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Many idols and trendsetters have gotten attention for their tattoos recently, but did you know that tattooing is largely still illegal in Korea? That said, stigma against body art has gradually changed in recent years and there’s a lot of desire to experiment without commitment. With this in mind, young Koreans are turning to tattoo stickers – but these are much prettier than what we used in our childhood.

A brand that I would recommend is Freaky Nine – they collaborate with real Korean artists, so their catalogue is super unique. Read on to find out more!

FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review
FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review

Product Description

Freaky Nine describes their products as ‘Premium Waterless Tattoos’, using patented technology to develop stickers that are easy and quick to apply. They generally last at least 2 days, though this can also depend on how you care for the tattoo and the area of application.

There’s a great range of designs with varying sizes too, so you can easily mix and match. Each pack comes with two sheets of stickers and alcohol swabs. There’s also an instruction sheet, but it’s pretty foolproof.

FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review
FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review


I had five designs to test out, but the ones that I am most excited about would be Doran’s Blue Moon on the Mountain & Romantic Cat and Urban’s Butterfly Swimming in Space.

Doran is a Hongdae artist known for her colourful, cute aesthetic – her style is really trendy at the moment! Meanwhile Urban, who is also Hongdae based, likes to work with geometric designs and water colour effects. The one I picked is actually the first one that I tried out!

FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review
Soak in Red by Wana
FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review
Blue Key by Haesi
FreakyNine Korean Temporary Tattoo Review
From left to right: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3

Personal Experiences

I had so much fun using these and loved that I could put them on right before I left the house. The waterless formula means you can just press and go.

On the downside, there was a clear edge around the art that can attract dust and darken over time. To minimise this, my recommendation is to apply a translucent powder on top. Longevity of the tattoo can also vary depending on where it’s applied. My wrist was good for three days, but the one on my hand only lasted two before it was cracked.

Here’s the verdict!


Temporary, waterless tattoos designed by Korean tattoo artists


  • Patented waterless formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Unique, on-trend designs
  • Support real tattoo artists!
  • Non-committal way to experiment with tattoo trends


  • Clear edge around the artwork can pick up dust and darken


  • DESIGNS | 5/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • LOOK/REALISM | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5



I would definitely recommend checking out Freaky Nine! These are a step up from the old tattoos and the designs are gorgeous. The pricing is pretty standard – around USD$10 to USD$12 – but I like the uniqueness of these being actual artists’ designs.


Head over to check these out on the Freaky Nine website

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