I think works for the whole ‘performance‘ concept.

I got my hands on two out of the three colour variations – Rhythmic Burn and Blazing but all three are available at StyleKorean for USD$23 (on sale from USD$33).

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Eye 8X Palette and Cushion Light Fixing Review
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Review: Performance Cushion Light Fixing (Moonshot)

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Eye 8X Palette and Cushion Light Fixing Review

This product was sent to me for review purposes. Please note that affiliate links are used.

I was a pretty big fan of Moonshot when they first launched – they were so different to other k-beauty brands at the time and I was a huge YG Entertainment fan too, so they caught my attention right away. Over the years though, it felt like they had lost their original high fashion flair and I really missed the old Moonshot vibes… I was really excited when I found out that they had just gone through a re-brand! I first found out about this via Edward Avila, then rushed to see whether these products were available on StyleKorean yet.

And they are!

I think that rebrand had revived what Moonshot used to be all about – trendsetting, playful and unafraid to stand out. Some of their older products are still available on StyleKorean but I think that Moonshot has essentially started afresh.

The new (first) collection is called ‘Backstage.’ It consists of four key products but I’ll be reviewing the two that are available on StyleKorean – the Performance Cushion Light Fixing and two of their Performance Eye 8X Palettes (to come in a later review)

Moonshot Rebrand Performance Cushion Light Fixing Review
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Feature: Beauty Highlights of 2022

Beauty Highlights of 2022

Now that 2022 has officially come to an end, I have something a little different to write.

Last year was, honestly, a very tiring year. Although things can be glamorous and fun on the outside, being a content creator is a lot of work and a big time commitment. Lately I’ve begin to wonder whether it’s worth it – so decided to highlight some of my favourite content and products from this year, partly to showcase some great products and partly to reminds myself of how far I have come.

So read on for some of my favourites, and little personal experiences that I wasn’t able to include in my caption and posts.

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Feature: Rom&nd is now launched at BeautyWorks

Romand x BeautyWorks Cosmetica Kbeauty Feature

This is a sponsored (paid) post. Please note that referral links or codes may be used.

When it comes to k-beauty make up, I can be picky – so I’m super loyal to brands I love. I’ve been obsessed with Romand (stylised as Rom&nd) for the past few years: they have gorgeous packaging, top notch formulations and some of the best colour selections, so I’m always recommending them! Today, I’ll be sharing with you a special selection from their core range – everything you need for an everyday, Korean make up inspired look.

If you’re keen on anything or want to see what all the hype is about, head on over to Beautyworks Cosmetica. To celebrate the launch of Romand to their store, they are also giving away a full-sized Zero Velvet Lipstick (Deep Soul) with any Romand online orders – just make sure to use the code FIRST50ROMAND at check out!

NOTE: This offer is valid for the first 50 orders. Beautyworks ships within Australia only.

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New Release: The Truth about Sulphates (feat The Ordinary’s New Hair Care Range)

The Ordinary Haircare - Sulphate 4% Cleanser for Body and Hair, Behentrimonium Chloride 2% Conditioner and Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for Scalp

This product was sent to me for review purposes. Please note that affiliate links are used.

Many years ago I was super fixated on making sure that my shampoo was ‘SLS Free’, as I had heard that sulphates were overly drying and stripping too much moisture. I hadn’t given it a second thought since then, so I was really surprised when The Ordinary not only launched a shampoo with sulphates, but also led with that as the main ingredient! 🤯

The Ordinary believes that removing sulphates is simply a trend and, as always, their brand is about evidence-based formulations, not just following the crowd. Rather than removing sulphates, they researched them and broke the ingredient down to its essential levels, giving all the cleansing benefits of the ingredient, as well as further long-term benefits.

Aside from this, their new haircare release focuses on simple, lightweight formulas that give both instant and long term results. The range includes the Sulphate 4% Cleanser for Hair & Body, Behentrimonium Chloride 2% Conditioner and the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for Scalp – all of which is now available on their website!

Read on if you’re curious to find out more about sulphates, as well as this new range of The Ordinary haircare!

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